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  1. As said by @FAILCAKEZ it's the end of a era, unfortunately Owl and indeed MTAs player base is aging with many people now are in there early and mid 20's and some of us little beyond that.. Life gets in the way, with work and children. I hope that GTA V brings in the next generation of role players and Owl can be successful, as they have a great vision. I have many great memories on Owl MTA and have met many amazing people I will never forget. @Platinum I really hope @Chaos that you and the team can make GTA V as good as MTA and I, as I'm sure many of the older player base will continue to be as active as we can be in supporting your future goals with Owl. Thanks everyone for all the great times.
  2. I second nearly everything you said, having just returned after a good 2 or 3 year break. The server does seem fairly stable to me, having played on the GTA V server for about 20 hours, however doesn't feel entirely finished, car modifications in Los Santos Customs seems unfinished and cant seem to paint my Moonbeam?? An scripted jobs, like bus driving where your not always stopping at bus stops and have to make occasional U turns..? Although I have 1400hours on MTA I dont consider myself a great role player, however did pass the validation first time with help from the rule book. I do agree less expectations for new players is a good thing, everyone has to start somewhere, that's not put people off before they start. Would love to see Owl succeed, on V and MTA. Glad to see you wanted to return to Owl Buzzi and giving input. ?
  3. I think this could be a good idea, however there needs to be a set price that isn't really low, such as 75/80% of there market value, enough so a used car dealer (player) could still get a cut while under cutting NPC prices. MTAs Rapid towing sales could sometimes be less then 30% of the vehicle value, and money could be made by buying a car and simply scrapping it. So there needs to be limits on how this is done so it doesn't ruin the economy.
  4. Could we get a NPC that will buy back any owned vehicle much like on MTA and get 30% of the purchase price back. I know admins do this currently, but I hope that one day the server will be busy enough for them not to have the time to handle these kinds of reports. ? Thanks. ?
  5. It was reduced in MTA, when I originally started on Owl and earned my first million, I made more interest most days then my actual work as it was $5,000 an hour, it's now capped to $1,000. Not sure how much you need in the bank to earn that. I can see pros and cons to this, people are less likely to be grinding (working for postal ect) and more likely to be roleplaying, on the other hand I ran a used car lot and once I was earning $5,000 in interest I really wasnt to fussed about selling or buying cars anymore as I could be at a bar or something roleplaying something a little different and still earning. Maybe having the interest in place of state pay($500) and having a cap of $750? Interest in reality is really next to nothing, 1% is pretty much maximum from a standard non-risk bank account.
  6. Can you send me a link to a armored door, that i use to my garage?

  7. [MENTION=1759]Err0r[/MENTION] The best!<3
  8. [MENTION=120]Belgica[/MENTION] being awesome and making what's normally a long painful report easy and simple!
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