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  1. since when are u back

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tajiri


      i remember ur nick, a bit. used to hang with killazer. we used to tell you're his pedophile. some nigga RP way back.

    3. Najkwiin


      I remember that name. But I don't remember anything about the rest there... xD

    4. misanthropy
  2. Stil, A feel a CK is a tad.... I too woud take the shot for the PK, Don't get me wrong... That's common knowledge about now. But it's not enough to be "dissregard of life" See it IRL... it'd end up in a "Fuck, he doesn't have the money, let's bail" kind of situation.
  3. It does it by default when 3 times pass.
  4. Practice..? *Looks back at Guitar, Bass, Violin and Viola in the corner of the room* Yes, I've heard of that word before.
  5. Name: ErAr Comment; Empty claims of revenue, talk about opening up to be sued!
  6. User: Er.Ko Bid: Buyout on the 180sx
  7. Happy birthday bud.

  8. Happy Birthday, ol' pal! :)

  9. Name: Owner Comment: Noted, seding my contact details.
  10. Name: Owner Comment: In that case, lit is still leading.
  11. Name: Owner Comment: If it's bid, noted, if you're serious about the buyout, it's $130,000
  12. Name: Owner Comment: Noted (( @Cryotich Outbided))
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