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  1. Then tell me, what makes it hard to hotwire a car?
  2. one of the easiest things to do, it's basic shit for a thief.
  3. You could just add a system that you tag a vehicle that got hotwired to be available for the command. Making that a vehicle not having said tag that cant be started with the command.
  4. fartacus


    Once more, you really think they're gonna change the rules about break-ins? Just accept the fact you need admin supervision and that you actually have to do RESEARCH if you want to RP it properly, once again, this suggestion is stupid and not needed.
  5. fartacus


    @AlAzeeth you need admin supervision anyway to break into houses and steal cars, so why bother? The lockpick item is just a stupid suggetion, if you wanna RP something, do your research, nobody's suddenly.a master at everything.
  6. I'd like to request perms for the government topics @DrJoseEviIcan vouch for it
  7. I'd like to request for the Irvine Industries and The Redwood Mafia perms. @DrJoseEviIcan vouch for it.
  8. fartacus


    Just fucking do your research if you wanna start breaking into fucking shit, now stop quoting/@ing me. ANd once again, making a script for it is a WASTE of RESOURCES.
  9. fartacus


    Do your research on lockpicking, making a script for it is just a waste of resources, now stop quoting/@ing me.
  10. fartacus


    To LITERALLY show you how easy it is to lockpick, no script needed.
  11. fartacus


    I literally linked a video on lockpicking, just check out that channel.
  12. fartacus


    Fuck making it a script, it's so damn eazy to RP, just do your homeworks on it.
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