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  1. croozerdog

    Character Kill Appeal - Alejandro Hernandez

    Going in to someone's turf to revenge kill in their restaurant several times tend to lead to "beef" We can talk about this in DM though, don't want to clog the topic ^^
  2. croozerdog

    Character Kill Appeal - Alejandro Hernandez

    I ment in character, there is most certainly beef between the factions in character.
  3. croozerdog

    Character Kill Appeal - Alejandro Hernandez

    I react to this because I'm in and around the mexican gang roleplay now, I personally think that with how heavy the beef is between the two groups, being a getaway driver -inside- the other groups turf seems like a disregard for life CK to begin with.
  4. croozerdog

    Unitts on his daily walk

    Please, never reproduce
  5. croozerdog

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    So, with this topic, you're saying Islam likes terrorism?
  6. croozerdog

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    Is this why @fartacus is annoying us on his Morrocan character?
  7. croozerdog

    [SAAN] Ganton is on fire, again

    Name: Mieees Comment: That fire looks really scary.. Menacing.. Happy the people inside were okay.
  8. croozerdog

    Looking for an professional mapper.

    I'll do it for 50 real life euros
  9. croozerdog

    [YOUTUBE/WSHH] Ghost OTM - Gorilla Mode

    Name: MarcoM comment: That's some gay shit
  10. croozerdog

    Dinoco perms

  11. croozerdog

    Eight Deuce Hoovers

    Good luck
  12. croozerdog


    Having a garage with six overly expensive riceboxes and classics while your character is an 18 y/o female without a job
  13. croozerdog


    How about a car dealership that develops into a security firm but does need 2 F3's for IC reasons
  14. croozerdog


    Well, it is true that almost every generic white legal roleplayer has a few rice cars. It's so bad that the word ricer got a different meaning on Owlgaming it seems. This is most likely because the economy is completely ruined by legal faction F3's

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