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  1. since when are u back

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    2. Tajiri


      i remember ur nick, a bit. used to hang with killazer. we used to tell you're his pedophile. some nigga RP way back.

    3. Najkwiin


      I remember that name. But I don't remember anything about the rest there... xD

    4. Klippan
  2. Stil, A feel a CK is a tad.... I too woud take the shot for the PK, Don't get me wrong... That's common knowledge about now. But it's not enough to be "dissregard of life" See it IRL... it'd end up in a "Fuck, he doesn't have the money, let's bail" kind of situation.
  3. It does it by default when 3 times pass.
  4. Najkwiin

    Vehicles IRL?

    My boy driving that fast shit, stay safe on the roads.
  5. Practice..? *Looks back at Guitar, Bass, Violin and Viola in the corner of the room* Yes, I've heard of that word before.
  6. Name: Lachlan Reid Age: 28 Years old Place of birth: Wick , Scotland Current residence: A couch in a garage. Lachlan Reid, a Scotsman in his late twenties born in Wick, North-eastern Scotland. His earlier years were, as to be expected from a toddler, uneventful. Or so they were until the untimely death of his mother when he was just 5 years old. At this point, his stepfather decided he had enough of, what he referred to as, northern Scotland and packed their stuff and moved to Inverness instead, where he himself was born. He was never able to cope with the loss of his loved one, and the autopilot got engaged. Working the nightshift, sleep/drink during the days, occasionally remember to go grocery shopping. The abundance of alcohol in the home lead to Lachlan already drinking on occasion at the age of 11, and then regularly when he was 12. Mostly staying away from the house when his stepdad was home, he would sometimes go a couple of days without ever showing up. This in turn lead to bad influences when he was out and about, resulting in him turning to drugs at the young age of 13. His teenage years until the age of 18 is a blurry mess of alcohol, drugs, violence and the occasional scuff with Mr Plod. Mere weeks before his 18th birthday, there was an outbreak of contaminated cocaine which unfortunately took several lives across Scotland, among them several of Lachlan’s “friends”. Thankfully enough, this drove Lachlan to, once and for all, leave the life of a Jake behind himself. But as we all know, when you take something away, something else has to fill the void. And for Lachlan it was, once again, alcohol. By the age of 22, already having served a couple months here and there, he was finally convicted to 3 years in prison for aggravated assault. The event leading up to the court judgement wasn’t much of a big deal, at least not if you were to ask the drunk Lachlan. As he himself stated to the police when he was arrested “Etfer callin’ me a nonce the wee eejit was aboot tae chore ma bevvy fur the third time, course a’ chibbed the cunt”. After being released he did what he could to stay out of trouble, but the bottle was always close at hand. And being fed up with it all, he decided he had, to the best of his ability, leave his past behind himself and so he left for the states. The first few months went well, but eventually he stopped working and, more or less, just turned into a nuisance to the general population. At least until he got the call to move to LS instead, where he’s now going to, for the third times, start a new life. (I'm not much on adding pictures and all that, never really gotten into it / gotten good at it, forgive me)
  7. Name: ErAr Comment; Empty claims of revenue, talk about opening up to be sued!
  8. Two firstnames, neat. Apart from that, thread looks neat, and the story has been given some thought! Keep the good stuff up!
  9. Yeah, the structure thing is old... and very rough. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me and I'll help as much as I can. Might even get around to checking you guys out in-game, when I've the time.
  10. You forgot Kumicho. As it stands, there is only 1 Oyabun, in the world. That goes for both Inagawa-kai, Yamaguchi-Gumi and the Sumiyoshi-Kai. Under the Oyabun comes the Kumicho, which there are many off. Each Yakuza group has many sub-groups, the Kumicho is a leader of one sub-group. Good luck non-the-less.
  11. Najkwiin

    K-A Rentals

    (( been largely inactive for a while due to IRL stuff comming up, might stay that way for a while more, but we're stil in business!))
  12. User: Er.Ko Bid: Buyout on the 180sx
  13. Najkwiin

    K-A Rentals

    Now Available: The View - Restaurant & Lounge The View is a luxurious Restaurant and lounge suited in plain Down Town Los Santos, located in the famous Star Tower, it invites you to feast in a sumptuous atmosphere accompanied by a magnificent panorama over Los Santos! Monthly rent: $29,999 Contact: [email protected] ((Forum Pm @Najkwiin ))
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