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  1. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: 1887 S. San Andreas Blvd. Description: Large 3-connected property, designed for your business in any way. This property used to represent the Stars Corporation subsidiary, Stars Helmets and has now been decommissioned. **NOTE: All employees, helmets and objects are NOT included in the auction.** ((All three markers are attached to one interior.)) Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $90,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout: $200,000 Auction ends: Sunday, September 30th! Contact Information: Given to winner.
  2. George

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    My guy, you just don't seem to understand how this system works, you're just depressed not seeing your name on the list, go take a nap or shoot some more guns in your home or whatever floats your boat.
  3. Name: Stars Corporation Bid: $55,500
  4. George

    Stars Corporation

    Stars Helmets has been officially de-commissioned as a subsidiary under the Stars Corporation management.
  5. Name: Stars Corporation Bid: Withdrawn
  6. George

    123 Northern Posse

    On a real note, good luck,
  7. George

    123 Northern Posse

    Oh no, Moe & Alves? The combo wombo that nobody ever wanted to see again.
  8. (( @spudi your auction end date format is wrong, the month of September is 09, not 08. ))
  9. George

    Properly RPing car crashes

    When was this, 2014?
  10. George

    Properly RPing car crashes

    I don't agree with your last statement there, and neither do admins. I don't recall which thread this was on, possibly a rule change, but regardless whether it was lag, or OOCly you confirm you don't wish to RP it, you can still be punished. Like they say, only admins can void situations so for anyone to go OOC and say "Oh sorry lag, void?" is just against the rules. I find one of the most confusing things to roleplay is vehicle accidents because you don't know the effects, or damage specifically, even with GTA 5 having the damage shown on your car, sure the car is hurt, but what about your person? I've personally never experienced a vehicle crash luckily, and God forbid for it to happen, however its just difficult to know how to perfectly roleplay it so that's still a gray area for most.
  11. George

    Properly RPing car crashes

    That is also another common issue, and take this from someone who's been in PD for years. When we get that call of a vehicle accident, it can get annoying because of recent experiences with people who aren't deemed fit on the server and it causes paused RP, so PD barely even wants to respond, but EMS, on the other hand, my god, it does not matter how many times DPS changes leadership, no one can do anything about activity but tbh, while being in PD in the recent months, I've seen decent activity. My point is understandable, people try to take it above and beyond to the point where PD and EMS are called, but its either no one shows up or the only PD, so you result to minimum roleplay then get in your car and go. I still stand by my point, no one knows how to roleplay an exact car crash, but then you get criticized for the way its roleplayed.
  12. George

    Properly RPing car crashes

    How about this, go crash your car in real life the same way majority crashes in OwlGaming are caused, then tell us what your injuries were and I'm sure the admin team will implement a system for proper roleplay.

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