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  1. There's no point in suggesting something that has 1. been suggested before, and 2. has been confirmed that will be fixed, as soon as higher priority stuff is resolved. Do respect the effort put into it though and definitely agree with the suggestion :)
  2. All of which can be passive RP'ed and doesn't require a player actively controlling an animal ped. No from me. I'd much rather have scripters focus on bigger stuff than this and even then, as Unitts described, it'll be a big open door for trollers.
  3. Moment of silence for the heroes of 9/11.
  4. @Chasee I get an error 404 when I click on the link for males.
  5. Personally think that having 1 centralized location would be better, also for new players as it's not like MTA having to find numerous location on a map, especially on a game nobody is really familiarized with yet in this community. Though having said this, this should be the subject for another suggestion if you really want to bring it up for discussion.
  6. I mean, right now I'd much prefer seeing a fully functional Owl phone being introduced rather than something as minor as gun attachments. People are still getting set up and used to RageMP and there's still a bunch of issues that require resolving.
  7. Neat to see UA on top of the server stuff and admins on top of bringing some order and help ingame. Keep up the good work!
  8. They're sick man, well done @Tidemo
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