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  1. DrJoseEviI


    welcome my dear boy
  2. ^ Also, yeah I agree, there are some good texture variations on clothes that would be dope to have, this would be one of those features that would be worth showing off.
  3. Username: Richard Turner Comment: Thank you Mr.Huggins, I look forward to working with you as well, and same with all other employees of our fine government!
  4. Username: Richard Turner Comment: I intend on keeping my promises.
  5.  VICTORY! Office of The County Commissioner October 18th, 2019 Greeting, fellow citizens! A few days ago the final candidates and elections were announced. I began my campaign trail quite early, but with the utmost highest levels of confidence and determination. I knew, that I had to be in it to win, to win the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens, and that appears to have been the right way to go about my campaign. I promised you change in my campaign, and that is what is going to happen. My first four initial goals will be tackling the housing crisis, implementing a public forum or outreach program, implementing a anti-criminal property insurance program and constructing a public off-roading drag area that is open to the public and can be used for events. I intend to stay true to all my promises mentioned in my platform, and I will fulfill them with my head held high. Soon, I will be meeting with the other leaders of the County agencies to establish contact with them and introduce myself. Give me some time Los Santos, and I will show you that real change is possible under proper leadership! (Commissioner Turner) God bless America, the State of San Andreas and most importantly, Los Santos! Richard Turner, County Commissioner.
  6. PLATFORM UPDATE After speaking with various members of the community, they expressed their desire to build a drift track, or off-road course, which I very much would be interested in doing. Number 15 on my platform Construct/form a government sanctioned off-road course/drift track. Please let me know of your thoughts on this!
  7. Username: BBQCigarettes Comment: how is an interview biased?
  8. Username: Richard Turner Comment: Remember to vote for the candidate you have faith in, vote for the man who wishes to turn things around for the greater good and wishes to expand the County's potential and infrastructure, vote Richard Turner!
  9.  County Commissioner Election Final Candidates Office of The County Commissioner October 16th, 2019 It's voting time everyone! You only have one chance to vote, so please choose your candidate wisely! Voting will end 12:00AM ((IG Time)) October 18th. Richard Turner of the Los Santos County Republican Party Vincent DeAngelis of the People's Party for Labor & Democracy ((Note: UAT will be checking for throwaway accounts and duplicate accounts. If you are caught doing either of this, or something similar, you will be punished. Do not ask people to vote on an OOC level for specific candidates, or else you will be punished for inciting metagame)) As a reminder for all citizens of our fair county, the Commissioner elections is one of, if not the most important election we hold in the Los Santos County. The Commissioner is the head of the Board of Supervisors, the County Government and presides over all our governmental agencies. We urge voters to choose wisely when they vote, because whichever candidates win, will serve a six month term ((real life months)) unless the newly elected Commissioner is incapacitated, resigns or is impeached. Stay tuned for more news regarding the elections! Nicklaus Wuttemberg, County Commissioner.
  10. @Vubstersmurf @Unitts The form doesn't seem to work, it goes through the successfully but the actual thread/application isn't showing up anywhere.
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