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  1. croozerdog

    [SAAN] The future of SAAN

    The future of SAAN From the SAAN projects desk Hello readers, SAAN is going to a rough time, we have seen a decline in nice and original news to report on lately. Veteran readers might remember that SAAN used to do less serious shows, such as Memewatch. Recently SAAN has appointed me, Leonard Spreenen as assistant CEO and Project Manager, I, together with Bruce have ideas to improve the company with the goal of entertaining the people of Los Santos further. Think about re-launching or thinking of new weekly/monthly shows. Bruce and I even thought about stuff like a "briefcase search" (We are thinking of a more creative name), we'll give tips and the finder of this "briefcase" can win a sum of money, keeping up the hype of the briefcase throne. All kinds of stuff like this. Either way, we want to work together with the SAAN workforce to create a better future for the SAAN company, we want to be more transparent about ideas for the people interested and we want to, most importantly, entertain the city of Los Santos further. Any questions about the future of SAAN can be asked in the comment section below.
  2. croozerdog

    Residential - Rodeo Manor [ENDS: 7/30/18]

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: Hey @B.Dewitt (( @Luigikuik )) you wanted an over the top house right?
  3. croozerdog

    The Highwaymen

    The thing we're trying to achieve is not being like the other factions, gets boring after 4 years, thanks for the input though.
  4. Would be awesome if they clean up the messages script together with that, big +1 from me. If it is too hard or time consuming to implement, at least show something different for phones that do exist with offline players and plainly non existing numbers.
  5. croozerdog

    How you know your faction is about to die

    Being funny is an important factor of joining SAAN
  6. croozerdog

    [YouTube] Message to Max Brookes!

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: Fuck off, Max is awesome
  7. Name: Yuuuu Comment: Can you guys stop crying please?
  8. croozerdog

    SAAN be like

    Name: Yuurmom Comment: No u
  9. croozerdog

    [Properties] - /freecam while Interior Previewing

    Why, if it can be much easier?
  10. croozerdog

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

    Everytime an Asian faction is on Owl, I get in trouble with them rip. Please don't kidnap me. Faction looks nice ^^ Can't wait to roleplay with you guys further
  11. croozerdog

    Dinoco Ltd Press Release (13/28)

    Name: Yuurmom Comment: Dinoco is like the best company around ^^ Order from you guys at least ones a week

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