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  1. Jer

    Show your setup!

    queenc old pc confirmed
  2. aye aye aye. Finnaly some OG style gangsters coming to LS.
  3. Being worked on. Going to take a while to scan through the massive amounts of animations and give them a proper name/keyword for a list
  4. Something for animations is being made. There are 15674 animation dictionaries.There are 156119 animation clips. ^ That's the amount of animations and animation clips available in GTA. For now you can check F2 -> commands and in that list there are a ton of premade animations made into a simple command. Or you can use /canim and use the GTAV anim library to use any other animation. An example of how you would use the command: /canim [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] crowddance_hi_17_spinaround_laz true false false true 10000
  5. Nope but that's what @Shabo is asking for
  6. When people order a cab it already prompts to all current taxi drivers. If that's what you meant.
  7. But still is a long ass download aside from the base game. I feel like it's maybe a bit too much of a download for what you get.
  8. thanks! Now I can finally make high quality screenshots
  9. Congrats to the new trials!
  10. Great feedback @Rafiki. From what I know @Vubstersmurf is working on giving out GC's(OOC GameCoins) as prizes on top of the money prize in the near future. You have some awesome ideas!
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