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  1. *Yuu Nagashima nods and would sigh in relief before leaving the courtroom, escorted by police officers*
  2. Finally, Asian rp has been dead for too long.
  3. I found Yuno cringy at first but after rping quite a lot with Yuno I found out it's actually quite a deep character and very consistent and unique way of talking/behavior
  4. "I plead guilty to charge WF009 and MO003. No contest to WF011. I'd want to tell the people about the reason I used my illegally obtained firearm. It was to protect my best friend from harm. He was being assaulted and robbed by the person in question, the person that got me charge WF011. I uhh.. That was all I wanted to say. Sorry if I said anything wrong or weird, this is my first time in court-, your honor."
  5. Name: iHateRicers Comment: I illegally took a vehicle from the FD but you guys are corrupt
  6. I'd rather have my leg eaten than being a ricer
  7. This seems like a lot of fun. Time to activate my crazy metalhead char again
  8. I know you're not the one above me but I'll still rate it 0/10 Neon man bad
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