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  1. Deez

    The Vinewood Mob

    I've decided I'm back for the time being. The Balistrieri Crew has been removed from the original topic as they're no longer active. Looking forward to seeing you IG.
  2. Either way you're playing a game.
  3. Thanks everyone for coming out! It was short but sweet, hopefully we can do similar events in the future.
  4. Deez

    83 Gangster Crip

    Looks very good! Hope to catch you guys in game some time.
  5. Not going to give my thoughts because I don't feel strongly one way or another but I do want to let you know that the UCP has your age and DOB. https://owlgaming.net/v/
  6. Bro. Broooo.................
  7. Yeah this would be really useful, maybe tie it into your property though so it gives you a reason to own one.
  8. Deez

    The Vinewood Mob

    Thread has been updated to include information of a new crew. This is not to be used as IC info, any use of such info without the proper RP will be considered metagame as per usual.
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