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  1. DrJoseEviI

    Character Kill Appeal - Ja'Taveon_Hampton

    You were walking down my driveway, I come to tell you to get off my property, the moment I get to you I see you have a gun and are ready to use it, I use mine before you can use yours. You're posing a threat by trespassing while armed, you had no reason to be on my property with a gun out and you obviously intended to use it if need be. Split second decision between my life or yours, whether your intention was to harm me or not, it does not change the fact you took the risk to trespass while armed. thats not me then
  2. DrJoseEviI

    Character Kill Appeal - Ja'Taveon_Hampton

    That makes no sense, what? I live there because I do. A gang can't dictate where I live, they have no right to bother me either.
  3. DrJoseEviI

    Character Kill Appeal - Ja'Taveon_Hampton

    Gotta realize not everyone in a gang hood is apart of the gang. My alt is a 60 year old white man who doesn't really care about gangs. Just because its your hood doesn't exempt you from common sense and risk. My property is my property, you came on it with a gun, inevitably risking your life because you had a fire arm drawn. You said you could have PK'd someone for robbing you, which personally it looks like you were going to do, why else would you have a gun out, unless you planned on threatening them, which again, goes back to my previous comment, about why you would need a gun out in the first place. You were taking cover on my property, its more than obvious you were going to try something, whether or not it was against me or a rival gang member down the street. By coming onto my property with a gun, you're posing immediate danger to myself and the people in the surrounding area.
  4. DrJoseEviI

    Character Kill Appeal - Ja'Taveon_Hampton

    (My alt is John Harlend, I'll just leave my side of the story along w/ a explanation.) You came onto my property and began going down my drive way, I followed you and realized you had a gun so I opened fire and shot you. Trespassing, can be argued as whether or not it is CK worthy (based on circumstances in each scenario), but trespassing with a gun out is definitely disregarding your life. According to the General Social Survey of 2014, it is believed to be that 32% of the US house owners also own a firearm. Considering that Idlewood is a extremely dangerous area with its array of daily shootings as well as the fact that many people in Los Santos are a CCWP holder, it is obvious that there are many gun owners in the area (whether it be a gang banger, or someone like me who wishes to keep himself safe). In my own opinion, whether your intention was to cause harm or rob myself or others on my property, it does not change the fact you were trespassing at night with a handgun drawn which instantly makes your presence seem hostile. If you had no gun drawn, things likely would have ended up differently, such as you being kicked off the property or the cops being called, maybe a melee altercation at worst. You were not next to the sidewalk, you were along the green wall on my drive way, heading down further towards the garage. The screenshot below shows my alt being confronted by the police, your body is not visible because it is farther behind me on the driveway. There's only a few reasons you'd ever 'need' a gun out, to use it against someone or some thing, or threaten someone. Obviously you had malicious intentions to threaten someone or use your firearm whilst being on my property, such as shooting at someone and using the wall on my driveway as cover, or threaten someone who you thought was on my property. There was no need for you to come on my property with your gun, but you (intentionally or unintentionally) risked it by going onto my property, and thus you suffered the consequences of trespassing while you had a gun drawn.
  5. DrJoseEviI

    [SAAN] Crusade against business owners

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: I am willing to go back in time and force all business owners to register their business at gun point, for a yearly salary of 5 million dollars
  6. DrJoseEviI

    The Yokel Mafia

    **Upon roaming towns in Flint County & Red County, you would occasionally come across this poster stuck to a light pole or flyer board**
  7. **Upon roaming towns in Flint County & Red County, you would occasionally come across this poster stuck to a light pole or flyer board** (( for ooc reference ))
  8. DrJoseEviI

    LST | Two Officers murdered in Idlewood

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: Dustin, I left you with a fancy fucking house and a new life, don't tempt me to come and take that away you lying cunt
  9. DrJoseEviI

    LST | Two Officers murdered in Idlewood

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: Greetings and Salutations, I am John Harlend. I am a expert on time travel and a time traveler myself, from what I understand these photos were taken in the future and sent in the past by someone who had access to copies of the photos. I presume the device used was a Blinovitch Limitation Effect limiter or a Vortex Manipulator ~John
  10. You have won the auction, please contact the email provided on your invoice to arrange payment and collection ((forum pm me))
  11. DrJoseEviI


    Username: J Comment: niggers
  12. DrJoseEviI


    mr orange found in johns basement

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