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  1. [YouTube] Ty 66 - Headshots

    Name: Michelle Comment: Literal trash
  2. The Crux Club

    Respect for whoever mapped that
  3. [General] Fishing.

    Yeah, the message they give when selling it is also really offending. I remember roleplaying and having fun for hours while fishing with my IC friends a long time ago. A guy fell of the boat, we nearly sunk the boat, had a fistfight, drank booze. Then when we went to sell said fish we got a message that said "find some real roleplay" or something in that area. That's plainly insulting
  4. You have won! Send me an email if you'd like to meet there ^-^
  5. Acknowledged! You're leading, @SniicK and @DylanW have been outbid!
  6. Acknowledged! @RayPayne is leading, @DylanW @SniicK are outbid!
  7. Acknowledged! @iii has been outbid!
  8. Rework the tax/income system

    Might wanna get an IC job in that case

    This trailer convinced me to move back to my biker character
  10. 4 YEARS AGO...

    I've been playing since 2014 I think ^^
  11. [GUI] - Better health recognision

    Should be numeric. I'm always on like 70-90% health without noticing. Does actually matter a lot if you get shot at.
  12. [Vehicles] - Box Truck Interior

    It would be nice if it was a possibility for every large vehicle that you should be able to step in to IRL.
  13. Acknowledged ^-^ @InDiGo28 and @SniicK have been outbid.

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