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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENTAL AGREEMENT AND F.A.Q COMPLETION Section I - Personal/Basic Information First Name: Charlie. Middle Name (If applicable): N/A. Last Name: Carter. Date of Birth: August 4th, 1986. State the license(s) that you possess (vehicle, pilot, motorbike, weapon, etc.): Driver's licenses. Automotive. Motorbike. Boat. Fishing Permit. Firearms Licenses. Tier 1. Tier 2. Pilot's licenses. Air Radio Certificate (ARC). Rotary Engine Rating. T469 - Sparrow, T447 - Seasparrow, T487 - Maverick, T497 - Police Maverick, T563 - Raindance, T417 - Leviathan. Single Engine Rating. T538 - Dodo. Multiple Engine Rating. T511 - Beagle. Turbo Engine Rating. T519 - Shamal. Commercial Piloting License. CPQL Security Officer Permit. Section II - Reasoning and Long Responses State the area(s) that you wish to rent below. Area One (1) - Helipad 2. Why do you wish to rent the mentioned area(s)? I am hiring this spot to park my 1954 Sikorsky UH-34 Choctaw here. I've previously had it parked on top of my company's HQ. Though with the recent acquirement of a new building, I can no longer park it on the building. State your reference(s) that you have (persons who can say that you are eligible of renting an area.) Reference One (1) - Namira Carter - Director, Sparta Incorporated. - 673334. Reference Two (2) - Alice Grace - General Manager, LSIA. - 635754. Section III - OOC Section (( Owl Gaming Roleplay account username (in-game username): ItsMelodyy. )) (( Owl Gaming Forums username: ItsMelodyy. )) (( Any OOC notes that you should be aware of: (Leave blank if no) )) Signature: Initials: C.C. Date: 18/11/2018.
  2. ItsMelodyy

    MT Update - Mid November 2018

    Bit weird, this one.. @Cosa
  3. ItsMelodyy

    [Vehicles inside force sold interiors] - Revise

    Atleast, that's what I think he meant.
  4. ItsMelodyy

    [Vehicles inside force sold interiors] - Revise

    He meant chopping them
  5. ItsMelodyy

    [Gun Fear] - New Rule

    This. People that "do not RP fear" are eligible for a CK depending on the situation, as Unitts specified earlier. I don't see the need for an entire rule to be implemented for this. As another player mentioned, every situation will become a case of "he did not RP gun fear" and that player saying his character grew up in a specific place, thus not being afraid of guns. Should just leave it as it is. If you don't RP fear, you can be CK'ed if you try something.
  6. ItsMelodyy

    [SOLD] Car - 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 [ENDS: 11.11.18 | 6PM]

    Name: Charles. Bid: Buyout. @DominicLevian
  7. ItsMelodyy

    Oxigent's Portfolio

    Looking sharp.
  8. ItsMelodyy

    [FEDERAL] The People v. Stefan Lowey

    ** Charlie Carter quietly walks into the courtroom, sitting down in the spectators gallery. **
  9. ItsMelodyy

    GAT Update - November 9th, 2018

    ❤️ Told you you'd make it @Vubstersmurf. Congratulations folks.
  10. First of all if you can't keep your stuff civilized don't post at all. We don't require the opinion of someone that feels the need to use insults to get their point across. In addition, I couldn't give a rats ass if my vehicle was stolen because I don't allow test drives in the first place. I posted that reply for the reasons I specified in the response. Nothing more, nothing less. What you think of that is your business.
  11. No, if we're strictly comparing this to IRL then you'd have to visit the DMV to deliver the paperwork to make the transaction complete. Leave the system as it is. No point in changing it when it's working fine.
  12. ItsMelodyy

    Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas - 4 Vehicles.

    Name: Derp. Bid: Buyout on Vehicle #1. @DylanW
  13. ItsMelodyy

    [INTERVIEW] Application - Dyer Scarlett - 27/10/2018

    Dear Ms. Scarlett (( @Bumblebee )), As clearly seen, you are interested in joining the Los Santos International Airport. Hence, we would like to inform you that your application has been received and processed already. Due to this, we would like to invite you to attend an INTERVIEW. The venue of this interview will be kept at no other location but at the Los Santos International Airport Main Offices. In order to have the interview, you need to call our hotline number at (5555) along with stating your full name with the reason of why you called as soon as you have arrived at the destination. Also, you have exactly seventy-two (72) hours to arrange this interview. Apart from this, two documents are needed to have the interview. They include your Original Identification Card from the State of San Andreas and all of your licenses that you have in your possession. Regards, Charlie Carter, Head of Security.
  14. ItsMelodyy

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @EKWorks for spawning a tank during his VT days then driving it around LS
  15. ItsMelodyy

    Start selling vehicles for more realistic prices

    Thanks for explaining it

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