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  1. **Email spam directing to the Liberty Style Pizza homepage would be sent out, informing you that a menu has now been added to the website**
  2. Liberty Style Pizza is a fast casual, family owned & run pizza business located in Vinewood. We operate in a quick service environment, with a focus on customer service and quality ingredients. All of that while creating a community around our pizza. We opened our doors in the pinnacle of Los Santos in January 1947 and we quickly became a regular stop for the noon lunch crowd, meeting up for pizza and drinks with friends in the evenings and gathering with family on Sundays. Liberty Style Pizza was started by Guido Magliano, (a first generation Italian immigrant who moved from Italy to Libe
  3. Birthday05/07/1945 Happy birthday u old fuck

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      where was my happy birthday u ukanian fuk

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  4.  County Commissioner Elections Office of The County Commissioner April 30th, 2020 Greetings, fellow citizens! Today marks the end of my tenure as County Commissioner. My time as Commissioner may have not been the most progressive one, which I deeply regret but today marks the beginning of a new era under libertarian leadership. Congratulations to Commissioner Casey Hughes (( @Eloquent )) who has won by default! Due to the lack of entries into the elections, Mr.Hughes was the only candidate to stand in these elections, therefore he has won by default.
  5. UPDATE Today is the final day to sign up as a candidate for the elections. **Advertisements about the election would be widespread, encouraging people to sign up.**
  6. County Commissioner Elections Announcement April 16th 2020 Greetings, fellow citizens! Today, the County of Los Santos is announcing elections of the County Commissioner's office nearing the end of Richard Turner's first term. Voting for the County Commissioner elections will be taking place on May 1st to May 3rd. Candidates who wish to run for the County Commissioner seat must submit their candidacy to the Supervisor of Elections for the County of Los Santos. Results of the election will be posted the following Monday of May 4th 2020. The length of the term
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