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  1. No limit that I'm aware of afaik, but the mapping system is a little buggy at the moment so expect that to change. If you can run GTA V, mapping won't hurt your performance.
  2. The custom objects pack does not include any DLC content. All the dlc content is available in the case game and menyoo should be able to access it.
  3. Irvine Industries is a company based in the Los Santos County area of San Andreas. They are the oldest/long lasting farming company in the state, operating since the early 1900s. Historically, the largest exporter and cultivator of beans and whiskey in the state. The modern era of Irvine Industries focuses on vehicle dealerships, fishing, cargo/transport, aviation, security, alcohol production, farming and the restaurant business. The company has been around for over 90 years and continues to grow every day. They have a strong presence in the area and are known for their quality products. Irvine Industries is a family owned business that seeks to deliver products of the utmost highest quality and services at the most affordable prices, with the best customer service. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality products at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about Irvine Industries, or have business inquiries, please email us at [email protected] ((forum PM @DrJoseEviI @TheNeonGuy @MrFocus, PM all three of us. ))
  4. Screenshots by members only.
  5. obligatory music Nicklaus Wuttemberg, pictured in early 2016, featured in the Los Santos Times article "Wuttemberg Rally Attacked by Antifa" Nicklaus was born April 20th, 1960 in the Los Santos County, on his family farm in Grapeseed. Nicklaus spent most of his childhood and late teens in a small town called Paleto Bay, where later in life he worked at the lumberyard near Mount Chiliad. Nicklaus depended on his family and his own income to help fund his schooling. Nicklaus obtained a Bachelor in Political Science and in his 30s, a Ph.D. in Medical Science. Eventually, Nicklaus began working as an apprentice at the Goldman Pharmacy, he was employed for less than a year, after Nicklaus caught Mr.Goldman corruptedly selling opioid prescriptions to mobsters, and threatened to expose him if he didn't stop. The mobsters intimidated Nicklaus into staying quiet, and forced him to quit his job. By this time, Nicklaus lost both of his parents, his father to pneumonia and his mother to breast cancer, they were unable to afford treatment and medicine due to being to ill to work, and Nicklaus being unable to find work. During this time, many establishments refused to hire Nicklaus, due to Goldman spreading lies about him, saying he stole from his pharmacy and was a total dunce. Nicklaus decided to sell his family farm, and opened a small furniture business, which became successful up until late 2008, during the Great Recession. Wuttemberg was forced to declare bankruptcy and sold his assets from the company. Between 2008 and 2012, Wuttemberg began doing small investments in blue collar businesses, it was due to his support of lower class and middle class workers, he gained a reputation as a good guy, helping the smaller groups with investments, and very low interest. The main reason for this is that he had a strong belief in the importance of education, and also good work ethic, he invested wisely and only into companies with skilled workers. In late 2014, Wuttemberg became more vocally political, voicing his opinions on economics, social care, anti-immigration, pro-christian, environmental protection, anti-globalization, preserving tradition and so on. 2015 was a heated political year and it is what sparked his passion to become an advocate for his beliefs. Nicklaus formed a new patriotic party known as the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, which promoted Nicklaus' beliefs. The party amassed many members in its security ranks, primarily veterans of the Iraq War, and people of blue collar trades. Nicklaus threw his hat into the ring, in the 2016 Presidential Elections, this is when he gained the most traction and attention during his political career. Wuttemberg's first rally had an audience of a 162 people, he spoke against large fast food chains and the health effects of eating shitty foods on a daily basis, he promised to shut down these businesses and incentivize healthy foods to help tackle the nation-wide obesity problem. Antifa attacked this rally labelling Wuttemberg as a body shamer and a racist, but his security force managed to defeat the attackers through combat. This rally was held in front of the Cluckin Bell factory farm in Paleto Bay. During this rally, Wuttemberg spoke about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles, junk food, and promoted physical activity, sports, martial arts, and various sciences. Harold Fitzgerald, ex-County Commissioner (impeached) Sadly, for Nicklaus, he did not gain as much attention, support and traction needed to make it anywhere in his campaign, so after that he stuck to local politics. The RHWP helped many local businesses and held various charity events. Nicklaus eventually got elected into the District Council, as Councilman of District 1 (Paleto Bay). Wuttemberg won against John Hubbard. Within the following year, members of his party began to fill up the other council seats. Much of the current legislation was written by members of the RHWP and Wuttemberg himself, but the corrupted Commissioner Harold Fitzgerald took credit for most of this work, this angered Wuttemberg and his party. Eventually after doing a long under the table investigation against Fitzgerald, Wuttemberg managed to expose and impeach him for embezzling money from the County Government tax credits system by using false identities and taking out loans which he never repaid or would mark as repaid. Fitzgerald fled the country to Israel, where he held citizenship to avoid the embarrassment and harassment by US Media. Fitzgerald stole over a million dollars and was never brought to justice in the US, Israel never extradited him, this happened between July-August of 2019. Nicklaus Wuttemberg, County Commissioner. On August 31st of 2019, Wuttemberg, won the elections again, against John Hubbard, and was elected County Commissionner. Nicklaus Wuttemberg's story now continues as the current County Commissioner. He has vowed to dedicate his life to this position, until the day he dies. Once elected, Wuttemberg resigned from his Councilman position to focus on being the Commissioner, and promptly, one of his own candidates won by default as the Councilman of District 1 as no one else campaigned against the candidate. The RHWP now occupies the entire elected portion of the County Government. This story will be updated on the government screenshots thread, posting pics occasionally of this character's on goings in the government.
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