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  1. Need to have access to the C.A.A subforums. @xmatryx1 can confirm this.
  2. need to have a new DJ position added for application, need to remove the "what would you do if someone starts a fight at the bar?" and the "What would you do if someone starts to sexually harass you, a fellow colleague or a customer? " questions, also if possible change the logos etc that come with the format
  3. As the title states, I need to edit some stuffs in the form and add in new positions, etc. If possible, as I am the new manager of The Vault.
  4. Name: Brian Comment: Yes, The Vault is under new management. Everything is getting re-worked and updated. We hope to see you at the event this Thursday.
  5. Name: Brian Comment: There won't be VIP for this specific event, It's an open event. We should be implementing VIP memberships soon enough though so stay tuned!
  6. Are you interested in working for the Night Life scene? The Vault is now hiring Staff, current open positions are Bartender/Barmaid, Waiter/Waitress, visit our website at HERE and send in your applications!
  7. Welcome to OwlGaming, we'd love to get to know you aswell.
  8. The Pussy Posse.
  9. Appreciate your feedback!
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