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  1. croozerdog


    I agree that it's getting pretty annoying
  2. KPSD™ Private drivers Kirkendall Premium Security Detail™ is proud to announce that we're now offering chauffeur services. If you need to go anywhere in style and safety you can hire KPSD™ to get you to and from any place. Send an email if you're interested.
  3. Name: Discodingo Comment: It would've made me a lot happier if Jeb died
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Clean screenshot What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Just a screenshot button, that while taking the screencap, turns of the HUD for ~1 second, so you can make nice, clean screenshots. Awesome for faction threads, memories and desktop backgrounds. What are the advantages?- Clean screenshots What are the disadvantages?- Nothing I can think of, might be tedious to script in Rage. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- no How would you go about implementing this idea?- Using Daniels and Chaos' magic
  5. Name: Discodingo Comment: My party will also violate USA laws, vote for me guys.
  6. I was already kinda pissed to see an interior marker in front of the completely open bar in the country. Why is there a locked interior in front of the door that is able to be opened with a perfectly fine interior. Just open spots like that. Crime free zones are RPGish and would be really bad for roleplay. The criminal NPC owned places would be really weird. At some point the police would know the location and not raiding it because it's NPC owned is again, very RPG. I also don't see problems with NPC's in player owned places. Stacks was fun on MTA.
  7. Since we had that on MTA, I'm quite sure it's a planned feature already. ^^
  8. I think he means choosing other torso's, to not clip through the undershirt/other clothing PS. awesome freaking update. This was everything I was missing really.
  9. Your specs should easily run V. Just in case, have you tried reinstalling the game? And before you do this try to delete social club files and game settings files. They're located in Documents > Rockstar games > Profiles > pc_settings.bin for the game settings and no idea how it works with the new launcher, you could just reinstall the entire launcher, it causes a lot of problems with me at least.
  10. And real car models and really big spoilers and engine modifications but like way more than already possible and a Las Venturas highway outside of RP area to avoid officers while testing my car.
  11. Name: Discodingo Comment: That's a very mediocre beat
  12. To be really honest, I think some people are also demotivated when they think back of the response times of the old MTA FT. Really happy to hear it's different now, though! (Speaking from my own personal viewpoint. I had to wait weeks on end to get a simple VM through for example. I saw factions die before I could get paid for simple sidejobs by the FT) I'll try and get my friends together to start a tiny illegal faction. I really do want Owl to be great again but I do understand why some people are demotivated. Everything is new, It's still choppy and unfinished, as to be expected until 1.0. I really believe Owl has a superior RP standard compared to the many other text based roleplay server. It just lacks features for now. I do honestly think that constantly blaming the players (not targeted to thatguy) is just not fair. If you think outside a love for owl everyone should understand why playing something that's visibly not finished yet is just not ideal, not everyone shares the oldfag patriotic owl feeling. Some just want the best and Owlgaming, in script regards, isn't yet. Don't forget that Rage and GTA V roleplay are also new for the staff team. I'm positive that with time staff will adapt more and new humans will join to make every experience smoother. I think everyone made their opinion quite clear though, I made this reply because I'm very engaged in this topic, I'm just trying to be clear about my opinion and it's interesting to read others.
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