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  1. Haven't fully decided what I'm going to do yet, just one character so far but I've been off the last few days work commitments, Andre Jamison.
  2. Yeah vG LS times in the early days were crazy, glad to be apart of some big factions too, oGo, Southside Crips being 2 of the larger ones, then I ran SAN for a bit, was even in Best/Greene Towing :P
  3. vG LV was lit, I joined towards the end of it but still had a lot of fun in LV, Rockshore oGo :P
  4. Hey everyone, Was looking for a new/old game to play and thought I'd throw my hat back in the ring of RP, I'm a bit of an Old School RP'er from the early early MTA days, dunno if anyone is left from those days. But yeah just wanted to pop my head in and see what this is all about. Interested to test it out I suppose, I also notice this text based RP instead of voice like most V RP places which peaks my interest a lot because it's hard being an Aussie roleplaying a Gang banger and the likes. Planning to install GTA V again and try it out, hope I see some old and new fac
  5. A little bit of aussie stuff for everyone
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