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  1. I'd love to see this. This too please ^^^
  2. Name: Auction House Administrator Comment: This auction has ended on the 20th of June, 2020 with no bids. The auction will be locked & archived.
  3. Name: Auction House Administrator Comment: Auction ended with no bidders. This auction will be locked & archived.
  4. Name: Auction House Administrator Comment: Vehicle has been withdrawn from the auction by the offering party, after having received no bids after 72 hours ( 3 days ).
  5. Name: Auction House Administrator Comment: Since there's been no bids made during the auction's duration. The auction will be closed & archived with no winners.
  6. Dear Mr Charles Hudson (( @devildog123 )), We'd like to thank you for applying for the Security Officer Position. After conducting your interview, we have come to the decision to ACCEPT you as an Unarmed Security Officer. You may contact us on our hotline number to finalize your hiring process. On behalf of Sabre Ltd, we'd like to welcome you into our company. Do not hesitate to contact your superior Director Jake Finnigan if you have any further questions. In addition, make sure to fill out and sign your employee record under the Global Access section of our website. Please do thi
  7. Dear Mr Charles Hudson (( @devildog123 )), Thank you for applying for the position of Security Officer. We are hereby informing you that we have reviewed your application and are excited to invite you for an INTERVIEW! You may contact us through an e-mail to schedule your interview. You have forty-eight (48) hours to have the interview conducted, or your application will be declined. Hopefully we'll meet soon! Sincerely, Director Jake Finnigan, On behalf of Sabre Ltd.
  8. Problem solved. Any issues let us know.
  9. Awesome work once again. @Effect your favorite type of NPC
  10. Processed. If any issues arise let me know @Qainer
  11. Auction ended. Winner is Unknown (( @aDjidas )) with $26,500. Archiving.
  12. Auction ended with no winners. Archiving.
  13. Auction ended with no winner. Archiving.
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