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  1. crasy

    Badgers Motorcycle Club

    good luck homie take this far
  2. crasy

    [MAPPING] Los Santos Public School

    not sure how you'd go about schedules since different timezones also not sure how many people are willing to rp this without trolling also not sure how you'd go about finding people that are smart enough to rp teachers other than that great idea
  3. crasy

    Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    youre developing real hatred towards real people because of roleplay im begging u pls @everyone
  4. Happy birthday lad!

  5. crasy

    Illegal Rp

    even if it was allowed people arent gonna rp loss are they so they wont accept your counterfeit money
  6. Name: jim Comment: bet you most of the people arrested are current or ex members of bots
  7. crasy

    Alhambra Opening Night

    i believe i just grew a chromosome
  8. Name: jim Comment: ahahahahah proper mongs thanks x Name: jim Comment: u alright buddy you do realize that you **should** gain more money from saving lives and stopping crimes than from towing legally parked cars right
  9. Name: jim Comment: haHAA let me protest cause they took away my money D:< i cant buy 2 mil cars now and now i cant wank off on anything swear to god you are some absolute fucking inbred chimpanzees
  10. Name: jim Comment: haha just 50 grand man xDDD is not much i work hard !!!!!!!!!!!! you Are Crazy man !!! i get thousands of bucks like its nothingh !!!#@ :3333333

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