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  1. Just eh, look at the topic on which the community was asked what they wanted, and a large portion of the player base voted to move to LS.
  2. Splendid work as per usual! Glad there's a cleanup script now. Will you guys be adding a last used line to for example the UCP as well so we know when the vehicle is last used?
  3. I believe a proper inactivity scanner is already in the works. Believe this has been brought up and discussed during the community Q&A on Teamspeak. I agree with this 100% though. Properties should be freed up for newer players to purchase if people that own it since launch don't do anything with it! Defo a yes from me.
  4. ItsMelodyy


    Welcome, hope you have a good time here.
  5. This is already a thing in the script.. 1. Go to an ATM and open the GUI. 2. Put a numeric value in the box. 3. Click the yellow "Wire Transfer" button next to withdrawy. 4. Fill out the Firstname Lastname of your target then confirm.
  6. No. There's rules against this and ways to resolve this. Don't need a script for it.
  7. @Vubstersmurf congratulations!
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