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  1. Excellent job with adding the custom anims!
  2. George

    Stars Autos

    Without the constant reminders of new vehicles in stock and sold vehicles, we've still been actively retrieving vehicles and selling them daily. Check out our current listings for our current stock of vehicles that could be yours one day! More to come soon, thank you for choosing Stars Autos!
  3. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    You're just resulting in a previous situation from a point of view that not many of us are not familiar with and you're just consistently pointing out new things as we keep going. I'm appealing this to figure out what situation led to getting me CK'd, and what for because I know I did nothing worthy of a CK to get involved with your faction or anyone else who's quite trigger happy because apparently putting a grenade or a pistol in the hands of illegal roleplayers is like giving it to children, they don't know what to do with it. I'm trying to mainly determine whether or not someone lied to the administrators, a situation was altered in the way of explaining to the Seniors or the CK application should've never escalated to a Character Kill and should've remained as little as a Player Kill.
  4. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    Your example makes no sense to the point where Seniors would accept a CK for that. As far as I'm concerned, if someone thinks they want them dead, they go as far as Player Killing them, not taking 1000+ hours from their development to kill them believing something so little. And no you're right, there is no entitlement for me to knowing the reason, however, if I'm going to appeal it, I'm gonna need to know more than just the reason.
  5. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    It makes literally no sense for someone to just take a CK without knowing the reason after building their character with over 1000 hours dedicated to their roleplay. If I'm going to make a CK Appeal, I need to know the reason to determine on my own whether or not the reporter decided to lie in the reasoning, be biased in the evidence provided, I need to know that information to appeal it. I don't care if it was made via Private CK Application, from what I was told of the reasoning, it only makes sense from our interaction which clearly had no threats involved. So like I said before as you're going to continue denying it, if that's not the situation I'm on about, what was the situation?
  6. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    Its funny how I got the reason right in front of me and keep getting told so and so isn't involved or this isn't the reason. https://pastebin.com/QFcmZH3s Now here's my issue with the "many attempts of extortion and also threats where made". I only FROM WHAT I AM AWARE OF, met Zinvor Razmik at my dealership when we were open and clearly our conversation was civil, and no threats were made. If they did, in fact, speak to my other employees which threats were made and didn't reply accordingly to the Russians that's on them, however, for now, we're focusing on myself particularly. If the conversation above was what led to the situation, then its quite sad that you could get CK'd for this. I spent months to build this faction which finally managed to get at an active state with active members and to only let one individual walk in and ruin my entire character development? It's disappointing it took this long as well just to get the reason after being told it had no part of it. Now suddenly you might have Zebulon comment "My character had nothing to do with your CK." Right so if that's the case I'd like to know what the actual reason was, and why my character ended up dead when I was literally careful with everything I had done.
  7. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    I'm requesting the reason of the CK @Unitts
  8. George

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I'm sorry, nobody told me that ISIS was in town with frag grenades.
  9. George

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    This is the information I got from him as stated in the evidence.
  10. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- George Character Name- Justin Stars Date of Incident- 10/30/2018 Supervising Administrator- Unitts Narrative- I was CK'd once, I got unCK'd because the method of performing the CK was poor, still not knowing the reason./ Today, I'm on a routine stop with a kid stealing ,000 from an FBI Agent, another FBI Agent pulls up, a Detective is on scene as well, making that 2 LSPD, 2 FBI. All of a sudden, gun shots from behind me, a Colt 45, bang bang bang, then this one dude just chucks a grenade over towards me and all three of us end up dead. Now the performance of that was whatever considering a player with 60 hours has the development to be a suicide bomber all of a sudden and shoot a cop in front of 2 FBI Agents and 2 Cops. I spoke with the player who I had suspected created the CK Application, Jason Mccoy/OXIGENT and upon speaking to him, I received the reason shown in evidence #1. I'm going to explain the reasonings Jason Mccoy provided as to why the CK app was 'valid' and accepted. In evidence #2 I provided a contract he made on behalf of my purchase to buy his faction which is now known as Stars Corporation. If you look at the 3rd last agreement "If Los Santos Custom ( Name can be changed ) fails to bring any profit to Jason Mccoy or Marty Shelby withing two months, 15% of M-Corporation shares will be given to one of them." basically speaking he worded this wrong believeing every two months, he's supposed to receive at least some profit, however with the wording its at right now, it states within the 2 months, if they don't get money, they get the shares in the corporation, however we agreed that for both himself and Marty Shelby, they'll both receive 50k extra on top of their 10% in the corporation for the first 2 months, and after that it had stopped because Los Santos Customs was A) Disbanded and B) Not even a functional mechanic garage due to the nature of my employees bailing on me. So long story short, part of this was his reason to believe he's supposed to be given over one million dollars as he owns shares in the corporation which is known as Stars Corporation. Another situation was on the first week of opening Stars Autos, Jason Mccoy comes into my business and starts demanding one million dollars and yells at me in front of customers that I owe him money, and that he owns shares so then I had asked him to leave, upon failing to leave I took upon myself to escort him out and as I attempted to, he hit me so I had him arrested so apparently having someone arrested can have you CK'd. The final situation of what really triggered Jason Mccoy apparently was I tried to give him an opportunity to make money from the useless shares he owns from Los Santos Customs to pay him and Marty Shelby and take the shares back so I called him and told him to meet me at my HQ. He made it there quickly so I had radio'd my corporation frequincy that I need people to meet me there in case he's going to try and shoot me, rob me, or stab me, doesn't matter, fact is I had people in Tier 1 guns show up to protect me and one of the dudes that showed up was Martin Cunningham with a Canine who was a gun-sniffing dog. He approached Jason Mccoy and cleared him, so I had began chatting with him, long story short, he refused the amount I was going to pay and I had him permantly tresspassed from my properties and properties owned by Stars Corporation, before he left, he began to stalk me, threaten my corporation building, my dealership, and myself. So I had called the cops to get him moving from stalking me which worked and he left me alone. What's odd is that I had filed a CK Application as well on Jason Mccoy, but supposedly his was accepted, and mine was held back even after reminding the Senior Administrator (Unitts specifically) in case he forgot. So my question is, why is it valid to CK someone because of their own fuck-ups, and why is it that his CK Application was accepted, and mine was just ignored? Evidence- Evidence #1: https://gyazo.com/f3fb895267af8045bcfebe360d2de644 Evidence #2: https://i.imgur.com/sx7ii26.png Method of Death- Grenade/Shooting Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  11. VeX

    LMFAO should have added you to the book of dead popos anyway cus u got CKed either way LMFAO

    1. VeX


      im fucking dead-ass

    2. Lartsa


      hes gonna qq his way out of this too

    3. George


      Where yo admin go though? 🤔

  12. VeX

    its my fookin academy day for mi cadet shit down at the lspd today so wish me look i'm fookin shitting it m8.

  13. VeX

    them cunts down at the LSPD still haven't added your name to the book of dead popos :(

    1. Lartsa


      "anyone gonna write a sitrep about this?"

      "naaa, it's going to get voided anyway"

    2. Boody


      wonder who's handling it

  14. George

    [General] Re-Add Dynamic Lighting

    I enjoyed having this, so definitely yes to add it back with the option to turn off for the shitty PCs.
  15. George

    automatically arrives in the courtroom

    You my friend, have been hanging around @Craazy for far too long.

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