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  1. Confirmed. His rank: CAA student instructor
  2. Hey, We will need to have a subforum defined at https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2065-airport-services/ as Aircraft Maintenance. Inside it, will need other 4 subforums: Accepted, Denied, On Hold, Archive. The permissions for it should be inherited from the parent subforum. Also, moderator rights for this subforum and its branches should have the ground crew, as well, if this role was defined.
  3. Sandy Shores Drag Race We have decided to accept the kind invitation of Sabre Ltd.'s Director Rae Williams to join this event to provide aerial views over the race, and, therefore, we invite you to board an aircraft with us and enjoy the show from above. Myself, along with Certified Pilot Freddie Lee, will bring with us at least two aircraft, and we sincerely hope they will pick your interest. First of the aircraft we are bringing is the blimp. Our massive balloon, capable of blasting out commercials or music and setting a good mood in general. We will hover over Sandy providing the best view over the race and maybe even blast some music. Our blimp will be joined by one of the advanced V.I.P. helicopters. We are looking forward to see you at the event. Signed, Alexander Shads Director of County Air Administration
  4. Confirmed. We need this subforum.
  5. Hey, Apparently my moderator rights for some new CAA subforum haven't been extended towards it, and therefore they need to be changed. The subforum with this problem is: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2480-internal-training-application/
  6. A problem in this case would be the fact that some factions don't have a /duty or even badges yet.
  7. Hey. We would need this subforum https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2476-maintenances-performed-at/ renamed to Fleet Logs. Thanks
  8. Dear Mr. Lee (( @Qainer )), If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you have been accepted and paid for your Flight School program at Los Santos International Airport! Congratulations and welcome aboard! For the theory part of training, make sure you read the chapters that belong to your license(s) in the handbook HERE. After lecturing the manual, respond to this email and inform us about your availability in order to schedule the first hands on training session. The following sessions will be discussed and agreed upon with the assigned instructor. On behalf of the C.A.A. Management and all employees, thank you for choosing us! Sincerely, Director, Alexander Shads County Air Administration.
  9. Dear Mr. Lee (( @Qainer )), We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please wait for an instructor to send you an e-mail (( forum PM )). * Please send proof of payment. * PPL-H $10.000 ESP FREE Signed, Director, Alexander Shads County Air Administration
  10. Hello, Under the CAA Employees subforum we need a new branch, called Contracts which should be followed by two additional subforums called Active and Archieve. Link: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1983-county-air-administration-employees/
  11. Hey, we need a subforum named "Internal Training Application" at https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2062-flight-school-department/ . In it, there should be two other subforums, Accepted and Denied. Thanks :D.
  12. The Ground Crew Even if some may think of pilots and flight school the first second they hear about C.A.A., we know that we would not be able to run our day to day operations without the ground crew. They ensure the smooth running of every operation around the airports under our administration ranging from aircraft maintenance and periodical revisions to airport logistics and the safety of our airstrips. This team is Considering our movement to LS, this particular team will have a new base of operations from now on. The hangar that will be assigned to this team fits aircraft of any sizes, therefore allowing fixes and maintenance at a larger scale. We are glad to present the upper mentioned hangar through the following pictures: If we managed to catch your attention and now you would like to give it a try and join our ground crew team, then head to our recruitment page and fill a form. Tell us about yourself and why you would like to be a part of CAA for a chance to be our new colleague. For more information about this department and the future of it, our plans and goals, I am available at [email protected] .
  13. Hey, I would need some subforums at certain links for CAA on V. I will list everything below: Flight School Student Files at : https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2062-flight-school-department/ Accepted at : https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2066-los-santos-international-airport-flight-school/ Denied at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2066-los-santos-international-airport-flight-school/ Archieve at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2066-los-santos-international-airport-flight-school/ Aircraft Rentals at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2065-airport-services/ Maintenances Performed at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2060-airport-maintenance-department/ Archieve at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2060-airport-maintenance-department/ Employee Files at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2059-human-resources-department/ Archive at: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2059-human-resources-department/ If I should be able to do these myself i would be more than glad to learn how to. Thank you
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