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  1. Name: ConcernedCitizen. Comment: The only time you should run is when you run out of the city. You shouldn't be allowed near a government position.
  2. Acknowledged. Contact me at 472716 to retrieve your vehicle.
  3. Name: Auctioneer. Comment: I would not. I'm already going below the car's market value as it is, I'm not going any lower. (( @DylanW))
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2012 Vehicle brand: Mercedes-Benz Vehicle make: SLS AMG VIN: **Available to auction winner** Mileage: 66.146 (at time of action start) Description: Lovely vehicle, good daily for people with a tad bit more money. Tops 147 MPH. All-around decent acceleration. Images Starting bid: $77,500 Minimum increase: $1,250 Buyout: $100,000 Auction end date: June 7th, 2019. Contact details: **Will be given to auction winner.**
  5. Dear Ms. Alice, I'd wish to extend the contract for GA Stand 103, and have the billing sent ANNUALLY. Kind regards, Charlie Carter. (( @Sergeant ))
  6. Dear ms. Alice, I would not like to extend the contract for helipad 2. Sincerely, Charlie Carter. (( @Sergeant ))
  7. Name: Sparta Incorporated. Comment: Can you provide us with evidence of the store making $50,000 per month? E-mail me at [email protected] ((forum pm ItsMelodyy)).
  8. Name: NotBad. Comment: Abu's Taxi going to race everyone outta ttown for 5 bucks ay?
  9. Name: ConcernedCitizen. Comment: Here you are, again, with name calling and slandering other people. Stellar behaviour from a County Commissioner which is supposed to lead by example, as you put it yourself. Way to set an example there Commissioner Wunnenberg!
  10. Name: ConcernedCitizen. Comment: And this warrants you to lash out to the citizens of the very county you're trying to "fix"? If you're trying to fix something guess you better work on that attitude lol
  11. Name: ConcernedCitizen. Comment: Is this how you talk to every one of your government's former staff members and this State's citizens or what?
  12. Name: Charlie Carter. Comment: Think the UK's got one over on us though. haha
  13. You should turn this into an actual suggestion, make this a thing. @greenops011 - The main suggestion is a stellar idea. This'd also be a great idea for the MDC used by some factions. +1 from me
  14. Name: Charles. Comment: I know the auction ended, but could you by chance send me your contact information. I'm by chance interested in purchasing the vehicle for the $74,000 listed as starting bid. My e-mail is [email protected] (( @Kozinski ))
  15. Got another 931GB external HDD which I use to store video's, series and movies. Keyboard: Logitech G413. Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. Mousepad: RAZER Goliathus Mobile. Headset: RAZER Electra V2. Cooling stand: Aukey Laptop Cooling Stand - For 17'' laptops.
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