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  1. Reagan

    V. Koltsov & K. Petrov v. Moretta/Carrington

    * Nick Reagan would stand up shaking his head, proceeding to nod to Vincent Bishop before leaving the courtroom. *
  2. * Nick Reagan enters the courtroom, wearing one of his nice suits, taking a look around the courtroom before taking a seat. *
  3. Reagan

    V. Koltsov & K. Petrov v. Moretta/Carrington

    * Nick Reagan would enter the courtroom, dressed in a nice suit, taking a seat next to Vincent Bishop. *
  4. Name: N. Reagan Comment: Congratulations to Commissioner Elect Bradford @Urshankov and the newly appointed council members. I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished by the new council and the commissioner. A big thank you to Commissioner Howard for all his hard work. You will be missed @DylanW
  5. Name: Reagan38 Comment: Aww someone is salty
  6. Name: Reagan38 Comment: You wish. I got plenty of money buddy. @ZuclyaHD
  7. Name: Reagan38 Bid: $100,000
  8. Name: Reagan38 Bid: $90,000
  9. Name: Reagan38 Bid: $80,000
  10. Name: Reagan38 Bid: $70,000
  11. Looking for someone who is good with photoshop and wants to help with a small project. Wont take long. Let me know if you are interested. Reagan

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. akram03


      Ok bro

    3. Renny


      can i apply:
      snippet of portfolio:


    4. Reagan


      Yeah mssg me on discord. Reagan #6897

  12. Reagan

    Future of Dinoco & Situation with Gov

    Name: Disguy1 Comment: Amen brother.
  13. Name: Reagan38 Bid: $60,000

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