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  1. blaze

    The Homefront Movement

    That last one with the cop on the bike is fucking awesome, haha!
  2. blaze

    Andreas Antifascist Action

    Sharing the following SS's OOC:
  3. blaze

    Milwaukee's logos.

    Good work, bro.
  4. blaze

    Outlaw Hammerskins

    Can I share this here? This is from my SA:MP days, old but you may appreciate it / get some inspiration for skins, idk? Also feel free to modify the font on that and use it to your liking. I don't even remember who made that for me. Nonetheless good luck guys! Not trying to derail your thread. Oh btw, be ready to get your asses kicked by some anti-fascists you racist fucks.
  5. blaze

    The Homefront Movement

  6. blaze

    Andreas Antifascist Action

    **More and more flyers begin to pop up with the same message around the Pizza Stack / Pay-N-Spray Idlewood area. **
  7. blaze

    Andreas Antifascist Action

  8. blaze

    Andreas Antifascist Action

    *A flyer on a telephone pole*: Contribute to an improved livelihood for fellow wage-slaves of Los Santos Protest capitalist funded events, political rallies and ideology in Los Santos Discipline class-traitors, racists and police on an as needed basis at your objectively at your own discretion Invite local musicians and artists to perform and collaborate Promote and encourage creativity that society takes away from us
  9. blaze

    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @@CurtisPvP @@Cozmik123
  10. blaze

    Desktop Screenshots

  11. blaze

    Older roleplayers

    Hi, I'm blaze and nobody really knows me - I'm friends with Monoridian, Dexter, Timothy, Livelethal and a few others. I spent a bit of time at LSRP and vG back in the day, but that was about it. I just think of Bobby Light and that fucking motorcycle honestly when I try to look back. Oh and this: I've seen a lot of familiar names in this thread though. Looking forward to making some new good times to look back on.

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