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  1. Finally, Mailboxes! Now I can properly store my C4 somewhere! Thank you sir! 10/10, would hit again!
  2. A vote for mutt is a vote to lose! Don't vote mutt, he's a pretty good guy. Ask everyone who isn't Vubs! But Vubs on the other hand.... Well, sus is sus and she is DEFINITELY sus. EZ
  3. I like this idea, and I'm glad it's not just for LSPD either. Totally cool to have more customization when creating/changing your character up. A yes from me (:
  4. DYMOND RACING CORPORATION We are looking for those who are determined to have a thrill for the fast lane! Dymond Racing is here to bring the action and amusement of racing and derbies to the City of Los Santos. We are always looking for capable drivers who want to try their skills in races, earn prizes and awards, and build a racing community about safety and fun! If this sounds like the hobby for you, contact Jason Dyme for more info! Phone Number: 156-771-0249 Email: ((Forum PM/Discord @mutt377))
  5. I'm a man of Gmod TTT, Murder, Hide and Seek, just about anything Gmod really. And a COD Ground War match sounds like it would be loads of fun too.
  6. I'm torn on this vote. Really I enjoy the RP in Paleto that has been provided thus far, but at the same time a move to LS could really make all the difference here. I guess it's a matter of pros vs. cons and if we will benefit from the move. If everyone isn't happy with the current situation in Paleto or if players keep turning away because of it, then I say a move is a good thing. But if we move, how are we to be sure that it'll draw in more players and still provide a good RP experience? Pros: -Larger area for roleplay with more in the area to do -Players will be able to RP the
  7. Mutt377


    Hi bud! Welcome! It was fun helpin' you out earlier! Hope you enjoy your time at this server! ?
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