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  1. It's my personal experience, even in your faction. I remember selling cocaine for the mexicans on Marco and waiting 2 months, long after the guy who gave that task to me was dead, to get the payout. Someone accepted it but everyone forgot to notify me. It's a small, understandable error but it still set me back. Me and @Luigikuik also had this several times with the illegal factions we tried setting up, until he got wiped for violating an unwritten rule. Happy that they do respond to you though.
  2. The only problem me and my friends had whenever trying to set up a criminal group is waiting for literal months for an FMT reply or they simply forget to reply and overly-competitive other illegal factions.
  3. The server is a bit on the meh side now, in playercount and in factions. Had been before and came back, probably will happen again, so stick around even if it isn't the best experience right now
  4. Username: Yuuuu Ticket number: 6
  5. Name: Dutchass Comment: Statistically, a pretty good place.
  6. If you have a mumble rapper as profile pic you are a lesser human being

  7. I was still a RPG server noob back then, Owlgaming is still alive and well. Bit of a dip in players but it seems to be recovering a bit lately. GTA V hype though
  8. Any faction is better than that Good luck friends, will annoy you on my mexican character
  9. happy birday my friend

    1. croozerdog


      Thank you my fren

  10. I kidnapped a girl once for a yakuza that refused to pay protection money, I made sure I roleplayed with her every day and it was a fun time for all parties involved, if you kidnap someone you should at least roleplay with them regularly. But I don't think that adding more rules to limit what you can and cannot do is not the way to go. Just keep it active for everyone involved, illegal and legal rpers should co-operate more to make the server fun, not limit eachothers fun.
  11. Name: dutchass Comment: I used to have this place, stored my meth in the fallout bunker
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