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  1. VeX


    1. Reagan



  2. VeX

    wonald wagen

  3. Reagan

    Newsletter - End of October 2018

    Keep up the good work. Nice to see all the updates, cant wait.
  4. Dear Alice Grace, I have paid for October, and the next three months. Thank you. Very Respectfully, Nick Reagan Sergeant II LSPD https://imgur.com/ReQLqZY
  5. Reagan

    Charles Mancuso v. Lena Matthews

    **Nick Reagan walks into the courtroom, dressed in a suit and tie, taking a seat behind the defense.** 
  6. **Nick Reagan walks into the courtroom wearing his LSPD dress uniform, proceeding to take a seat behind the defense. Before sitting he takes a look around the courtroom nodding.** 
  7. *Nick Reagan would stand up, shaking his head as he walks out of the courtroom mumbling to himself.*
  8. Miss you. Need to catch up some time. Got a lot to tell you. 

  9. Name: Nick Comment: Whats the top speed? Is it a manual or automatic?
  10. Dear LSIA, @Sergeant I, Nick Reagan, have bought the Cessna in stand 104. I will be responsible for it going forward. Nick Reagan LSPD LSIA - Reserve Instructor
  11. *Nick Reagan walks into the courtroom, taking a look around at everyone present before locating a seat, sitting down.*
  12. Reagan

    Aircraft - 1973 Cessna 150L [ENDS: 15.10.2018]

    (( Ah. Hell yeah. ))
  13. Reagan

    Aircraft - 1973 Cessna 150L [ENDS: 15.10.2018]

    Name: Nick Reagan Comment: $23,000

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