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  1. District 3 Special Election Office of The County Commissioner June 15th, 2019  Greetings, fellow citizens! Due to loss of Councilor Sims, District 3 is now vacant. I am declaring a special election for District 3, If you wish to be a candidate, you must meet the following requirements: Must be at-least 21 years of age on the date of being sworn into Office. Must reside in the District they are running within. Must not have a felonious criminal record. Districts 3 is AVAILABLE! Be advised, Districts 1, 2 and 4 are TAKEN! Accepted candidates shall be announced officially on June 21st 2019, with the Election taking place on the weekend, from June 22nd to June 23rd, with the winner being announced shortly after on the following Monday. To stand as a Candidate within this election, please send your Platform to the Office of the County Commissioner ((Forum PM @DrJoseEviI & @ThatGuy)) for authorization to be listed as an Official Candidate within the Press Release on the 21st and to have your name added to the ballot. Further information regarding the process of voting will be announced alongside the announcement which includes the candidates. Regards, Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
  2. Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: nigga
  3.  The Heroes, The Killer, The Disaster, The Restoration and The Future Office of The County Commissioner June 11th, 2019 Fellow citizens, we have survived yet another colossal flood. Daryl Martin, the Lead Geologist of the Earthquake Data Center was right with his report. When we were first informed about the disaster ahead, I immediately contacted the Council of Supervisors, Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department about the situation. They were all in agreement that it what were about to face was a serious hazard to our community and we needed immediate action. I am grateful for their support and hope that this will be the last time we experience such a disaster. I received an approved budget to procure emergency supplies for the public, such as rations, water, emergency equipment, shelters, and more. I erected a temporary hospital and precinct for police and medical services as well, which proved to be useful during the flooding. In preparation for the storm, I had a resolution passed by the Council for emergency powers during the flood. The only measure I acted upon was to protect citizens from looters and violence. During the flood, I banned private civilian camps due to the various reports of looting, armed robbers and other crimes that occurred. I enforced the evacuation of these private camps via the LSFD and LSPD, which I thank them very much for. Many citizens helped with the evacuation as well, I had witnessed first hand citizens being brought in by helicopter and trucks, and that has made me very proud, to know that our fellow citizens are doing their part to help out. I am grateful for all the support we have received from the public and community. The Public Works, lead by their new Commissioner, Nick Gordan has already began making efforts to help clean up the streets of debris, which is spectacular. We will continue to work on restoration issues until the County can get back on track. This is was a great display to show everyone that even the ordinary citizen can do something for greater good of their community. During the flood, many men and women within the ranks of the Fire Department, Police Department and National Guard partook in evacuation efforts, and I am thankful for all that they have done. We are very lucky, that we suffered very little causalities in the past few days. It was a very hard time for us, but we are grateful to God, who has blessed our fair County, for he has given us strength and support during a time we needed it the most. We hope that everyone who has lost a relative or loved to this tragedy the very best, and we want you to know that we will continue to pray for your safety. On the subject of death, a life was not taken by the storm, but by myself. I am sure that you are all aware of the assassination attempt against myself, perpetrated by O'Wan Golden, marking it as the fourth attempt against my life so far. During the early onset of the flood, I had rallied the Commissioner of Defense, Security Sentinels and Billy McBob of the Fire Department to deliver a care package of rations to a encampment located at North Rock. The plan was to drop in, deliver the rations and offer evacuation back to Commissioner Hill, all went well until our pilot informed us we would not have enough fuel for the return trip. The trip would cost us 25% fuel, of which we were only 29% capacity. I called in for a fuel resupply, and as we were waiting, former Captain O'Wan Golden had appeared from the camp. Golden shouted derogatory terms at myself and my security, screeching at me to "get out", telling me that we were unwelcome there. I found O'Wan's attitude to be very ungrateful, considering I had gone out of my way to deliver supplies for all the people there, so I confronted him about it. After a heated exchange, I returned to wait at the helicopter with my security. O'Wan shortly returned with a handgun and opened fire towards me, missing and hitting the helicopter. A female was injured in the firefight by O'Wan when he attempted to shoot me. Me and my Sentinels sprung into action and returned fire, having survived these kind of attempts in the past, I charged O'Wan head first with great confidence, throwing myself in harms way to protect the female, and killing O'Wan with my own handgun. A emergency evacuation was called for myself, the LSPD came quickly and returned me to Commissioner Hill, where I was treated by Sophia Sage, of the Los Santos Fire Department. If it were not for the speedy response of the LSPD and Miss Sage's medical expertise, I would have perished as a result of my wounds. Despite me suffering from these wounds, I still ventured out with citizens to check on the welfare of others, and witness rescuers. I even went to the extent of appearing on live television an hour or so after being shot to address what had happened. Moving on, I would like to announce that within the upcoming weeks, I will be working with the Council and Finance Commissioner to institute a new loan system, benefits and criminal insurance. The loan system is planned to be 0% interest rate, the only requirement to obtain such loan will be having collateral to pay it off if you are unable to. We believe in a fair loan system for all citizens. Benefits will extend to the homeless, elderly and medically disabled, to help cover their monthly bills. Criminal Insurance will be offered to all citizens across the county, this insurance type will fully cover you from any damage that is a result of criminals, against the property, such as vandalism, arson or total destruction. Special District Elections will be announced within the next week or so, to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Andy Sims, for District 3. I would like to issue several awards to the following individuals for their efforts during the flood. Los Santos County Bronze Star Award Sophia Sage - For saving the life of the County Commissioner while he suffered from potentially fatal injuries. Los Santos County Distinguished Service Award Andrei Mednikov - Demonstrating great leadership skills when being tasked with maintaining peace and order, effectively policing Commissioner Hill. Thomas Wallace - Evacuating the County Commissioner as he was injured. Heinrich Eichmann - For protecting the life of the County Commissioner during an assassination attempt. Gunter Muller - For protecting the life of the County Commissioner during an assassination attempt. Los Santos County Good Samaritan Award Hugh White - Assisting with the evacuation of citizens Wyatt Henderson - Assisting with the evacuation of citizens Nikolai Georgiev - Donating vast amounts of ration supplies, assisting with evacuation. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
  4. That’s the cigarette vending machine in my bar. Unsolid vending machine object with a npc in it. If anyone wanted one in their int, they can do that tbf. Because kiss me nigga
  5. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: I’m glad to see the public has well received the return of LSIA. Perhaps I’ll take the time to obtain my pilots license.
  6. I’ll be starting a farming company soon boys.
  7.  The Passing of Andy Sims Office of The County Commissioner June 4nd, 2019 My fellow citizens, I am experiencing the utmost powerful sensation of dolefulness, please excuse the lack of content in this impromptu press release. I regret to inform you that Councilman of District 3, Andy Sims has been found dead. Mister Sims was a long standing member of the Council, an entrepreneur, and a veteran in our great nation's military. Our condolences go out to Andy's family, and we understand the grief you must be experiencing. The death of Andy Sims is a suspected murder, though we lack details surrounding the case. A memorial for Andy Sims will be erected in District 3, post-flooding. A special election for District 3 will be hosted as well, post-flooding. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
  8.   LOS SANTOS COUNTY - STATE OF EMERGENCY RESOLUTION RESOLUTION OF COUNTY OF LOS SANTOS TO ESTABLISH THE EMERGENCY POWERS VESTED IN THE COUNTY COMMISSIONER DURING AN EMERGENCY DECLARED BY THE STATE OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHEREAS, the County desires that the County Commissioner has full legislative power, disregarding the need to collect votes from the council to pass, modify, abolish or enact legislation, funding or resolutions. WHEREAS, the County desires that all legislative changes or additions made by the Commissioner is set to expire and revert back to the previous state before the emergency has been declared, exactly 48 hours after the emergency is called off. WHEREAS, the County desires that the aforementioned powers are only in place and executable during active martial law or an emergency declared by the state or federal government, within the State of San Andreas. WHEREAS, the County considers it the duty of the Commissioner to execute these powers as needed and inform the Council of Supervisors of all legislative decisions as they are made. NOW, THEREFORE, THE COUNTY OF LOS SANTOS AGREES AS FOLLOWS: The County establishes that the County Commissioner is able to enact, spend funds, abolish or modify any piece of legislation or resolution passed by the Council of Supervisors, without a vote from the Council of Supervisors. The County establishes the County Commissioner may not modify or abolish this resolution while emergency powers are active. The County establishes that it is mandatory and a requirement for martial law or a state emergency be declared by the federal or state government in order for these powers to be available to the County Commissioner. The County establishes that any and all legislative changes, additions or abolishments made by the County Commissioner while these powers are active, is temporary, and will reverse to its pre-emergency state, exactly 48 hours after martial law has been lifted, or state emergency is called off. The County establishes that the powers granted in this resolution shall be utilized in good faith with the best interests of the County in mind. Any use of the powers given as a result of this resolution must be relevant to the emergency at hand and the Commissioner must consult the council and be able to articulate the need for using such powers. ON THE MOTION OF Supervisor KLAUS WUNNENBERG, the foregoing resolution was duly passed, and adopted by the Council of Supervisors of the County of Los Santos, State of San Andreas, on May 3rd 2019, by the following vote: Aye: 6 Nay: 0 Absent: 0 Signed: County Commissioner
  9. https://m.soundcloud.com/3-itch/kill-all-the-gays-and-the-faggots
  10.  Earthquake Warning - Possible Flooding Office of The County Commissioner June 2nd, 2019 ATTENTION, Fellow Citizens! We have been in contact with several research centers, in-regards to a report by Daryl Martin from the Earthquake Data Center. Contact has been established with the Council of Supervisors, as well as the heads of the Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department, to prepare for a large-scale flood. Looking back at the seismic activity from last year, we have strong reasons to believe that we are facing yet another flood. Funding has been approved by the Council of Supervisors, on my proposition to procure emergency supplies for the public. Evacuation plans will be ready in time for the storm, we will putting to use almost every agency under our jurisdiction. If you are concerned about your personal property, safety and health, we urge you to begin preparing your home or business. Emergency legislation is being written and forwarded to the council, which will allow you to protect your property from flooding and fortify against looters. The Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department will be on standby to help with evacuations, medical emergencies and any other incidents that require their attention. When, and if flooding begins to occur, it is important to have an immediate response plan in place. You must be focused on moving to high ground, and evacuation. If you are stranded by the flood, you will be able to get in touch with emergency personnel via the disaster-help radio channel '911 or by calling the emergency hotline, 9-1-1. It is recommended that you keep a walkie-talkie or cellular phone on your person in preparation for the storm. A evacuation camp will be established on Commissioner Hill. Food, water, and miscellaneous rations will be handed out to all at the camp. Medical and law enforcement services will be available on site, functioning as a miniature hospital and precinct. If water levels begin to significantly rise, begin making your way to Commissioner Hill. The entry gates will be left open to the public when disaster strikes. Please cooperate with the authorities and other emergency personnel during the evacuation period. If you plan to bring any valuables with you, do so at your own discretion, anything left behind stays behind, your safety and lives are more important than material possessions. FEMA trailers and tents will be erected on Commissioner Hill, it is expected that you may have to share a quarters with strangers. More updates regarding the earthquake and flood will be added to this article. The public letter form for Fireside Chats is now available. Fireside Chats will not occur this weekend, due to the flooding being top-priority. If you wish to send in a letter of concern, which will be addressed on air during the next broadcast, please click HERE. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
  11. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: Delusional.
  12. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: Captain O'Wan Golden literally stole a vehicle from the LSFD headquarters, and totaled it. You are telling me that is not an act of corruption? The efforts done to expose this corruption is very well deserving of a medal, such as those given to Antonio Johnson and Steven O'Reilly. Golden was under investigation by the Emergency Services Oversight Committee, and he was fired by myself because of the clear cut evidence. O'Wan Golden claimed to have been assigned a 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 SUV that belonged to the department, by Chief Steven O'Reilly, O'Reilly directly denied these claims, and because there was zero evidence of O'Wan being assigned this vehicle, it was obviously a case of vehicular theft. It's like being found driving a car that does not belong to you, and the owner clearly states he never gave you permission to drive it. During the unauthorized usage of the vehicle, O'Wan had severely damaged it, leading it to written off and sold by the department. You're also implying, that a high ranking member of a government agency, should be let off with a warning, just because of their rank...? That is corruption itself, everyone is held to the same standards. If you are implying that this is not an act of corruption on behalf of O'Wan, then you are a Anarcho-Communist. Where have you even obtained these inferences of precedence, you aren't employed by the LSFD, nor any form of government agency, due to your name missing from their public rosters. Do you even live in the Los Santos County? If you did, you would know the DPS was renamed to the LSFD many months ago. You're not even a proper journalist, due to your lack of research. You're a stooge.
  13. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: As apart of my platform, revising the current tax credit system and implementing new forms of tax credits will occur. I am working progressively through issues by category, government agencies, transparency/anti-corruption, finance, employment, and properties. I am nearly finished with laying the foundation for transparency issues, and by this weekend, I plan on committing to finance issues. Disability, loans, charity, welfare and other related topics will fall under this. If you have any concerns or wish to express your concerns over anything, please send me an email, and I’ll be happy to bring them up during my talks with the Council and Finance Commissioner. As for STATE benefits, that is out of the County’s hands, that income is from the state government.
  14. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: I’m improving this County for everyone. Mr.Cambell has deliberately attempted to mislead the public with false information about a corruption scandal amongst the LSFD, a scandal he purposefully ignored under the excuse that there was a lack of ESOC members at the time. He attempts to claim the case was already solved, and that I reopened it as some sort of self-promotion tactic. The case was left unsolved and I was asked by the FD to step in, when they brought it to my attention. Mr.Cambell is attempting to instil lies and possibly cover up his lack of action over the report, by flipping it on me, as if it were not his fault for doing nothing. The man is lazy, incompetent and delusional, I will not apologize to a liar.
  15. Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: That’s how I talk to liars and Communists. I don’t tell lies, and I don’t accept them.
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