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  1. Name: Seavey Comment: We really be out here in the news and shid. (( @Woozie @ZythuM @Smokerhands @ThomasJT @Gonxp ))
  2. Increased the size of the phrases i make my reply to this thread out of, added a P.S. to the writers/added more to each one from my end) P.S. to ThatGuy: Thank you for saying Portuguese language and not Brazillian. P.S. to Zythum/everyone: This is straight facts, please don't force me to play MTA more, i've been playing since 2009, i'm tired of it, i can't take any more of it, i know the map and most modes more than i know my city. P.S. to Maikeyy: Grenade out, fire in the hole! ________ Overall, most players such as myself are simply burnt out from MTA, we're been on it for years on end, and we just can't stand it anymore, MTA and Owl on MTA brought me a ton of friends and memories, but just like everything else, people move on, nobody is blocking you from playing MTA as long as you want to, UAT is taking action to make sure you have admins to help you with your issues, but overall, it's declining, and unless you're going to find new players that have good/ok english and don't have sub-par RP skills like most that copy paste applications, it's just the way it is. Get your friends to join, we can't force them in, but you can give them reasons to join!
  3. Thank you chaos, very epic! Can you pleeease make /ads a thing? I truly think it would change the server as businesses and roleplay would be "more accessible", i have the feeling people are driving around aimlessly due to the fact they don't know business y or player Z are doing a "event"(open business/meet-up) and it's making the server seem dead when it really isen't. Many very thanks, ya boy.
  4. Good stuff right here. There should be a clerk on the bank that would show all the payments you're doing, and you should pick one, then place how much you'd like to knock out, e.g. I have a car payment where i owe 20k, i visit the bank, and i pay as much as i want to, if i wish to knock 2k off or even the 20k, removing the payment i have, or, if not paid fully, knocks the payday down (if not possible due to too much math, the money you owe would diminish, meaning, if i only owe 1k after i paid 19k, once it's done, it would stop.)
  5. buy everyone that plays a new potato, otherwise, his point is still valid. Mapping has always have to keep a balance between looking nice, and everyone having the ability to run them, that's why you've never seen MT going wild on MTA, because you need to make sure everyone has the ability to play with the graphics designed for the game, plain and simple.
  6. Biggest of them all, ability to pull your phone out using the up arrow just like GTA V (or use inventory if you don't want it binded) and to hide it using the down arrow. [custom bind /showphone /hidephone]
  7. This. Limits roleplay, there are other servers on RAGE that use this feature, and i always hated it. Big no. The scripts that were added by Daniels/Chaos have improved the server immensely, only issue is players keep logging off at paleto instead of driving to their homes.
  8. > Not LSRP 2.0 > You can hire/do adverts on your phone I believe it should work as Chasee says, i'd only add the part where it's on the phone as an app, sorta like we had the bank script on MTA.
  9. Username: Steve Comment: Thank you Ray Costa, very cool!
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