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  1. Your honor, i know im guilty, and i done a bad thing, but i dont think 15 years old deserve 11 years in jail. I got no choise but selling them.... My brother was making me sell these stuff otherwise he was punching me and didnt leted me eat
  2. *Jamal eyes around the court room then snifs before speaking** -Guilty
  3. **Jamal walks into the court room with handcuffs on eyeing the people, then noding to the judge before siticng on his place**
  4. Name: Andre the G Comment:Damn i got out of the pin and see this!? I missed yall crazy ass niggas <3
  5. I've already fell in love with the faction (IC and Ooc) Amazing char development and enjoyable roleplay moments, keep up with the good work Greetings - JJ
  6. Did a slight update on the topic as this is the best we could do for now. We will continue to update it as soon as we can. Everyone who is willing to RP with us knows where to find us.We are here to have fun. We might not upload actively until Sunday as some of the leaders are gone. After this small break we will remain active. Kind regards, The Hustlers Family.
  7. i agree with u but ive just created it need more time to make it look better and think about a good story
  8. The Eastern Hustlers Family is build up by 3 friends who grew up together in the poor neighbourhood streets of Chicago. They were all problem kids who were ready to do whatever it takes to grab the big sack of money, the respect of others and seeked to be among one of the best but when they reached the 20s of their lifes cops wanted them dead already so their parrents moved them to a safe place in San Andreas but they are still the same vandals they were in Chicago as they now marked Glen Park as their turf and started invading everyone who is not a hustler from their family. The Hustlers can be recognised by driving fully black painted cars, wearing black clothes,bandanas and hats. The Hustlers are currently involved in drug trafficking, robberies, thefts, weapon trafficking and murders. They mostly apear in Glen Park and around its corners selling drugs and looking for a way to grow bigger. Upon reading this you agree that you won't use this ICly in no matter. CK Clause: "When you associate with this faction you agree that you can be CKed by one of the leaders for IC or OOC matters.
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