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  1. Serket

    Need SLD perms.

    I require SLD perms, @PlayerX1994 can confirm.
  2. @DrJoseEviI Certainly yes, just not posting much screenshots or doing much at the moment in-game due to IRL issues.
  3. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay <3

    1. Serket


      Ty my best smurf friend!♥️

  4. Happy Bday man

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      Cheers man🤙🏻

  5. Happy Birthday! 🎉👴🏾

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      Ayy thank you homie🤙🏻♥️

  6. If you'd like to join us, meet up with one of the leaders IC'ly and discuss it with them. We won't be giving out our discord to the public for an IC matter. We will be more than happy for you to help out if you'd like but trust me this is no-where near to what you started before, It's the same concept and the same name, yes I know. But that's due to the fact that the members who were in the old Invicto are currently the ones leading it. And no, we're not doing guns and drugs those were added in for development and for story reasons.
  7. Good luck fam, looks dope.
  8. "Drift like there's no tomorrow."
  9. Also, at what point did I stay with you and force you to take the skin off? I literally told you the one line, only to get a shitty and rude response from you. Then I continued to drive away in my vehicle. That was literally it.
  10. Literally don't have time for your useless paragraphs of bullshit but let me just start off by saying that you keep going on about the likes which you have gotten in your older post. I have mentioned that most if not all the likes you have recieved are people I have conflicts with and would just do anything to support any sort of hate against me which I don't really care about and after all, getting likes on a post doesn't mean that you are right. All you are doing at the moment is "Hey look, I got 12 likes and you got 7. I win!!!11!" Grow up. Tyler Dixon didn't unRP'ly go from driving on the road just to tell you not to wear the skin, you were by PnS and I was going to fix my vehicle and just happened to see you running around with a SWAT skin on your character. And while I was at it, I thought I would let you know it wasn't allowed because again for the third time, or fourth. I did NOT know that you just logged into the server, and I don't even know who you are and I wouldn't care. If I see a rule being broken, I am going to tell you about it. I don't like resorting to a report right away specially for such things, I expected a more friendly reply from you specially that I didn't even force anything upon you. All this crying that you are doing is literally because of a simple line that I said "You are not allowed to wear this skin without UAT permission" And now you are even going with false claims saying that I told you to "Fucking take it off." I don't really know what you are grasping on at the moment but I can tell you it isn't working, and yes you do have a very big ego. You are refusing to take any negativity and you think that you are on top of other players just because you were an admin and had 3,000 reports. How do I dare to tell you that you aren't allowed to wear a specific skin, I must be out of my mind! When exactly did I take "one thing and turned it into something else" ? buddy, you are literally blowing this out of proportion. Now I don't know if you have some sort of mental issues IRL or If you are just really sensitive as hell. I was explaining myself and It was all regarding the same situation, you stopping to read it just shows that you are arrogant and not willing to take any negativity on your side. I am not playing victim, I am not even the one crying on forums nor am I the one who keeps creating thread after thread regarding a really stupid situation that I am not even wrong about. I am simply defending my side and placing my statements out there for anyone who would want to read it and understand it a little bit more as you are really overwhelming the situation from what it really was. And as you are claiming alot of people agree with you, alot of people also disagree with you and that could be seen from the "LIKES" on this thread. If we're going to play a like vs like game now. "Let me call everyone toxic and flame some of the current administration team and tell Chaos how shit his server and community is, but FUCK you for calling me toxic!!"
  11. Don’t even know how can one be so fucking sensitive jesus christ. All I did was notify him using that skin will result in a possible punishment and he straight up told me to go fuck myself basically. Then he’s complaining about attitude, and he keeps bragging about him being an ex admin and an ex cop etc. @VespI mean, good job dude. You helped the community but that doesn’t give you any superior advantage over any other player. I didn’t know you just joined the server and I wasn’t aware about the fact that you were an ex-PD nor an ex-Admin, I don't even know you. I just saw you running around idlewood in a SWAT outfit and simply notified you it wasn’t allowed in a friendly way. Only to recieve a rude reply and behavior coming from you which then made me resort to reporting. You also claimed with your converstation with Chaos that I never gave you a chance to do anything, I never even told you to take it off or forced it upon you. I simply made sure you are aware of the rule then I continued to drive away, as I said. I had no clue who you were or that you just joined the server so at this point you are taking a simple sentence I said way too far. Instead of telling me to mind my own business, you could have told me that it was due to you being an ex PD or that you just joined the server or whatever as I wasn't aware, I apologize if telling you that you aren't allowed to be wearing a SWAT skin insulted you in anyway but I didn't really mean to appear toxic to you, you took it to the heart and over-reacted when I was simply just informing you as I was driving and never meant any tough feelings. At the end of the day, this is just a gaming community. You are being way too sensitive and over reactive over a game which I find really unnecessary. All of the likes you have recieved on your post are actually people I have had conflicts with before and as much as I know they dislike me, I have alot others that I am friends with and can vouch for my attitude. I was also an ex-admin and from my POV I thought I would tell you about that assuming you didn’t even know the rule. (haven’t seen you before) Anyways. Welcome back if you are planning on staying on the server and happy new year.
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