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  1. The Montgomery Organization

    Voodoo black magic eyes
  2. The Rusty Wrench

    The Rusty Wrench is a classic American auto shop, providing you high quality vehicle modification/tuning services. We provide THE BEST prices, all the other competitors are LOSERS. We're located down on Harbor Road, right beside the docks car dealership so you definitely can not miss us! We'll literally do any modification you want, we don't actually care as long you pay us! Remember, we're the best, the other places fucking suck!
  3. [Advertisement] Vinewood Call Girls!

    Username:Hick Comment: If I catch any of you whores or Johns fucking on my farm I'll crucify you.
  4. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    If PD Give up after figuring out the suspect was full-faced n' gloves, then its a IC issue (them just being retarded). If you're smarter than PD, investigate it yourself ye?
  5. Gang Injunction - ASF 13

    Username: Chancellor Comment: the rest of us are speaking English, id recommend you do to.
  6. Happy birthday young lad

  7. Gang Injunction - ASF 13

    Username: Chancellor Comment: If a gang banger is hitting up a paramedic while they're treating someone, they better be providing useful information regarding the scenario. If a medic is treating a gang member, he's doing his job, not associating with the dipshit on their own free time.
  8. [Age Rules] - Revise

    Outright ban anything under the age of 16. There's no point having kids if they're literally going to be free roaming the server like a normal alt. Kids usually stay at their neighbourhood when they aren't at school, what's that? We don't even have a school so everyone adopting a kid needs to starting getting punished for allowing the truancy. dont allow a system that isn't fully capable of working realistically to go on. daily routine of a kid: wake up > school > sleep if so, prohibit the the usage of alts under 16 during week days and allow them to be used during weekends
  9. [SOLD] Business - #2093 Harbor Rd Willowfield.

    Name: FarmerGuy Bid: Buyout @lipslip
  10. The Pan Iranist Party of San Andreas

    ((This considered a IC blog/site? @Craazy))
  11. Username:Chancellor Comment: You even got a gov event permit for this?
  12. The Yokel Mafia

    More coming soon my child. Tune in next time to 'Senile Old Men'

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