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  1. I understand what you are saying, But even after hotwiring a car once. It's still hard to hotwire it again. The hotwiring isn't exposing the wires, So still a no from me
  2. Feels like with these kind of scripts it will turn the server into an rpg
  3. Yes. I am pretty sure this is being made already but this would definetly improve a ton of things
  4. Jer


    Welcome to funtown
  5. Jer

    Clothes colors

    You can use the proper format if you want. I feel that this is a script suggestion.
  6. Yes although it should be limited to admins or admins should be able to give this command for an X amount of time.
  7. Need moderator perms to gov security officer permit form so I can process them. Thank in advance
  8. Username: ShlomoTheMoneyMan Comment: The article about the jew and the priest was the best one. VOTE TURNER. No Italian scum in my government!
  9. Username: H.Alvarez Comment: Vote Richard Turner if you love Paleto bay. Don't vote for that Italian scum
  10. Hey I need access to Gov and R&D forum section please. Thanks in advance. @DrJoseEviI
  11. Username: ShlomoTheMoneyMan Comment: That lemon was nasty. But atleast got some money for it.
  12. Jer

    Ladies and gentlemen, Colonel P.T. Chester with Morris, proud to present:
    Bung Vulchungo and the Zimbabwe Songbirds!

    [Verse 1]
    Do you see banana man?
    Hopping over on de white hot sand
    Here he come with some for me
    Freshly taken from banana tree
    Banana man, me want a ton
    Gimme double and a bonus one
    Gimme more for all my friends
    Dis banana flow will never end

    Do you want a banana?
    Peel it down and go, "Mm-mmm mm-mmm"
    Do you want a banana?
    Dis banana for you

    [Verse 2]
    Tonight we dance around de flame
    Then we get to play de spirit game
    Spirit names we shout out loud
    Shake de thunder from de spirit cloud
    All de songbirds in de tree
    Chant a tune to let de spirits free
    Den we see dem in de night
    Spirits jumping by de firelight

    Do you want a banana?
    Peel it down and go, "Mm-mmm mm-mmm"
    Do you want a banana?
    Dis banana for you

    Look you, you too uptight you know
    You could laugh and kick it back it and go (whee)
    But without a rhythm or a rhyme
    You do not banana all de time
    Fly away from city on de run
    Try to make a little fun

    Look you, come to de bungalow
    African't you tell me, told you so
    Don't you love de bumping of de drum
    Make you shake until de bum go numb
    Let de bongo play you till you drop
    Dis banana never stop

    Forget all your troubles and go with de flow
    Forget about whatever you may never know
    Like whether whatever you doing is whatever you should
    And whether anything you ever do is ever anything good
    And then forget about banana when it stick in your throat
    And when it make you wanna bellow but you stuck in a choke
    And then forget about de yellow from de beckoning man
    Who make you take another one and make a mock of your plan

    Bungalay, bungalow
    Make up your mind and tell me no

    Well it's nine o'clock and it's getting dark
    And the sun is falling from the sky
    I've never left so early
    And you may wonder why

    [Verse 3]
    Tomorrow morning on de plane
    No banana make you go insane
    Floating back to busy town
    No banana make you want to frown

    Do you want a banana? (Do you want a banana?)
    Peel it down and go, "Mm-mmm mm-mmm"
    Do you want a banana?
    Dis banana for you

    1. Chaos


      a song of many wisdoms

    2. Jer


      I heard it 16 hours ago for the first time. I enjoyed it. Thanks for that great song.

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