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  1. Given the amount of hours put into this by UA, and naturally all other players that spent time and effort into making Owl into what it is while we're writing this today, it's sad to see this post. I've made life-long friends here at Owl and some IRL ones as well. I've had a magnificent time with the people I've had the please to interact with and it was a pleasure being an admin here. I'm honored to have been able to see Owl through it's ups and downs and was able to be a part of this community since 2014. Hopefully I'll see you guys at Paradise Gaming! :)
  2. "My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what's important to me" - Michael Imperioli.
  3. Nice profile.

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    2. ItsMelodyy


      I can see that. Spent a lot of time making that profile banner right?

    3. Exp93


      You need to get on my level for planning all these vertices...

      Two plus two is four
      Minus one, that's three, quick maths

    4. ItsMelodyy


      You sound like you need help mate.

  4. Would love to see this become a thing in the future. But as mentioned earlier by ShadowSix, there's currently bigger and more important projects. Definitely a +1, but I'd say not really a priority.
  5. I agree with this. It'd just become one of those things that'd in the end just make it so players start stockpiling food in their inventories / cars + wouldn't actually be RP'ed, which it's intended purpose would be. Though I cannot disagree on it not being a good money sink. I don't think this is a necessity at all, and I don't see this working in the long haul.
  6. Taxi Driver Frank Jakobson. He'll break the speed limit for a price :) Epic to see you back in roleplay man! Welcome and I'm sure you'll find your place here and enjoy your time! :D
  7. This is processed. If anything's wrong or you have any changes/questions, feel free to reach out to me and we can sort it.
  8. Amazing profile.

    1. Ben


      nah its shit m8


    2. ItsMelodyy


      @Ben You're just jealous! :O

  9. Very cool faction to see. Had great interactions with you guys.. Keep up the good work!
  10. Surprised I hadn't voted on this yet but for sure a solid +1
  11. Nice jacket.

    1. Vubstersmurf


      The BEST jacket

  12. Nice profile

    1. Exp93


      thanks mate

  13. I'd say not 100% the same as doing it through outfits. Having a command would make it much easier to change on the fly rather than having 2 outfits for the same clothes one with hair and one without. Definitely a big +1 on this. This'd work well for males with long hair too.
  14. Hello Ms. Trent (( @GioSerpo )), I've paid the fee. Receipt: Sincerely, Jake Finnigan.
  15. Aircraft Rental Application Section I - Identification Full name: Jake Finnigan. Date of birth: August 4th, 1990. Cellphone number: 157-468-5083. Address: 5 Cougar Ave, 1747 Del Perro Section II - Qualification Do you require a pilot to be present during the rental time (Yes or No): No. Are you a holder of a pilot license for the aircraft you are trying to rent (Yes or No): Yes (If applicable) Provide a copy of your current licenses, types, and ratings: Section III - Demand What model of aircraft are you wanting to rent: Nimbus How long are you wanting to rent the aircraft: 1 day. Section IV - Terms & Conditions. By signing below you agree to the following terms: You confirm that all information you wrote above is completely true. You understand that we do not issue refunds and will require the entire payment of your request before continuing. You understand that if you do not possess the correct license to fly the aircraft your application will be denied. You understand that in case an additional pilot is requested, the costs for the pilot will be calculated after the full duration of the rental period. You understand that if the additional pilot costs are not paid after the rental period, legal charges will be pressed. Signature: Date: May 1st, 2021.
  16. Nice profile.

  17. Nice profile.

    1. Exp93


      thanks mate. took a lot of effort this did.

  18. Congratulations to the promoted, welcome to the trials and sad to see the old folks go! :(
  19. Heyy! Welcome back and hope you have a great time here! There's some old people from the MTA days still around, I myself joined in 2014 and on and off played until 2016 when I started playing fully. You'll most likely run into more peeps that used to play on MTA :D
  20. * Daniel Erikson adjusts his suit jacket and proceeds to walk down the stand and back to his seat in the spectator's gallery behind the Prosecution's side. *
  21. ItsMelodyy


    Welcome to owlgaming!
  22. " I have never interacted with Mr. Watson before the 31st of March, no. " (( @Zebulon @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @Courtez ))
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