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  1. Name: Clev Bid: Starting
  2. TheNeonGuy


    Olá mor 👋 how ya doin 🤤
  3. TheNeonGuy


  4. TheNeonGuy

    [Vehicles inside force sold interiors] - Revise

    Let us say it again, NO. Also this:
  5. Can we give the owlgaming staff 50 likes on this thread for their hard work.
  6. TheNeonGuy

    Bratva Vostoka

  7. PROJECT OVERVIEW 3D model: 2D model: Plant: Due date to send your Construction Project Bid: 16/11/2018 Stage: In construction Status: Bids have ended. Plans & Specs: Current property is to be bulldozed and the new model is to be construction in the designed locations. PROJECT LOCATION State: San Andreas County: Red County Closest Village: Montgomery Address: River Ranch, Route 48 East, Red County PROJECT TYPE Building Category: Agricultural buildings Work Type(s): Construction engineering, Carpentry, Roof work, Electrical work, Glass work. In order to participate, send your Contruction bids to [email protected] ((Forum PM @TheNeonGuy )) untill the 16th of November, 2018. Bid form: All bidders will be contacted after the final due date.
  8. TheNeonGuy

    [Script] Graffiti System

    Yes 🤔 can be hella abused doe, think this was requested before tbh, a long time ago doe.
  9. TheNeonGuy

    Car - 2012 Chevrolet Express [ENDS: 10/11/2018]

    Name: Clev Bid: Withdrawn
  10. The DMV paper should still be required and used, but i think this would be great.

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