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  1. I do play it; stopped though Got Edge of Darkness edition so; I'm actually waiting for it to be released around Steam~
  2. Sokas

    Were you playing NFS;MW/C before?

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    2. Sokas


      Ooh~ Same here I've met some of your clan members if you were apart of "EDR"

      I've also met EDRxWess

    3. EDR


      Was never apart of EDR my name is just EDR.

    4. Sokas
  3. Yeaah mostly though it depends on the CPU; there's one more issue where the more you minimize the game the worser fps-drop you'll have or like being stuck at 47 or worse; Mostly It's 59 to 60 with no spikes whatsoever the more you play the easier your pc would handle the game cos it's already known to these objects/easier to reload-render but in here it might get messed up and go completely wrong it really depends; "As for the GPU stuff(you know the 10-series) If the game is easy-handled they just don't really even try to "move their percentage if you know what I mean; not pushing themselves so I think that's where this lag comes from minimizing the game and then going back into it with a few drops) Despite the fact that one of my friends when he goes unto that area; he spiked much longer than me 'till he loaded I already "arrived around the Airport" it's like that; It's CPU-related more; cos I can already see which players get past-behind me with a longer spike and I'm already "turning to the other side but they are still stuck" For example where I spike for 2 seconds; they would spike for about 4 to 7 seconds; if I spike for 0,5; some of them are spiking like 2 seconds or 1,5 which is a disadvantage for them while using a vehicle Game's old though plus unoptimized somehow similar to Arma 3.
  4. I'll try if getting an SSD is going to resolve, obviously it doesn't really lag to me max 2 seconds; it really depends on the CPU you have and speed-processing units-ghz cores;threads depending on how fast your CPU can calculate/render the map; there might be some stuff stuck inside somewhere (spammed) or it might be cos of the interiors having too much stuff inside would cause the flick/spike lag; mostly the one-second is where I move down to IGS from City-Hall that's where it lags; it might be cos of the map is too big or simply there's just too much stuff to load at once; the faster you drive the slower it'll load and it might end up going into a longer spike so; personally that's where it lags it's because of some "radio" which was detected as Malware; I have the port-ip and "Type" Detected throughout Malwarebytes (PRM-ED) ingame pop-up blocked website. I'll do a report on it and see if that's really the case or not PS: I'm not really against that lag but people with "better CPUs" have greater advantage of passing by and to -Rush rather than someone who's stuck behind loading for more couple of seconds so; that is how some people teleport behind you or next to you/around you
  5. Keep it up~~! Good Luck. I'm wondering if there's going to be the "holding-alt/info box key" still there;; as for the "Weapons" You need also a License for it once again right? I don't want no-guns laying everywhere freely and seeing everyone holding them around; some people still have no idea how to get a weapon-license in-game MTA; The Vehicles;interiors;houses;payments;currency-better jobs and such still it blows my curiosity, obviously there'll be a lot of new-stuff coming surprisingly as an example this whole introduction and the video which is just "seconds" and still we can already "understand" where this is going to; improvising like the next-gen of OwlGaming;
    • Happy Birthday! 
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    2. Antonia


      • appreciated
    3. Theory


      • test
      1. wait
    4. Sokas


      hehe;   ^w^  No worries~

  6. +rep pretty active and goody~ 

    wish you Good Luck with OwlGaming!;



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    2. Script


      are you becoming a weeb @ResidentPeach

    3. Sokas


      @ResidentPeach dunno ;v gl in the future with OwlG-forums obviously; you are pretty close reaching 5,000 Posted content so

    4. ResidentPeach


      thanks i guess, i'll make it eventually.

  7. What is the meaning of living in this world, my answer is this just to survive and to see how we're destroying Earth. - Me.

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