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  1. Don't make me turn this car around, young man.
  2. Name: Destroyer12 Comment: Goodbye, old friend.
  3. There's a reason this was posted by Croozerdog and not myself. It was a dumb joke that I shared with a friend, which he insisted should be posted on the forums. I said I wouldn't and he did it because "If you don't do it, I will". I'm not saying that my response was entirely justified or that this guy deserved to be talked down to. He messaged me in the middle of the night, just as I was planning to go to sleep and I decided to take the piss instead of ignoring him. As I've stated in my follow-up post to Croozerdog's initial post, I'm an asshole for doing this and that is still the case. On the other hand, what is true is that the application was added to Owlgaming to make sure the standard of roleplay is protected. It acts as a filter for people who are not good enough at reading or writing in English to participate without negatively impacting the roleplay of others and people who can not understand the rules of the server. Back when I was a supporter, we were told to check not only for correct answers, but also make sure that the answers were in proper English with mostly correct grammar and spelling. Helping this guy through the test was not something I was going to do, since I'm not a certified English teacher who can fix a guy's spelling and grammar in half an hour. Heck, an English teacher probably couldn't do that. All I could have done was feed him correct answers, letting someone into the server that does not seem to meet the requirements that the application is supposed to enforce. To summarise: yes, I was a dick for punching down in a joke I only wanted to share with my friend in the first place, but at the core of the problem my reasoning was not incorrect. The application is meant to keep people like him out. However, I can not stress enough that this was an insensitive joke at the expense of someone who could possibly be a really nice person that just happens to live in a place where English isn't taught to the same level as in my own country. If you want to dislike me because of this, that's quite justified.
  4. The saga continues. Also I'm an asshole.
  5. This has quickly become my favourite show on the internet.
  6. Wow, I didn't know you liked Rage Against the Machine too! Jokes aside:
  7. Did everyone show up on the forums again just to necro this thread? Those were the days.
  8. Don't believe his vile lies. Also @@croozerdog, @@Luigikuik
  9. "Mexfags used to be civil" - last words of Brody Dalton before being ruthlessly gunned down by a Mexican.

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      rip Brody Dalton, last known Iron Seman member
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      "When I go home, I'm in charge of throwing the garbage. But here, I can move mountains." - BobRoss

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