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  1. (( Some screenshots taken in the last two nights. ))
  2. Item/Inventory World Objects/ Phone number. Requirements Smaller phone number. A 4-digit for number or maximum 6-digit should be good. In my opinion this one is too long.
  3. 1. Test driving vehicles from dealerships should be a good addition on the server in my opinion, like how in MTA was before. Also mechanic roleplay should be increased, alot of people posted about this above I'm totally supporting those ideas. 2. Gate system was a useful script on MTA so why not having it here if it's possible. More houses with gate's on this map. Also this can increase the roleplay situation for security comapanies to install, the gate system, CCTV and all the electronics needed. 3. I saved it for last, because it's more of an own opinion, improved inventory tab(maybe you are working on this already, no idea), for me it's really working so hard and difficult, something like we had before in MTA should be good.
  4. I'd like to suggest that everything should be moved on this forum. All the employments applications to happen only on this forum via the Forms bar on this website and not through some other redirect sites. In my opinion this can be a good way to attract new players on the server. Let's be honest most of the people are lazy to create an application before playing on the server, so they check the forums and everything related to the GTA V server before, and right now it is pretty much empty. After the MTA forums were deleted this might be a good addition in my opinion. I wait for other players answers on this, thankies.
  5. A better option can be like how everybody said, with the vehicles being impounded and afterwards being on a 30-40% discount just to not ruin the economy like before. Like having a live event every month, or twice a month. Announced before on forums and everything. That sounds more realistic to me, alot of this things are happening in real life.
  6. Happy Birthday mate.
    Hope you're doing fine.

  7. PD's attention wasn't caught because I was shouting. I shouted long before cops arrived at the scene. The guy who pulled the gun and started to shoot in the area brought the cops there while they were passing by on Pasadena. You should review the logs again, when my character acted cocky and though it wasn't any gun pointed to my head. If you can't perform robberies when you have under 10 hours, why would you be able to perform a character kill? In fact, the guy with less than 10 hours CK-ed me.
  8. Exactly, the rule states that a character with less than 10 hours can't perform a robbing, then how he can perform a character kill? And how does this matters? The rules simply states that you cannot rob someone if your character has less than 10 hours. Everyone can create a new character and shoot or kill people around, but that doesn't sounds fair to many people. Correct, I was AFK-ing in one of the most active streets, two feet away from my house, you basically jumped in some stranger car threating with no reason, at peak hour - around 22:00 IG time, and stabbing someone, as I said before the street should've been full of people as we're RPing being in a huge city, how's that even a realistic situation?
  9. In my opinion all the actions were meant to get myself in a safe position and not to disregard their actions. The guy who attacked me was situated behind my chair as far as I remember and I was not able to see him withdrawing his knife at all. Those actions were made just to get the out of my vehicle, who would guess they've had a knife and a gun? Also, you're speaking only about the RP situation, speak about what started it aswell, a Non-RP action, made by a guy with less than 10 hours played - leading to a CK, who randomly jumped in some strangers car and stabbed him for no reason.. Besides that, I'd like to point out the fact that there was no disregarding of my life, because at time I said "Get out of my car" I didn't have any gun/knife pulled at me.
  10. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Edwards Character Name- Frank Carusso Date of Incident- 12/03/2018 Supervising Administrator- Ray Payne Narrative- Well, I was AFK-ing two feet away from my house, inside my vehicle with the doors unlocked. Two strangers simply jumped into my car with no roleplay at all, not even a single line of roleplay to open the door or anything. They've been waiting for me like 4-5 minutes. I've told them OOCly that the situation doesn't sound too realistic for me. They've get inside someone's vehicle for no reason, trying to kill me in a very populated area on Pasadena Blvd around 22:00, which IRL would be a busy avenue with many people around. Anyway. I've reported the situation, RP-ed it forward. One of them stabbed me in the neck with a knife, though afterwards police was around and saw his action, while the other guy tried to shoot my friend who was next to us. Police tailed them around the city, so I've closed the report, my report was #3 but nobody answered to me, tho' there was over 5-6 admins online, on duty. I've RP-ed the stab, but no-one from EMS answered again. I find all this situation NON-RPly, so this should be voided and my character kill removed. And in the aftermath this was a STAB, you can survive from a stab in the neck, and this is not a character kill situation. I also think that one of the guy who stabbed me had less than 10 hours played. Admin Ray Payne said that I did disregarded my life, which I didn't because all my actions were normal for a human being who's trying to save his life. Evidence- All situation: https://pastebin.com/RC3dGAEU All my talking with Ray Payne: https://pastebin.com/CpBUEu9b Method of Death- Stabbed Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  11. Edwards

    Car - Four Vehicles

    Name: Private Bid: Buyout on #1
  12. Name: Private Bid: Offering $55,000 as a buyout. Contact me at 816707 if you're willing to do the trade.
  13. Name: Private Comment: Offering $50,000 as starting bid.
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