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  1. George

    Stars Helmets

    Appreciate it, though discount prices coming soon for a limited time only
  2. George

    Stars Corporation

    Stars Helmets has been added as an official subsidiary of Stars Corporation!
  3. George

    Stars Helmets

    Thank you to all, also a quick disclaimer and warning, upon entering the interior for Stars Helmets, you'll either have several FPS drops or you'll have to wait for the helmets to download the texture which could take a while despite being 80+ textures in there alone.
  4. Name: Stars Bid: Buyout on #1 and #2.
  5. Acknowledged. You've all been outbid.
  6. Acknowledged. You've been outbidded @Naiva
  7. Name: Stars Bid: Buyout on #5 & #6
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Stars Helmets Set #1 Item Name Colored Helmet Set #1 Description Stars Helmet's Colored Helmet Collection #1 - we sell a variety of customized helmets in plain colors, designs, or country flags. There will be other auctions held with sets, however, let's get started with the first set. In this bundle, it will include the following from our colored helmet collection #1; x1 - Black Helmet x1 - Gray Helmet x1 - White Helmet x1 - Red Helmet x1 - Orange Helmet x1 - Yellow Helmet x1 - Green Helmet x1 - Blue Helmet x1 - Pink Helmet x1 - Purple Helmet Original Value = $12,000 Starting Bid $1,000 Minimum Increase $100 Buyout $11,000 Auction Ends 23/06/2018 Contact Information Given to winning bid
  9. Name: Stars Comment: Your photography is looking great, I'll see if I may need your services in the future.
  10. George

    Stars Helmets

    We're now open, visit us to purchase a new helmet today!
  11. George

    Stars Helmets

    To view the whole selection of helmets, click HERE .
  12. Stars Helmets is a subsidiary of Stars Corporation, owned and led by Justin Stars. The company began its development back in December 2017 with blueprints and ideas of what to bring to the city of Los Santos for its future if in case the dream of opening big does happen. Well, that dream has come true and since then, the team at Stars Helmets have been working together to bring great designs and marketing ideas to pursue a happy company and provide great service. We'll be trying to constantly update our prices and design lab to provide discounts and better designs for the differences of style, and designs on the purpose the helmets will be used for. To view our whole selection of helmets, click HERE . Located on San Andreas Blvd. | Behind Idlewood Gas Station | South of Club Alhambra! Currently hidden due to the nature of Management development. For questions, concerns, business inquiries and more, contact us with the information below. Stars Corporation [email protected] ((Forum PM @George)) Owned and managed under the Stars Corporation management - Click here to view the thread for Stars Corporation
  13. George

    Skin issues.

    Report the issue here: http://bugs.owlgaming.net/ In the meantime, your only option as far as I'm aware is have an admin /setskin 193 (which is the skin you want to put on assuming) and have the item in your inventory.
  14. George

    Skin issues.

    Try purchasing a custom skin with that ID at DuPont.

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