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  1. Where my mta bois at?

    1. tornstatue


      fucking dead LOL

  2. MTA can still be revived since the english roleplayers does not even know about the existence of a RP server on MTA. If the whole community wish to move to V no worries but staff got to put some effort advertising MTA just like V and treat it like a new server also not a abandoned garbage
  3. I like how they show that they do care about the mta server lmao
  4. Just wondering 

    Is it the end of OwlGaming on MTA?

    1. fortnitenogOps


      assuming that daniels doesnt fuck it off again. wheeyyyyyyy

    2. Effect


      I doubt it. I know for a fact that not everyone is able to buy GTA V or have a computer to run it in the first place... It will surely going to take a hit though, but it will survive.


    3. eoozy


      It is already dead though, how you expect 20 players to roleplay in a big city

  5. Good luck bois, take it far!
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