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  1. Sokas

    Were you playing NFS;MW/C before?

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    2. Sokas


      Ooh~ Same here I've met some of your clan members if you were apart of "EDR"

      I've also met EDRxWess

    3. EDR


      Was never apart of EDR my name is just EDR.

    4. Sokas
  2. Keep it up~~! Good Luck. I'm wondering if there's going to be the "holding-alt/info box key" still there;; as for the "Weapons" You need also a License for it once again right? I don't want no-guns laying everywhere freely and seeing everyone holding them around; some people still have no idea how to get a weapon-license in-game MTA; The Vehicles;interiors;houses;payments;currency-better jobs and such still it blows my curiosity, obviously there'll be a lot of new-stuff coming surprisingly as an example this whole introduction and the video which is j
  3. +rep pretty active and goody~ 

    wish you Good Luck with OwlGaming!;



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    2. Script


      are you becoming a weeb @ResidentPeach

    3. Sokas


      @ResidentPeach dunno ;v gl in the future with OwlG-forums obviously; you are pretty close reaching 5,000 Posted content so

    4. Unittts


      thanks i guess, i'll make it eventually.

  4. Sokas

    Will you be there?

    Y'all need some patience during 2018, as for the GTAV Release Date, possibly around March. But they gon' release the server whenever they want to-- or else they are just refraining us from testing anything and they are doing their stuff on their own without having any beta-testers or whatever.
  5. Sokas

    Will you be there?

    This "Coming Soon" got me shaken up lel
  6. Sokas

    Will you be there?

    I hope they are going to put something like the while holding "ALT" -seeing more details on top of your screen with a small bars around vehicles, apartments and all that.
  7. Sokas

    Will you be there?

    Hell yeah! It's 'bout damn time to be released. (Since 2015, GTA5 just got me bored especially after 2017 so I decided to come back to OwlG- and I see all of THIS LUL) It's been a long time 'till I have played this game mainly One question tho- there will be RP in NFS;Payback, right?
  8. What is the meaning of living in this world, my answer is this just to survive and to see how we're destroying Earth. - Me.

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