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  1. F for the server i spent about half my teen years on and brought me many IRL friendships i still keep outside the game to this day, it is truly a sad day for me and many of us watching this thread, i shall be there this sunday, and i'll bring everyone i know that played there and wishes to come for the final goodbye, thanks for the memories everyone. See you space cowboy! P.S.: Chaos make scripts open source for spin-off servers
  2. The videos keep getting better, now what you could really use is views, the formula is there, the videos are well cut, the music and everything is well synced and this is quite enjoyable to watch. Keep it up my man!
  3. Two things that should have been done by now, deleting NPCS such as the fuel ones (since they are infinite and ruinning the fun of everyone being able to drive around at all times, and doing this takes no script deletion, any admin can do it right now in-game), and keeping tolls open/having them deleted. Overall the rest seems pretty well summed up by luigi, looking foward to hearing a public GAT/UAT release on what they will be implementing/changing/adding to the server in the near future.
  4. TheNeonGuy

    MTA Event

    Yes. Saw someone roleplaying the flood event with the added explanation of @DrJoseEviI's character dying, causing the only person keeping everyone on line to die, causing the havoc.
  5. Remember guys, if you wanna go around robbing people and end up in situations, don't forget the rules regarding your B7 armored vehicles! 😬

  6. You watch all of this amazing content, and dare to say Owlgaming wasn't a great community, with great moments? smh Good stuff my boys. P.S.: Shut the fuck up rosemarie.
  7. This existed on MTA in a way of Rapid Towing selling impounded vehicles, was removed because it was damaging the economy.
  8. Added my responses with: > to the original quote Read more about it on Chaos new set of rules. I'd also like to add that GAT has been doing a fantastic job keeping up with the demand when they're around, and thus far i've been able to do pretty much anything i want without any major limitations, it's pretty fun, and i invite you all to try it. (Just enter the server with the right mindset, if you're going in expecting to have everything laying around like you used to, or really expecting it to be as safe as before, it won't be fun.)
  9. Right now: > I have to make a report to turn the engine on of a hot-wired a car that has been already hot-wired, sometimes taking up to 15 minutes of dead time waiting around. > You (admins) turn it on with basically a line of text, or none at all. (people that hot-wire high-end/newer cars usually change the ignition or tow them, they never hotwire them) > You leave, and we go on our way With this script: > I get in the vehicle > /engine > scripted /ame displays "/ame reaches for the steering column, grabbing the cut wires, tapping them together, creating a spark, as the vehicle's engine begins to crank, starting the engine." > I go on my way and don't wait 15 minutes or to get a admin to do just this. Literally people leave hot-wired cars turned on because it takes years for a admin to come and turn it on, sometimes when you get in the vehicle that you stole and by muscle memory turn it off, other times you're in need of it being in another location in space of a minute, due to a roleplay situation and have to wait around for admins, possibly causing the outcome of a situation to change. If anything, the script can chance it at 25% every time, and if you lose, the alarm starts, or nothing happens, and you may only attempt again in 3 minutes, honestly this is not a bad idea, there's been plenty of times where having a script helps immensely. Honestly, if any of you stole a car on the server, you know you left the engine on, on purpose just so you don't have to deal with the hassle of reporting and waiting ten years for GAT to come around, causing an immensely boring waiting time you'd rather waste role-playing or doing literally anything else than waiting.
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