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  1. so, /ads, but on your phone? why? can't you just /ads like everyone else, you can just pull your phone out and RP it 🤔

    1. WickJeffe


      thought I'd give you a like and comment cuz u are irrelevant 

    2. TheNeonGuy


      The sad truth @WickJeffe

  3. No bids, thank you all for reading about this amazing piece of property.
  4. You've won! Congratulations! Contact me via e-mail to receive your Porsche! (Preferably before the DMV floods)
  5. End date is 7th, and I cannot close it after 3 days due to an accepted bid.
  6. 235km/h, it's a Porsche, it's made to corner, and it's pretty good at it.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Business Address: Idlewood Ink, Idlewood Description: Business in the heart of the retail area of Los Santos, if you're looking to open something and want costumers, this is the place jack. Interior Images: Starting Bid: $30,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: $40,000 Auction ends: 7th June 2019 Contact Information: 481794
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Car https://theta360.com/s/fetisElHtQVK8Jkrd17g3oeKe 360º inside view. Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Bentley Vehicle make: Bentayga W12 Signature Edition VIN: 15712 Mileage: 10563 Description: You want a SUV that beats hellcats? This is the one, make them cry when they lose against a SUV. Why am i selling it, well, i need le money, and i honestly have it laying around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkavWDFhDw4 (this is a older version) Do not mistake this for any regular Bentayga, this is the Signature Edition. Images Starting bid: $100,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $140,000 Auction end date: 7th June 2019 Contact details: 15712
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Porsche Vehicle make: 911 GT3 VIN: 15173 Mileage: 496 Description: Cleaning up my attic, it's pretty much brand new. Images Starting bid: $75,500 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $120,000 Auction end date: 7th June 2019 Contact details: 481794
  10. Are you male, female, or non-binary? * Last time i checked there's only Male and Female, but i guess facts don't apply these days. Some weird questions ok.
  11. Basically. But legal? 🤔 Aite, good lucks, looking to see some screenies of that community roleplay, take it far.
  12. @bigtonewants to KNOW YOUR LOCATION. Good luck take it far!
  13. Based off the poll current votes, i'd like to display this video that might help admins as well as the players to have a more immersive roleplay experience with this flood. This event should be FUN for everyone involved, but at the same time, have real consequences for those who don't give it much care. Before you venture into the flooded areas, or survive in the dry land, by helping the communities that might form as time goes on (if this goes as a week long event that has a set flood height, you should always prepare yourself.) I know some of you won't take as much care into it as others might, and you might find this either a great event, or a bad one depending on your tastes, but overall, if it proceeds (idk if votes are still on-going), roleplaying accordingly is of major importance. And your character might end up doing things it never expected/wanted to in times of need . Hope we get some feedback from GAT/UAT about this, a lot of hype about the roleplay me, and the people i know might be able to experience and create for others! Look at this as a opportunity for roleplay different from the usual run of the mill drive to stacks, and as a opportunity to meet new players, and find yourself in other roleplay hubs you never had the chance to experience! Yes, i'm really into doomsday preparation and natural catastrophes. P.S.: I've checked the height in my mapping server, if it reaches 15.3~15.9 Z height (mapping server) it would be enough to keep a large portion of the land below water, which are the lower height areas, such as the areas near the beach, that would surely be submerged, while keeping most of the high areas available for players to roam/rp in for the week (if you do the week thing instead of a quick ending event that some won't be able to attend). (P.S.: Pls make fuel and food shortage so players have don't have it easy and makes some struggling roleplay, making them rely of a black market, the military/LSPD/LSFD/GOV and themselves :D) P.S. 2: If y'all want help with this hmu af bois. The hype is real!
  14. Real shit, real times, real talk.
  15. The flood event usually tends to be the easiest one to Roleplay since no generics and mapping need to be created on the end of it, that being said, I remember the last flood event we had on owlgaming, I felt the last one was somewhat unrealistic since the water reached the chilliad mountain to a unreasonable height, instead of having it reaching impossible heights for around 3 hours, it would be way nicer for the flood to go around the height of the idlewood roofs, somewhat as a mimic to hurricane catrina's flood level, giving players the chance to easily save themselves, and creating Roleplay for LSPD and LSFD for a week, having them create a shelter where everyone would hang around and Roleplay amongst other things. This would give the players some freedom to walk and drive around what's left of the city above water, and meet new people (such was the situation of the new Orleans Super dome, where people from everywhere met each other). After said week is done, gradually begin to lower the flood, a day at a time, being roleplayed the drainage system being unclogged. I don't really expect many of you being into disaster roleplay, but it would bring the entire community closer together as you'd have to literally be in a limited space. TLTR : The flood event can last a week keeping you role-playing with the others members of the community in a Roleplay hub created by the LSPD and LSFD along with the national guard.
  16. It's a no from me dawg. Also this haha. You want money get to work, no idling to get money, get a job, make roleplay, it's fairly easy to get money if you just work, not even talking rs haul. The struggle of the grind is what makes it fun, fact.
  17. Weeb 9/10 Aesthetics: 10/10 Cringe: 8/10 Overall: ItPleasesMyEyes/10
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