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  1. @Mogs fam can you l&a this? Since the whole thing has been sorted
  2. It's called a PRIVATE CK APPLICATION for a reason, fam. Just make a new char and move on. Also, I know damn well how to Illegal RP. So don't you compare me with a child, you saltmine.
  3. fartacus

    The Hub

    It wasnt an attempt, he died alright.
  4. Never forget, the two men that sacrificed themselves for the Greater Good.
  5. @Georgestop whining and take the ck like a man.

    1. Tajiri


      he just cant lose, didn't you know that? qq all the way :)

    2. fartacus


      I lost my main too, he needs to stop overreacting, it's just a game.

    3. eoozy
  6. Sorry bro, didnt mean to get you caught in the explosion.
  7. For the record, my character did not have 60 hours. And I had plenty of reasoning to do what I did.
  8. Yet you began shooting back. Also, you got riddled with bullets by yours truly.
  9. You got CKed for disregard, fam. Shouldn't have pulled your gun.
  10. **Youssef Lamrani would stand up, sighing rather frustrated. He'd then walk out of the courtroom, mumbling to himself**
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