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  1. All I want is this! If you need any more testers, hook me up. Been a looong long time player on vG and Owl (and the one before Owl, forgot the name) Can't find a good gta 5 RP server so I'll wait for this one to launch.
  2. I'll also see if I can find the inspiration to do it
  3. Give me a screenshot for reference of how you want it to look. I'm not guaranteeing I will be mapping it due to not having that much spare time. But a reference might help a mapper to get some inspiration.
  4. Related to this topic. I think if we allow the players to vote for admins only, then becoming a admin depends on player popularity instead of maturity and experience.Maybe the players should have ''a'' say, but in my opinion the current admin team should always have the final decision.
  5. This is the big difference I assume, [MENTION=1390]Epic[/MENTION]
  6. PR is not anything gameplay wise then bf2.. Project Reality is truly about communication between squads/commanders/grunts. With Local 3d audio for voice communication. It's by far the most intense (semi) realistic shooter that I've played. Gameplay wise it's so much better then Arma for example. It's just on a older engine so it has its limits but man, I've played Pr for the last 8 years. There is nothing like it..
  7. http://www.realitymod.com/Nuf said.
  8. [MENTION=9425]illestiraqi[/MENTION] I think you should try to find someone else Maybe find some people who were in the mapping team before?
  9. [MENTION=1489]nikdude[/MENTION] Holy shit
  10. Thank you very much. I do try to go the extra mile for people with their reports
  11. I'll try to work on something. I'll post some beta interior pictures to see if you like the direction it's going.
  12. MikeDude

    Show yourself!

    Really.. A duck-face.
  13. MikeDude

    Black No. 5

    Definitely the highest quality RP in this server I had was with this faction. Enjoying it a lot, keep it up everyone!
  14. MikeDude

    Black No. 5

    Enjoying the RP with you guys
  15. MikeDude

    Show yourself!

    I guess I'll join the picture party!It went right the first couple of times. But after a couple of beers I got a little too close to the scope, heh heh. Surfin' and bodyboardin' with my girl in South west Portugal That's probably my most drunk picture ever Most awesome joint I ever managed to roll! I'm not sure..... Showing this one because, blond girls.
  16. MikeDude

    Black No. 5

    Yeah, that was some really awesome and crazy RP Enjoyed it.Too bad my Internet got cut off right at the end, but meh.
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