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  1. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: We do not have anyone in the Los Santos Republican Party that is from Pakistan. All of our current members were born in the US. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: Do you have a question for us Lops?
  2. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: You shouldn't ask for honor if you call people interbred mongols on a public portal. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: Let us keep this civilized.
  3. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: And we wouldn't need to, the state law doesn't specify what needs to be in the application itself other than having the applicant meet the laid out requirements. We aim to remove the application through a request if allowed by the state or shorten it otherwise. This in addition to removing or reducing any fees altogether.
  4. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: Our aim is to bring attention to this topic to a level on which it could be settled on, not settle it on ourselves as we wouldn't be able to do so. Just because the organization wouldn't be under our control directly doesn't mean that jobs wouldn't be given out.
  5. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: We won't and we will not need any control. We presume so as seen from open job positions given in other states around the nation. See for yourself here in the instance of Texas.
  6. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: We wouldn't be handing out any money directly to foreign nations, that's a matter of national level.
  7. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: Administrative and maintenance jobs would be given out to local residents, not pulled in from out of state.
  8. Name: G. Hopkins Comments: We never established that we will be making our own National Guard but rather try to encourage that move by first gaining support on the idea in the state government, then move on from that. Offering additional funding is the best way we can encourage that move.
  9. Name: G. Hopkins Comments: People within National Guard are paid for succesfully conducting and participating in drills and trainings. Name: G. Hopkins Comments: That is by no means our only reason why we wish to get a National Guard detatchment established here. I quote from the original post. "To further ensure the safety of our citizens in a case of an emergency or a disaster and from illegal immigration."
  10. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: If it provides additional jobs for our residents we see no reason not to do it.
  11. Name: G. Hopkins Comment: We do, which is why we expressed that we will be offering funding to it from our side in addition to federal funds in a case in which we find a compromise on getting a local National Guard unit established on San Andreas soil. We unfortunately do not have the capability to do it on our own, but we would definetely push this vision upstairs once we are given the possibility to do so.
  12. Los Santos Republican Party is an affiliate party of the Republican National Committee. We follow the same agenda set by republicans, limited government interference, less bureaucracy, tax cuts for business owners to encourage investments, further funding of the military and lighter to no gun regulations. VALUES Strong Families Families intent on giving their children the hope of a better tomorrow, the promise of a safe and secure today, and an appreciation and respect of yesterday. Principled, Innovative Leadership Principled leaders with an understanding of San Andreas' heritage and a clear vision for San Andreas’ future. Leadership that is unwavering in the face of criticism, steadfast when confronted with adversity, and committed to building a better county. Limited Government A government that promotes policies to unlock individual potential and unleash economic growth. Government that does not try to be all things to all people. Honest Compassion A society assisting those in need rather than a government trying to solve every problem by just throwing more money at it. Opportunity For All The opportunity to chart one’s own course, start a business, chase a dream, or build a life regardless of gender, race, or religion. Quality Education An educational system that prepares children for tomorrow’s workplace regardless of race, wealth or geographical location. Education is the bedrock of freedom and the gateway to opportunity. Personal Responsibility Individuals taking personal responsibility for their own actions and a criminal justice system based on this idea. With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding Fathers, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and protected by the Constitution. Rugged Individualism The entrepreneurial spirit of the individual that continues to solidify Los Santos as a San Andreas economic power. VISION Removal of Firearms Licensing Application “It is our constitutional right to bear arms!” We support the removal of firearms licensing and the excessive bureaucracy that we have in regards to obtaining a firearm in our county. The entire process of writing out an application should be removed, however we do remain in a position and standing that the background check and firearms recording should stay. Instead of a person of interest writing out an application, they should apply for a background check and after they pass it their personal firearms dossier will be made, into which all of the owned firearms will be added to. Reintroduction of National Guard “Peace through strength!” To further ensure the safety of our citizens in a case of an emergency or a disaster and from illegal immigration we highly support the idea of having a local barracks for a National Guard detachment. Such an detachment should also receive funding from our government in addition to what they receive from the federal government to encourage the move here once support from the state has been received. Removal of Unnecessary Government Permits It should be said that citizens of Los Santos County shouldn’t be spending their time filling out numerous documents if they have a desire to do something that has no clear need for documentation. We aim to remove the following bureaucratic processes from the government: a) Event Permit b) Security Officer Permit c) Hunting Permit. Currently it costs more than $25,000.00 to rent out the Las Venturas Drag Strip or the Los Santos stadium which is an absurd amount and discouraging. Instead, these rentals should be almost free for the people of Los Santos to encourage the creation of events. Security officers shouldn’t need a separate permit, but instead this should be linked to business licensing, so it should only be required that the business the security officers work for have a valid license to offer security services. Instead of issuing out hunting permits we aim to create specific hunting areas within the county in which hunting would be allowed. This would remove any need for documentation behalf of the citizens of the county as long as they have passed the proper procedure to acquire the hunting equipment. Flat Tax Rate for Vehicles and Property “Tax less, invest more!” We support the idea of having a flat tax rate to further increase the investments made by the people. The people should not be discouraged from earning more, but quite the opposite. We should ensure that the those with more money keep investing in our communities, from which the everyone could earn their own fair share. Establishment of permanent community outreach programs in LSPD and LSFD It is clear that community outreach from these two agencies has been lacking recently. We have newsletters and updates, however we barely see law enforcement and fire department conducting personal and on-the-spot events. We aim to set in plan a permanent community outreach program to further increase the transparency between the government and the citizens, setting fourth events such as open door days, equipment showcases and community meetings as a standard. Tax Cuts for Businesses We support the idea of further encouraging businessing within our county. We aim to give tax cuts to businesses who offer well paid and long term jobs for our citizens. With this we aim to let the business owners have more funds at their disposal, which they could use to further invest and develop themselves. CANDITATES Chairman Garry Hopkins Retired Commissioner of San andreas Highway Patrol, retired Undersheriff of Las Santos County Sheriff’s Department and business owner Description: Garry Hopkins has served around 30 years in the law enforcement, serving his community to the best of his capabilities. His years of experience with the community give him a good insight on the issues and how to resolve them. Hopkins has worked in 4 law enforcement agencies, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, Los Santos Police Department and San Andreas State Police. Currently Hopkins is working on a community project in Angel Pine, offering the people a place to stay and socialize at. Email: [email protected] (( @Kalevius )) Phone: 756-673 Vice Chairman Manjot Singh Retired Director of San Andreas Network and retired Councilman Description: Manjot Singh is someone who posseses a great deal of experiences both politically and in the business world respectively. Singh has had San Andreas network at his helm for around four years, this is where he gained most of his leadership and communication skills. Furthermore, he briefly was the President of Jacob Goldsmith Corporation, having had the responsibility of more than six other ventures during his reign. Singh has also served as councilman during the year of 2015. It was here that he discovered his desire to serve the public of the city of Los Santos. He now again wants to be the direct messenger of the general public to the people responsible within the government. Singh hopes that he can use his skills, as well as his drive for success to serve the people of the city that he loves so much again. Email: [email protected] (( @Manjot )) Phone: 483-678 Secretary N/A Description: N/A Email: N/A Phone: 000-000 Treasurer N/A Description: N/A Email: N/A Phone: 000-000 SUPPORT OUR CAUSE If you wish to join the Republican Party of Los Santos, send an email to [email protected] (( @Kalevius )). Los Santos Republican Party accepts donations from people who wish to support our cause. To support us wire your donations to the account ”Garry Hopkins”.
  13. Name: Joseph Comment: liberal snowflakes just go around censoring when they can't take in the truth that muslims don't belong to new zealand.
  14. Name: loldude Comment: 2 dollars and 30 cents for this mansion sure sounds like a good deal.
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