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  1. Weeb 9/10 Aesthetics: 10/10 Cringe: 8/10 Overall: ItPleasesMyEyes/10
  2. Name: Whitefield Comment: Nope. Buy outs, if any, must be made at the start of the auction. One cannot add a buy out price later, as a "TBA". If a buy out has been set, it may not be manipulated under any circumstances. Buy outs through out the auction that are not the set buyout, cannot be accepted.
  3. Username: YaBoySkinnyP Comment: Might as well post the house address so they can be dealt with.
  4. This used to be a thing and got removed. 🤔
  5. "We already plead your honor. Just a minute ago. Not guilty." (( @Zebulon ))
  6. **David Whitefield turns to Erik Olsson, as he whispers to him for a small amount of time, before going back to his original position.**
  7. Thanks for the tunes i found out on the YTP's @Stretch , still hitting hard.

  8. Good to know you're alive, the video honestly was a bit boring. In today's day and age, you need to make stuff more ilustrated/appealing to the viewer, otherwise they lose interest (we legit reached the point where a golden fish can keep his attention on stuff for longer than us). Other than that, good video man, hope you doing well!
  9. I'd transform into a 1978 SADO 550. The P40 has nothing on me. 😩 Autobots, stroll out.
  10. **David Whitefield turns to Erik Olsson, as he whispers to him for half a minute or so, before going back to his original position.**
  11. *David Whitefield looks up at Erik Olsson, as he proceeds to greet him, looking back at the court room entrance door, shaking his head.* *David Whitefield looks at Haruko Saitou and Jeffrey Cook, smiling at them before turning his head fowards, looking at the Judge's Chambers door.*
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