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  1. You ain't no hitta homie
    Your bars shit af ngl 👎

    1. DrJoseEviI



      tiddy nigga wigga 

      Every points at you with they finga 

      cause you a clown and u going down



      my name Jamal Tylenol, I’m pretty damn tall

      i finna make you fall, trip you up when we playing ball.

      i shop at the mall, buy me candy, 100 dollar bandies.

      i wear furry suit, it costs 13,000 dollars

      u a broke nigga, you got 0,000 dollars.



      i kiss all my niggas on the lips

      i love my homies, they have sexy hips

      im the hardest gangster, I smoke lots of dankster

      i got 9million vbucks, you’re just a default dancer

      my name Jamal Tylenol, I poop in public bathroom stalls.

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