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  1. The system currently in place could be easily replaced. Wouldn't be too much effort from the development team side to do so. +1
  2. OwlGaming V 1.7.6 | Inactivity scanner changes & Bug Fixes | February, 2021 This update adds in changes to the inactivity scanner and fixes various bugs Features & Adjustments Inactivity scanner changes Token purchased assets will return the Token. Credit purchased assets will return the crush* amount minus the remaining credit. If it's zero or less than zero, it doesn't return anything. Fully paid off assets will return the crush amount *crush amount is 33% of the original price. Phone calls won't force you into an
  3. Jer


  4. This is already something on my personal TODO list. The idea is to completely remove the current modshop and replace it with a player mechanic job like we had on MTA. With this, I also intend to allow for more modification when it comes to RPM/Engine power multipliers. Traction and all that good stuff. This would mean that every vehicle would feel different when driving it if you have done modifications to it. I will be discussing this further this weekend during the developers meeting.
  5. Agreed. Really no need anymore for the launcher because the creation of `enable_clientside_cs.txt` is obsolete
  6. New DLC Interiors! Name: Island Vault - ID: 287 Name: Casino Nightclub - ID: 288 Name: Submarine Interior - ID: 289
  7. Thanks for the opportunity and letting me contribute to community as a scripter. I hope to return soon when life has slowed a bit down! Jer
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