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  1. I know how to roleplay correct but the english is the only problem.
  2. if my english is bad and none can understand how you understand what i say Now?
  3. Realy You mean I take English Lessons to Just play a game (WTF)I know almost every word in english but just asking what is the misstake I do when i write
  4. After reading this anyone tell me the misstakes and what I have to do and what I don't have to do?
  5. I always Get Force-application For same reason AGAIN AND AGAIN AGAIN I'm Tired of this,I want to play like everyone! Today i just get my force-application accepted and after 2min i get other forceapplication for same reason BAD ENGLISH. What's wrong with my english?, HOW FIX IT?the force-application is'nt about Server rules its Only about English Or maybe Hate from admins
  6. not gonna see me in game again,BB
  7. [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] People understand What I say In the Game but I'dont Know why you Don't?-Can You Give me other Chance To play With my Friends?-I'll Do my Best!,I Promise You!-I already Make an Departures,can you Give me Last Chance?.
  8. [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] ,I know English Very Well,But I'm Speaking like That to make it faster (I'm Lazy) but I promise you I Won't Do it again, Just give Me chance!*I'll Speak Correct,Everyone Will understand me Just Remove that Forceapp!!!
  9. [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] Ok,looks like None want me here anymore,I'm Leaving BB,if my english Sucks ?what is the english you want,I'll play on other server where i get some respect, but i realy wanna know Why other players get admin jail for reason like /q and i Always get forceapplication for even small things
  10. [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] ,what i have done?, One Misstake on english and i get fore-app? that's unfair, i'm human and i make misstakes
  11. Report an Administrator Username of the administrator i dont know possible Humour Your character name at time of the incident Carl Teflon Time/date of incident Yesterday i dont remember realy List any witnesses none, the logs /record Elaborate on the situation along with possible evidence i have'nt Done anything Wrong, my car has a bugged Modifcation , so i make an F2 Report i say on it my Car spoliter is Bugged, its disapear again and after a mins i get Force application Reason: The english that I dont like what i HAVE done!!! i wont wait 24h and do that test and those question! i want to be back in i didin't break an rule THATS ABUSE!
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