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  1. Name: Seavey Comment: We really be out here in the news and shid. (( @Woozie @ZythuM @Smokerhands @ThomasJT @Gonxp ))
  2. Increased the size of the phrases i make my reply to this thread out of, added a P.S. to the writers/added more to each one from my end) P.S. to ThatGuy: Thank you for saying Portuguese language and not Brazillian. P.S. to Zythum/everyone: This is straight facts, please don't force me to play MTA more, i've been playing since 2009, i'm tired of it, i can't take any more of it, i know the map and most modes more than i know my city. P.S. to Maikeyy: Grenade out, fire in the hole! ________ Overall, most players such as myself are simply burnt out from MTA, we're been on it for years on end, and we just can't stand it anymore, MTA and Owl on MTA brought me a ton of friends and memories, but just like everything else, people move on, nobody is blocking you from playing MTA as long as you want to, UAT is taking action to make sure you have admins to help you with your issues, but overall, it's declining, and unless you're going to find new players that have good/ok english and don't have sub-par RP skills like most that copy paste applications, it's just the way it is. Get your friends to join, we can't force them in, but you can give them reasons to join!
  3. Thank you chaos, very epic! Can you pleeease make /ads a thing? I truly think it would change the server as businesses and roleplay would be "more accessible", i have the feeling people are driving around aimlessly due to the fact they don't know business y or player Z are doing a "event"(open business/meet-up) and it's making the server seem dead when it really isen't. Many very thanks, ya boy.
  4. Good stuff right here. There should be a clerk on the bank that would show all the payments you're doing, and you should pick one, then place how much you'd like to knock out, e.g. I have a car payment where i owe 20k, i visit the bank, and i pay as much as i want to, if i wish to knock 2k off or even the 20k, removing the payment i have, or, if not paid fully, knocks the payday down (if not possible due to too much math, the money you owe would diminish, meaning, if i only owe 1k after i paid 19k, once it's done, it would stop.)
  5. buy everyone that plays a new potato, otherwise, his point is still valid. Mapping has always have to keep a balance between looking nice, and everyone having the ability to run them, that's why you've never seen MT going wild on MTA, because you need to make sure everyone has the ability to play with the graphics designed for the game, plain and simple.
  6. Biggest of them all, ability to pull your phone out using the up arrow just like GTA V (or use inventory if you don't want it binded) and to hide it using the down arrow. [custom bind /showphone /hidephone]
  7. This. Limits roleplay, there are other servers on RAGE that use this feature, and i always hated it. Big no. The scripts that were added by Daniels/Chaos have improved the server immensely, only issue is players keep logging off at paleto instead of driving to their homes.
  8. > Not LSRP 2.0 > You can hire/do adverts on your phone I believe it should work as Chasee says, i'd only add the part where it's on the phone as an app, sorta like we had the bank script on MTA.
  9. Username: Steve Comment: Thank you Ray Costa, very cool!
  10. The major issue is the ammout of cars in a perimeter, if players start to branch out and placing their cars in other areas of the map, this will fix itself, same for vehicles you buy, if everyone stops leaving them at the dealership, they will begin to go back to normal. Sandy shores is already available, what I urge uat to do is move some of the scripted jobs like trash collection one to another city like grapeseed and sandy shores so players drive there and basically spread the vehicles more around the map rather than in a location
  11. Thank you Chaos and Daniels, very cool! Please get some sleep, I fear for your health with you dropping fixes every few hours! Can you guys work on a way for admins to respawn vehicles or something, due to all the crashes people left their cars on the road and now you're unable to drive normally, I tried towing the cars on the roads of paleto and parking them on the side of the road but the server doesn't register if you move a vehicle without driving it, only way to register it is to tow it and get on the driver's seat, which I can't if the doors are locked. (unsure if it's rage related doe.) Also feel like the vehicles are so packed together that it's what's causing everyone not to see their cars or other players, can you guys work on placing the start of jobs on other locations of the map or something? Make people park somewhere else and the areas less dense. But please take a nap, best regards, a concerned player.
  12. It's already a thing, just report to get an extra set of keys. I've personally already shared a bunch of keys this way in the server.
  13. ^ This exists on LSRP, reporting those players is the hardest thing to do.
  14. I sometimes do them, but due to the amount of possible MG, i sometimes refrain from doing so, i'll try to bring some live streams every now and then to discord when available on a new character.
  15. Ngl that introduction to the server was epic, can't wait to see what else you guys brought to the table that we don't know about!
  16. I did get your point. Your point was simply to broad to give a response to "things" are not very easy to use as a subject, "property break-ins, theft, licensing, VMs" are much easier to talk about. You did request something, right here: But that's not the point of this thread, is it? Lets proceed. So, factions that have proved themselves as being active, and creating roleplay for the entire community should get the same treatment as someone who has just arrived and has yet to display anything for them? You making a nice looking thread doesn't grand you anything, sure, it's pleasing to the eye, but it's not what FT is looking for, and of course a well built background story truly is important to them, FT looks at what you've done in-game, how you've handled yourself, how have you created roleplay for your members and the members of the community, and so on. "Haha, i just made a faction thread, please give me assets." is not the way to go, your standards are set by what you've done in-game and what you've proven to the FT with the faction updates. Factions are being given starter packs to help the players that don't have them, not to flaunt them, and players that haven't proven themselves and went through the grind on MTA, aren't getting that starter pack. If you've been around with your faction doing roleplay for months and nobody on FT give you any help, how would you feel? It simply makes no sense. This has already been written about better than i can speak about it by UAT on page one. Quoting Shanks: Quoting ThatGuy: You've clearly not played when the server started and was gaining popularity back in 2014-2015, otherwise you'd know how much everyone relied on scripted jobs because there were no factions for you to enter in order to improve your "character". Calling it good doesn't fix the problem, but respecting the other players and obeying the golden rule does, i've made my point, if you're not going to bring anything new to the table, just leave it at that.
  17. From what i've experienced, having connections that provide you income is way better than having assets that you can't use because you don't have connections. I do love legal roleplay myself, and specially how the illegal roleplay barrier can foment and improve the legal one, i was never personally a guy that liked to stick with just one end of the stick, and i think that illegal factions/members should always try to take on legal fronts as either a mean of making "money laundering" or simply to give their members a hangout spot.
  18. Knowing how you lead your construction company on MTA, i'm more than sure this will go far and wide, best of luck!
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