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  1. Dear Mr. Joseph Spurgeon (( @Bullet7 )), We have reviewed your application and it is our regret to inform you that your application has been denied. Reason/s No effort in reason for applying while barely scraping the word count. Please make more effort with your reasoning. Please edit your application and notify us when you are happy for it to be reviewed again. Kind regards, Michael Toretto Assistant General Manager / Interim Head Instructor
  2. Dear Mr. Zinvor Razmik (( @Zebulon )) I would like to thank you for applying for LS Flight School. I must advise you that if you wish to pursue your licenses for commercial use, you will need to take your CPL course also. I will add this in the invoice below. Please pay the sum of your invoice below to LS International Airport. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please wait to receive your Welcome Pack email. License/Type-rating Price ARC $1,000 ROT $10,000 CPL $5,000 Total: $16,000 Kind regards, Michael Toretto Assistant General Manager / Interim Head Instructor
  3. I like the idea if you are rolling it with tobacco (spliff) as this would be realistic for such a small amount of weed. A pure joint with just weed in it would be at least half a gram. (unless you plan on smoking something as thin as a pencil) +1 for me with the option to roll these split bags with tobacco.
  4. Name: MT & AG Bid: $25,000 Partnering up for co-ownership.
  5. I was hoping someone could answer a question for me. How would "interiors" function on GTA V? Everything is fluent and open on GTA V, you don't have to load an interior because it's already there, you just walk through the door. I was just curious how people would purchase their own property and what would be inside? custom maps? is there even the ability to map on GTA V? I'm clueless about GTA V and it's roleplay potential. Thanks!
  6. A no from me unless you are able to switch if off permanently via F10 or whatever.
  7. I guess it's alright for someone that doesn't care about running the game at under 60 fps! I know I couldn't.
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