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  1. Oh Valhalla Gaming.. Them fun days.
  2. U want the Uptown kings L&A'd?

  3. U here? 

    1. Lyricist


      Hmu when u got time, got something nice cookin up u prolly wanna take part in.

  4. Can't believe that mono is still here :D

    1. Monoridian


      Not really around anymore, my old PC crashed when I got admin on here and had to go inactive and lost my GTA account. Might start playing again soon when I can get a CD key, finally got a new computer

  5. big s/o to my boy ranmal <3 @@PizzaMan I miss him, wonder where hes been
  6. Endust come RP

    1. Caporegime


      No thanks. Nothing appeals to me. Too many shit heads ruining my Cartels.
    2. Monoridian


      Can be an albanian with me. I offer trannys
    3. Caporegime


      Gross disgusting Europeans. I'd rather RP a black jew!
  7. Make sure to add me on skype gus Theeggbert10!
  8. Got a spot on your Albanian crew for a non albanian?

    1. Monoridian


      of course I do bud, As long as its somewhat white orientated I accept asscociates of the sorts.
    2. Monoridian


      Sorry I havt gotten back to you sooner but add me on skype theeggbert10,, we'll talk!
  9. They got really upset with us over that shit lmao
  10. Me and DcKarter created southside crips and he joined and ended up taking over and made his own group back in the day, was good times indeed.
  11. Depends on which crips, But When I lead ESS we wrecked shit, the first every faction I created and stuck around for months, up there with Malvados.
  12. I miss the old East Seville Saints days, I especially miss Fields just for his sexy british accent. As well as JTM :| Any old school gang bangers remember oGo? xD
  13. Reading this thread makes me remember all the good ole days, shiet. And the fact that Ive been roleplaying for like seven fucking years. Jesus Christ.
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