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  1. shout out to my nigga bear holding down the set still alt to alting yall know how we rock, dming getting banned thats how we get down hmu for pro tips
  2. ol bitch ass niggas

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CurtisPvP
    3. Quattro030


      "sick of lagging homie -." I remember how hard you lagged.. the lag was real.

    4. Eightball


      Legit maaan, I've had enough of it buuuut still Ck'ed niggas ;)

  3. im up 24 hours monies and the power. 24 towers 8 bicks of powder......

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Eightball


      your mother should have swallowed

    3. buw


      congratulations, you just accomplished what I was trying to do: make you salty

    4. Eightball


      oh you're so cool!

  4. Coke so white like it got blonde hair and blue eyes...

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    2. Eightball


      I don't remember having one, must be you're own one?

    3. TPG


      Gooning, fuck off cunt, yeah wasup now man, you know we rep og gangsta SHIT HERE, dont FUCK with US please, or ill tell on you.!!!!

    4. Eightball


      oh no pls don't do that!

  5. king shit talk bruz

  6. Ma peoples at your mumma house, i don't show up they gon show out :D

  7. Shout out to the corrupt admins that used to spawn me guns, y'all the real MVP's!

    1. Spectre


      I doubt any admin would perform corruption for your sake.

  8. Monies and blud don't mix, like tew dicks with no bitch :D

    1. Toast


      Don't mix milk with redbull.

    2. Eightball








  9. Need ya ass licked? Say no more that nigga PenisInpector does it for free!

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    2. fifu92336


      thank ya brotha

    3. Eightball


      Sorry, Ass licker PenisInspector is not available during these hours, try again later mahh nigga

    4. fifu92336
  10. Cracked out shooters O.O



      World full of cracked out shooters and here I am drinking at hooters.

    2. Eightball
  11. Cop's pull up i put that crack in my crack.

    1. ReefKeef


      oor.. I put that brack in my brack.

  12. [MENTION=276]Eternity[/MENTION] [MENTION=460]Capone[/MENTION] [MENTION=7896]Retro[/MENTION]
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