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  1. Script work vehicles should be excluded from the winter event traction, I like the system how it is now though.
  2. croozerdog

    Request for a good Los Santos Map.

    Not sure what you mean with that.
  3. croozerdog

    Car - 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium [ENDS: 01/12/18]

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: oh god
  4. croozerdog

    The Hub

    Nope, leader was wiped
  5. croozerdog

    Almighty Saints XIII

    Oh god, it's back was joke plz no ban
  6. croozerdog

    San Andreas Action news

    Criticism does not necessarily mean negativity.
  7. croozerdog

    San Andreas Action news

    It's actually a pretty big problem in the community
  8. croozerdog

    San Andreas Action news

    I made a meme about that once
  9. croozerdog

    San Andreas Action news

    Your face was sub-par ;-; Ps: What par? It's the only active news company
  10. croozerdog

    San Andreas Action news

    Wow that comment was deleted quickly. I find it sad that a company that made 84 articles got deleted without notifying it's members. Could anyone explain to me why it was deleted exactly? I don't know who did it so I can't pm them personally.
  11. croozerdog

    [SAAN] The final article

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: That name is cringe as fuck
  12. croozerdog

    [SAAN] The final article

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: It's because the government took all your money huh?
  13. croozerdog

    Car Roleplay Mini Guide

    This is my mini guide for all of you who got no idea about how to be realistic when driving a car in OwlGaming, this is completely for education purposes. If you're not interested, leave any hate or toxicity out of this thread. So to start off with a small introduction, take a moment to think about your character before creating it, nobody is perfect and most importantly, nobody is a skilled driver out the blue, there are people that struggle with cars, it's more common than you think and I doubt it there's anyone that might be interested to RP which is quite sad. So yeah, let's start. Don't be a ricer and find some roleplay outside tuning your car and being a fully legal, personality lacking mechanic character without flaws.
  14. croozerdog

    Looking for RPer

  15. croozerdog

    Departure - Croozerdog

    HAHA I tried @normy. The Saints was a blast, don't let it die tho

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