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  1. DrJoseEviI

    [Harlend Who] Presentation

    Greetings Earthlings, it is I, John Harlend. Due to the recent success of premiering the latest episode of Harlend Who 'Twice Upon a Timeline', the idea of regular broadcasting at the iMAX theater seems like a interesting idea to us at the studio. Would you like to see new Harlend Who episodes premier at iMAX before they go public on youtube?
  2. DrJoseEviI

    [YouTube] Twice Upon a Timeline

  3. DrJoseEviI

    The Yokel Mafia

    Faction isn't dead and is still active nonce
  4. Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: Shut up Dustin.
  5.  when can we next meet?
    I want some of that gay sex again.

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      Thanks, bubba

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      you two up for gay threesome? if so slide into my dms 👅💦

    4. Corruption
  6. I’m gonna say the N-Word (again)

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      Nette, lekkere stamppot boerenkool met rookworst

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      turpa kiinini senki UNLKOMAALAENIN

  7. DrJoseEviI

    The Yokel Mafia

  8. DrJoseEviI

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    thats what someone who hasnt interacted with us would say 🌚
  9. Twice Upon a Timeline will be premiering at TWCN's (( @Piney )) - WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE???
  10. DrJoseEviI

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    Ur mom is just a homo
  11. DrJoseEviI

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    Still entirely wrong. I have never ordered any kidnappings, nor did I want to do any human pet shit. Whoever told you I wanted to do these things to QueenC definitely needs a smack and a boot from my faction, and I'd like you to forum PM or Discord message me this members name, I do not tolerate OOC lies. "I'll hold them for as long as I please, I dislike the person for legitimate reasons." obviously this is out of context and the example went WAY over your head. If I have a STRONG BEEF/RIVALRY with someone, I'll kidnap them and hold them for as long as I please, I shouldn't have to write a app for that. Let me make things clear, this is not a written rule but it is actively enforced, YOU CAN NOT KIDNAP SOMEONE FOR NO REASON. Again, more idiotic rambles, you dislike me and my faction, I get it. I'm not looking to derail this thread and I'm not looking to get forum infracted for flaming, and I'd recommend we speak in a more appropriate platform such as Discord. QueenC was kidnapped in regards to the elections, I'm pretty sure that is more than obvious OOCly, and she was let go eventually. Now, back on topic again. Kidnapping someone is NOT ending development, it is a major turning point, and you still fail to understand anything I'm bringing up. If you are kidnapped, you can escape easily if you put enough effort into it. MacGyver your way out using any item available to you, like damn I can use the food given to me as a weapon. If it's just me and my captor in a room and he brings me a bowl of food, I'll fucking lob it at his head and knock his ass out, or smash the bowl and use the broken pieces as a weapon. Humans tend to develop tools to make a certain job or task easier, if your character has yet to evolve into a normal functioning human being and can't remove a blindfold from their head by rubbing their noggin against a wall or bringing their arms to their front by slipping them under their legs, or even headbutt someone then your character shouldn't exist because you require UAT permission to roleplay mentally disabled. Again, you're stuck on this idea that by being kidnapped for a prolonged period of time means you character can never do anything ever again. This logic is 100% false, you must make do with what you have, can obtain and what you can mentally process. People have escaped places like Alcatraz by using a dingy, prisoner of war camps, and insane places. People who were buried alive inside a moving van in the bottom of a rock quary did so by stacking mattress to climb out via a hatch, even someone who was handcuffed and held at knife point managed to escape a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer by hitting him on the head. Admittedly most kidnappings ig, the victim his normally restrained and left with nothing, you can easily put yourself in a situation to escape asap. Hundreds of people escape armed kidnappers, jail guards, soldiers, prisons and inhumane conditions in very basic ways, I don't see why we need a rule in place because some people don't know how to do so. There's no reason why I would let go someone who I have bad blood with after 3-14 days (or whatever the suggested time limit is) for no reason.
  12. DrJoseEviI

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    I don't think so. I've never heard of a situation like this and if I were the handling admin I'd void if what you said is true. Kidnapping someone and holding onto them forever is dumb for these reasons, that isn't even a reason to kidnap them unless you're trying to physically remove them from your turf (if you care so much about rich people being in your turf, such as picking them up and dropping them off outside your hood)
  13. DrJoseEviI

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    That would be metagaming then, no?

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