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  1. George

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    5 years at Owl now?
  2. George

    Red Autos

    Our inventory stock on the first thread is currently inactive however we're constantly importing, and keeping our stock up to date, we're currently in stock with over 10 vehicles, check us out when we're open!
  3. George

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Good luck gentlemen.
  4. George

    [[Character Robberies]] - Revise

    It's self-explanatory, you rob someone, you cannot kill them unless they give you a reason such as disregard of life, or your intent was not to abuse the amnesia effect. It's as clear as it gets even on the website for the list of rules. https://gyazo.com/ff73b4082af7a09dd70c02fc24c045e8
  5. George

    [[Character Robberies]] - Revise

    Anything you rob off a player constitutes to robbery, therefore cannot be Player-Killed.
  6. George

    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    Good luck, hope you guys continue to succeed and become one of the biggest.
  7. George

    [SOLD] Car - 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe LT [ENDS: 9/12]

    Name: RC Bid: Starting Bid ($30,000)
  8. George

    [Vehicles] - Change the Ambulance Siren

    How would you know, you're never in game? On the other hand of things, honestly, if the fire trucks got a change, wouldn't hurt for the ambulances though you may want to find a different video to display the siren.
  9. George

    [General] - Instant PM when AFK

    Starting off with reading it; kind of leaned towards a no but with the whole response informing them that you're AFK, that's genius. +1.
  10. Name: Anonymous Comment: Hey buddy, enjoy your Corvette.
  11. Name: Anonymous Comment: Yet your dumbass bids 1 hour and 30 minutes after it closed. #PogChamp
  12. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Diaz Viceroy

    Lets consider the facts, you used a knife in a robbery, did you ever attempt to use the knife or was it just there as a form of threat; and ran once Police showed up?
  13. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Diaz Viceroy

    If you’re being robbed and told you put your hands up with a gun and you decide to run away that’s considered disregard of life and instant CK if the other party wishes to have you CK’d, it’s not different with a Police Officer considering it’s also an assault rifle being pointed at you. And you’re entirely incorrect on the whole everyone would go out and kill because you got multiple people checking on situations and ensuring no ones breaking the rules plus we’re stopped in doing stuoid because because of the corruption policy. Long story short, you committed a harmful crime, got told to put your hands up and you ran, that’s your disregard of life, officers fired at you to avoid losing you and eliminated you on the spot so they wouldn’t risk losing you and causing future harm, this paki I know can tell you more. 😂 @JohnM
  14. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Diaz Viceroy

    Admins have no say in controlling a Law Enforcement Officer's actions, its entirely up to the officer with the decision they choose to make and if there's an issue Internal Affairs will deal with it ICly like its supposed to happen.

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