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  1. It was a lot of fun, the community had lots and lots of cool people on it. I feel really bad for the staff members that actually wanted the server to be great in the midst of the corruption. I met a lot of new friends in the 5 years I played here which I still talk to daily, which is about the only thing that people like Swanker couldn't ruin.
  2. Weren't you the one that told us to passive rp robberies because admins couldn't come online for days? I've seen you ingame once or twice and the admin apps opened when people already gave up on you guys. Every player, especially the huge portion of you guys' playerbase that migrated to other communities blames the staff. The owl community went from hundreds of active players to 3-4 and you guys still have the gut to blame the players, because admins are holy
  3. God I hate Owl uat so much for not opening mta specific admin apps. Staff killed it and they blamed the last loyal players until the bitter end. This roleplay was awesome and ruined by staff who didn't seem to understand or want to understand what the playerbase wanted. It felt great to watch the playerbase grow again and it legit hurt me to see it die the way it did.
  4. Just open up applications for new admins, maybe even exclusive for MTA. Saying that every time we asked for an admin now and they didn't come is because of IRL obligations is just a blatant lie. I really don't get why you guys just aren't honest that you're not interested in MTA. Kinda like @Unitts already was. Just get some new admins instead of saying all the current admins are busy or that "you don't need admins".
  5. Yeah it went from ~20 to ~2 players. Everyone's biggest annoyance is that there are no admins
  6. They sold it for -really- low though. I think like a 60-80% price of normal vehicles would be awesome for this auction idea. Also those RT cars back then were awesome, they gave a lot of my characters a car. I think the tokens were the worst thing for the economy on Owl. At least to me.
  7. Great for illegal roleplay. I'd love to see a system where police can NSA the heck outa our personal phonecalls
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Less dirt What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Let your car become dirty -way- less quickly. Washing my car at Paleto and driving back to Sandy Shores will be useless. It's nearly "100%" dirty again once I arrive. This is with taking the highway route. What are the advantages?- Less washing, probably more realistic. If I wash my car once a week IRL it sparkles all the time. What are the disadvantages?- Less money for the
  9. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Clean screenshot What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Just a screenshot button, that while taking the screencap, turns of the HUD for ~1 second, so you can make nice, clean screenshots. Awesome for faction threads, memories and desktop backgrounds. What are the advantages?- Clean screenshots What are the disadvantages?- Nothing I can think of, might be tedious to script in Rage. Do you have any resources to support our scr
  10. Since we had that on MTA, I'm quite sure it's a planned feature already. ^^
  11. It sounds really cringy to me, to have people roleplay animals.
  12. I would not like to see furry ERP on Owl when I'm in the woods thank you very much.
  13. Wait this is a troll suggestion right?
  14. Yes please, I was pretty sad that there were no affordable pickups and stuff.
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