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  1. fartacus

    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    You told us youd have screens 3 days ago, where are they, fam?
  2. A lot of screenshots ≠ Activity

  3. fartacus

    [STATE] The People v. Maris Jekabs Liepa [10/09]

    *Youssef Lamrani would walk into the courtroom, looking about before heading over to a free seat in the back of the room*
  4. fartacus

    Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember

    @croozerdog @awesomekaj the Robinsons looking for guns from the iron horsemen
  5. fartacus

    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    But isn't China in Asia?
  6. let's go to camp

  7. fartacus

    LSPD 1171 - Lieutenant Michael Donnelly

    RIP Rip yashida
  8. fartacus

    Barsotti's Circle.

    I guess you could say he was being a wise guy.
  9. fartacus

    [SAAN] Briefcase hunt part 5

    Username: Sef Comment: this is gonna be mine
  10. fartacus

    [Youtube] The Retardis

    Username: misterbalYEET comment: very nice now shw bob n vagene pls am verry nic men
  11. fartacus

    The Yokel Mafia

    Whatchu mean?
  12. fartacus

    The Yokel Mafia


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