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  1. It was a higher member in ASH and a UAT member who started CPS in the first place. And you don't know this is what most people think when a lot of people haven't commented. Probably cause all you guys would do is shit on their response if they were for child RP. And no one said you had to be under the age of 16 to enjoy family roleplay. They also are not all runaways or are orphans. Child RP isn't weird until you have an actual weirdo RPing them or trying to RP with them. Otherwise it's actually pretty fun. Their actions are more unexpected, spontaneous and with what they say as well
  2. I'm not trying to glorify it. I'm just trying to say that you can't remove RP from a server because some people find it cringe. And I'm not the only one who doesn't have a major problem with it (when its done right). It's added RP to those who enjoy the family RP, people who have adopted, those who work within CPS. Brings character development to peoples adult characters. Like I said, I've not long started doing the CPS stuff and I only go on my child character once in a while so I'm not being biased. There are still things I hate about the chid RP which I stated but there are two sides t
  3. That's not true at all. I have a child character that I play on sometimes. It's something different to RP but in no way paedophilic. There are a lot of things I don't agree with about child RP though, same as you. The street kids who think they can fight like adults, using language kids that age wouldn't use, having flash cars and the sexual RP. I have zero patience with those kind of RPers. Even if I didn't have my own child character I still wouldn't want to see this removed though. I agree with the first part but not the second. I was recently made the director of CPS and I don't ne
  4. Me and Platinum have old people characters but we know once we go on them people just troll around with us even though we are trying to role play properly. As for role playing kids, it just gives something different to do. You say most of the population is between 18-30...well, gets a little boring doing kinda the same shit all the time. Having kids around as well gives other people something new to role play. I personally enjoy it when they do it properly. Also like the idea of having an icon that shows they are a minor
  5. I don't peep on kids. I'm a female, I know the shit girls have to do.
  6. Some 8 year olds do wear training bras to be fair.
  7. I need to know who did this so I can give them a high five (kidding Harper <3...maybe)
  8. I'm not lesbian..but you are so tempting..
  9. This has to be one of the most ridiculous posts I've read on the forums so far. You're either a troll or you've forgotten what century it is. It's the 21st century, where people should feel free to express who they are without having some narrow minded person making comments such as yours. A person having a different sexual preference to you doesn't mean that they are not 'normal'. Why should they, or anyone, hesitant being themselves? You could argue that your absurd comment was you expressing yourself, but all you're doing is degrading and disrespecting a large group of people. No one just '
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