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  1. I'm afraid Owl MTA already died. We tried our best but it just wasn't fun without admins and the constant angry reactions when we asked for admins to come ingame. Me and @Luigikuik gave up on it and we were leading the only active remaining faction. Just focus on GTA V Owl.
  2. Just open up applications for new admins, maybe even exclusive for MTA. Saying that every time we asked for an admin now and they didn't come is because of IRL obligations is just a blatant lie. I really don't get why you guys just aren't honest that you're not interested in MTA. Kinda like @Unitts already was. Just get some new admins instead of saying all the current admins are busy or that "you don't need admins".
  3. Yeah it went from ~20 to ~2 players. Everyone's biggest annoyance is that there are no admins
  4. Now that I think of it. With Dinoco gone and no way to get new generics, some sort of crafting would be fine. Add a bit of RPG since the server became less serious and the workload of the admins is getting high.
  5. croozerdog

    MTA Event

    Why? It would seem like fun
  6. croozerdog

    MTA Event

    Guys how about a giant car meeting?
  7. croozerdog

    MTA Event

    God please no, no special forces or any admin spawned gov faction please. Let people make allies themselves.
  8. They sold it for -really- low though. I think like a 60-80% price of normal vehicles would be awesome for this auction idea. Also those RT cars back then were awesome, they gave a lot of my characters a car. I think the tokens were the worst thing for the economy on Owl. At least to me.
  9. The amounts of time where I got busted while waiting for admins are immeasurable
  10. I did mean that, yes ^^ It should be a hidden tag scriptwise. Most admins make a permanent vehicle note that says the wires are hanging loose. So other players could see it if they're specifically looking for it. Like they can now, just without the report delay.
  11. Like they would be IRL if you don't install a new engine. Ignition I mean
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