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  1. Punany pon mi brain.

  2. Wooooiooooi! Wicked-wicked man ting!

  3. Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright.

  4. "How you gunna talk all that mess about white men then go date white woman fool?" "Im just doin the white man a favor that they've been doin to us for thousands of years, fuckin."

  5. 'Your pussy is pretty like the building in Canada.''

  6. "Pume pume clean don't carry odor".

  7. I'd eat that )'> ​. 10/10​ @@fartacus
  8. Very good 10/10. Mi new avatar, aay.
  9. https://youtu.be/LeQ0asfmvBs?list=PL2928F12CF09626F0&t=30
  10. I eat hot dogs, mi love it. 10/10 yes pls. @@fartacus
  11. Marry you marry me, mari-juana.

    1. ryyd


      why aint you in your bed fucker? go there before i beat the shit out of you! you're my pet

    2. Unitts
  12. You are correct that animal does indeed suck d1111ckkkk. 10/10. Original.
  13. 9/10. Interesting Chaplin is interesting.
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