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  1. TheNeonGuy

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    Matey be like: Also Matey:
  2. TheNeonGuy

    OwlGaming Game Night #3 - Date & Game Poll

    GTA V online with a group of over 10 people would be so wholesome! (( Also it's best choice pl0x))
  3. TheNeonGuy

    [RSR Corp.] Hiring for several positions

    Click insert CV here.
  4. TheNeonGuy

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    @Chaos will the O friends list be shared between the two platforms? I, as everyone, got a extensive friends list on MTA, and would like to know if it'll be there on V as well as if i add someone in mta or V, it'll show on the other platform (since the accounts are the same). If this is the case, when i log, will it show i'm playing as X character like it does on MTA as well as tell which platform i'm on? Say: "XXX is playing as YYY in RAGE:MP/MTA". [I know this is some sort off big resources being wasted, but it's just a question i have for all of you devs.] P.S.: Soz for tagging 😬
  5. TheNeonGuy

    Faction Team Update - January 15, 2019

    Instructions unclear, dicc stucc in toaster.
  6. TheNeonGuy

    MTA SA not working

    Alright, since Mister Robot here @Diogo isen't giving you any help, i'll take a shot, is it a "unpaid version" or a original version (CD/Steam)? Did you copy the entirety of the game if the first case is, your case?
  7. Why are status updates becoming twitter. 🤔

    1. Cryotich


      Because you have to see my channel for awesome Roblox content! Best videos in world, sir!!!!

    2. TheNeonGuy


      Use chatbox for that sir. Maximum exposure!

    3. Ambidextrous


      hey maan wooow maan hey man (wow man)

  8. TheNeonGuy

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    Are we there yet?
  9. TheNeonGuy

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    This is so wholesome, can we give Daniels 50 likes on this thread for all the hard work. Also,
  10. TheNeonGuy

    Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember

    SO THIS IS THE MAN, THE LEGEND, THE ONE AND ONLY THAT SPAMS "ESCORT" ADVERTS ON MY CHATBOX, thank you, i can finally roleplay in peace.
  11. TheNeonGuy

    [STATE] The People v. David Whitefield [12/11]

    (( @EvilScotsman ))
  12. TheNeonGuy

    GeForce RTX 2060

    Oh boy, i'll finally be able to afford a 1080ti!
  13. TheNeonGuy

    Car - 1993 Mercedes 300D [ENDS: January 9th, 2018]

    Name: notgayifballsdonttouch Bid: $3000
  14. TheNeonGuy

    Car - 1993 Mercedes 300D [ENDS: January 9th, 2018]

    Name: Whitefield Bid: $2,000
  15. Name: Whitefield Bid: Starting

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