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  1. GTA 5 Server

    That's why they'll be using Blaine County as a test-run then see how that works for the players and the player base itself. EDIT: I stand corrected, Paleto Bay
  2. That would seem reasonable however scripting limits administrators from spawning or setting the CJ skin, this creates a hassle to edit the scripts for no reason.
  3. Issue is, comes the time around the Christmas event where they decide to bring it back, you'll have players on characters with 1 hour running around in a Santa outfit that returned 6 months later to only find out they're no longer a female, but a fat chubby Santa. Plus then it ruins the purpose of using it with UAT approval, etc.
  4. Allow Players To Move Items Outdoors

    Just out of curiosity, not judging although that's what it may seem like, but why do you think its best to trust players to move any item, and not have any Administrator authorize the usage by a command?
  5. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    Right but obviously if you're saying insufficient reasoning, then you'd be able to make a refund request and have it granted back to you, but until its reversed, you stay without the gun, you lose it for good.
  6. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    I think its perfectly fine to take the gun if it was legitimate DM because it'd be returned and if they're not serious about their shit, they'll just do it again. Now if I'm understanding that you got banned but the gun was still RP'd as if it was taken ICly, it can be related to the incidents when players refuse to RP with PD, admins /arrest them for us then they punish them from their OOC perspective too.
  7. [Auction Rules] - New Rule

    Please, all these ricers who think they're everything is just cringe because they know how to push the f-u-c-k keys.
  8. [Faction] - PD-SYSTEM UPDATE

    The only issue with the current system is all positions of Officers freeze out at a certain point, you're stuck with driving around with the positions of the dispatch device blips remaining the same around the small map or they disappear in F11 unless you F10 so I would love to have that fixed though its not a priority. And I think what he means is under the status section of the device, you can select "Traffic Stop" then in chat perhaps in a dark blue text it would say "03-S-27 is on a 10-55." or "[LSPD] John_Doe is on a Traffic Stop."
  9. IC features shouldn't have an effect through OOC currency such as game coins, definite no.
  10. Why OwlGaming!?

    When he said Maxime, I seen dat tear in your eyes ;(
  11. Why OwlGaming!?

    Dang, hello.
  12. Newsletter - End of February 2018

    Great work on the recent updates and the outcome of them, I'm extremely proud of all who've helped in making this community where it is now. Proud to be here since release.
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 11, Providence Drive Description: Double functioning gates. Richmond Area - Providence Drive Multiple vehicle exterior parking, alongside a one space interior parking space. Spacious for a single family home. Double kitchen with double living rooms. Indoor Swimming Pool. One Bed & Bathroom. Front & Back entrances/exits. Numerous amounts of CCTV surrounding the house & compound, some equipped with 2-way audio, Night-vision, and angle rotations. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $600,000 Minimum Increase: $10,000 Buyout: $1,200,000 Auction ends: 06/03/2018 Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Phone Number: To be given to winning bid.
  14. SAN | Building in Richman almost collapses

    Name: Oleg Comment: The Deputy County Commissioner didn't believe that the..., finish the sentence boys, because SAN couldn't have.

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