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  1. Not surprised. Most people won't dm and the ones that do get banned for it.
  2. Yeah I tried searching but couldn't find anything hence the resuggest.. :x
  3. What about adding a monetary fee to it, like /heal has with First Aid Kits? This way it's not 100% free.
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Allowing medics to revive patients. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Faction What is the suggestion?- As the title suggests. Allowing people in medical factions the ability to revive their patients if they're scriptwise dead. This only being in scenes that don't require an administrator. Also adding in a verification that the paramedic is on /duty for it to work. And adding an admin log output that pops up like tthe admin /revive does, so that admins are aware and are able to intervene if the revive log line pops up too much to prevent trolling. What are the advantages?- Less waiting time on both sides in scenes. Personally I'd feel it'd improve medical roleplay by a ton as we don't have to wait for admins. What are the disadvantages?- Some scenes may go unnoticed when an admin is required, I.E in CK type scenes. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Having the scripters script it.
  5. Name: Redneck2019. Comment: Yeehaw brotha'
  6. Different calibers on weapons and different caliber rounds in the weapons NPC, opening up more realism and stuff; also with forensics it'd help. I.E you have pistols in .40 S&W, .50 AE, .338, and the list goes on; even though deagle currently only has .45 ACP.
  7. Name: Sparta Incorporated Comment: Sold to "Morina" for $5,000 (( @Fisupingu )): Contact us at #2504 to collect your vehicle!
  8. Name: Sparta Incorporated Comment: Sold to "Jessica" for $5,000 (( @EpiclyZiggy )): Contact us at #2504 to collect your vehicle!
  9. Name: Sparta Incorporated Comment: Acknowledged, leading with $5,000.
  10. Name: Charles. Comment: Good to know DCS employees leak privileged information to people who aren't within the company.
  11. Name: Sparta Incorporated Comment: Acknowledged, leading with $5,000.
  12. You must be retarded if you actually think I'm protected by admins you knob. I don't break rules unlike you. Get out of here lol.
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