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  1. Deez

    The Vinewood Mob

    Thread has been updated to include information of a new crew. This is not to be used as IC info, any use of such info without the proper RP will be considered metagame as per usual.
  2. Always enjoyed the TerraFirmaCraft mod for Minecraft. It made it harder but also more enjoyable as you progressed through the ages. I haven't checked in on it in awhile but I think they started working on a newer version of it. Anyways, something like that would be cool.
  3. Marlowe Valley Estate Winery is the most exclusive winery in San Andreas and is heralded for providing one of the most informative and educational experiences in the states wine country. - - Our history begins with the vision of Indro Monaldo... Indro Monaldo, originally from Calabria, Italy, remembered the vine-covered hills of his hometown fondly, deciding that the hills of Marlowe Valley could also be suitable for growing grapes. Though the region was not known for wine-making, this didn’t deter Indro. He followed his instinct and planted some test vines with his late friend, Frank. Before long, those vines grew and in early spring, Indro knew that the vines were hearty enough for extended planting – and so, in 2014 Marlowe Valley Estate Winery was born. We are a small-batch boutique winery with over 28,000 vines, focusing on organic and bio-dynamic practices. Starting with the best fruit from our estate, and from some of the top growers in San Andreas, our fruit speaks for itself in our terroir-driven wines. We offer a beautiful retail space and tasting bar featuring our award-winning wines, as well as our event and meeting spaces overlooking the vines, our tanks or the cellar. Take in the scenic beauty of our region, tour the winery and taste the fruits of our labor! - - At Marlowe Estates, from the moment you step foot on the grounds of our hillside property, you’ll feel like you’re a part of our family. From thoughtful tips from your guide on how to best enjoy our wines, to unexpected culinary treats from local vendors, our wine & culinary tours, experiences and dining events will make you feel like a true insider. Make a reservation for your wine and dining experiences in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact our concierge service ((Forum PM)) to help plan your visit.
  4. Mirror Park is a central hub that a lot of people choose to RP in.
  5. You can RP in Los Santos and almost anywhere in the map. Paleto was once the restricted area but it isn't anymore.
  6. This but also allow the ability to either choose from a list of icons to represent the item or upload your own.
  7. Scripted VM There should be a system in place to sell drugs (and other items later on) that is in game that promotes role play in certain areas. Factions should be able to set up a VM area and RP there to claim it as their own. Requirements Player input on what areas they want to claim and manage to begin with. We'll need in depth discussion on how to properly implement a system that doesn't seem too RPGish, but also makes it more accessible. I think this is needed to eventually phase out most of the current FT responsibilities in regards to grinding and bring players IG rather than to the forums.
  8. ((Thanks everyone for coming out! We know it was a bit challenging to start, but remember it was all in fun. Hope everyone had a good time! Please post any screenshots you might have as well!))
  9. Looks good buddy, hope we can RP soon.
  10. We are currently looking to fill the following roles in our company; Events Manager Realtor Cleaning Staff If interested, please forward your resume to: [email protected] ((Forum PM @Deez))
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