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  1. CraftyNZ

    SLD perms

    Can you Dinoco people stop reacting/commenting whenever we make a forum support topic. Grow up. @Mogs
  2. CraftyNZ

    SLD perms

    I confirm this. He needs the same perms as I have.
  3. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1001-human-resources/?page=1 and https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1002-archive/ Can I get these so only SLI members and the person making the application can see it please.
  4. iii needs perms removed.
  5. Need the permissions removed from Baljeet.
  6. CraftyNZ

    SLD Perms

    Can I get the SLD perms for Krakkfaen and Cryotich removed please and give Playerx1994 SLD member perms please. @yannickboy15 (Sorry to tag you but I'm running low on time <3 )
  7. San Andreas Department of Human Services Child Protective Services Division Application Update Dear Mr Gage, Upon reading the inspection report of your home and mental status and discussion with the staff team of the Child Protective Services staff team, we have decided to decline your foster parent application for the following reason(s); Yearly income is well below the recommended. No stable income as they are currently unemployed. Investigator L. Thompson (( @Jonson Gage ))
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