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  1. DrJoseEviI

    Re add Dynamic Lighting.

    Correct and wrong, a simple timecyc ENB does not affect ambience of lighting but are more focused on contrast, colour and brightness. ENB mods usually consist of several additional plugin (usually DLLs, some are to replace default ones and some are added) that make changes to lighting and shadows. Some ENBs run on CLEO mods which are not really compatible with MTA. Headlights can be improved through texture mods which look quite nice with ENBs. DirectX 2.0 obviously makes lighting look more extravagant, especially with the plethora of fancy reflections it introduces, lens flares, etc. In most cases ENB lighting is not ‘dynamic’ but it is faked by making things darker and increasing contrast and brightness in areas where light is shown (which is why a lot of ENBs look like everything is lit up by a LED lamp with the power of a thousand sons during the day time). I sincerely doubt that. I’ve played on both good and shit rigs. Even when I upgraded my graphics card there was still a 10-20 FPS drop. Due to the insane amount of vehicles on the server, when a lot of people have their headlights on, it’s creating dozens of lights all at once, it causes what I call ‘freeze’ zones (areas that cause your game to freeze up for a couple seconds and lower your fps tremendously) some times as well. I remember when Idlewood had to be avoided by some at all costs due to the lag it caused, because if you went into it you end up looking like a looping video of something smashing into a wall ten times before teleporting down the street. During hours of the day where there were very few people online the FPS lag would be minimal (players do cause FPS lag surprisingly), and when there was a bunch online and everyone is zipping around in their vehicles, FPS would be impacted server side. You’re likely use to incredibly low FPS that you couldn’t see the difference or you’re just bluffing. I’m willing to conduct a test and upload it to YouTube using the dynamic lighting scripts.
  2. DrJoseEviI

    Re add Dynamic Lighting.

    Dynamic lighting is a ENB, find one that looks like it and install it client side. GTA V is a completely seperate game and the specs for it are much different than San Andreas, if you can play it, good for you. Dynamic lighting is a un-needed feature that causes more harm than good when it comes to performance, comparing it to another game entirely is a poor joke. There’s no need to introduce new elements into the MTA server that impacts performance heavily. Aesthetics are something users should be able to enjoy on their own, a example of this is installing a weapon mod, that’s something you enjoy and it’s purely aesthetic. If you do not enjoy ENBs you shouldn’t be praising dynamic lighting because it is a ENB that’s based off a old San Andreas ENB that made nights darker and lights more realistic, Im sure it’s still floating around on SA modding sites, go download it and install it client side if you enjoy it so much. Bringing back something that was removed for the reason of boosting server performance is like shooting yourself in the foot, it’s pointless and it’s more trouble than what it’s worth.
  3. DrJoseEviI

    Re add Dynamic Lighting.

    No. The script running in the background still impacts your performance heavily. It consumes 10-20 frames for some and only gives you 5 frames if you toggle it. The server has been better off without it. If you want some nice lighting and graphical features install a client side ENB (if you can’t handle a ENB you can’t handle dynamic lighting, cause it’s essentially a MTA mock-up of a ENB). No need to impact everyone else’s performance over a graphical modification.
  4. DrJoseEviI

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    Then you don’t get a gun, simple as that. If you failed te CCWP it’s because you don’t know the legality of owning and using a firearm. I’ve passed the ccwp four or five times now, each time was on my first or second try.
  5. DrJoseEviI

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    It doesn’t work at all. It’ll give people access to guns without ensuring they know the legality of possessing them and what guns they can posses. We’re not gonna change IC laws via a script suggestion, you understand that, right? This seems more like a open door for DMers
  6. DrJoseEviI

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    Lol NO. Guns are meant to be hard to obtain for the reasons you stated. It’s supposed to be tedious cause it actually helps vet who gets them, and due to the fact this is not a SAMP RPG cops and robbers server and we try to mimic real life, we will never use a system like this. CCWPs are also a IC issue, a script suggestion will not change this at all. We have laws in place stating you must be licensed to own a firearm and I highly doubt those will change. If you’re upset about your CCWP being denied, just ask Tyrone in Idlewood for a glock.
  7. DrJoseEviI

    [YOUTUBE] eddie vs stairs

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: I dont have any relatives.
  8. DrJoseEviI

    [YOUTUBE] eddie vs stairs

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: I'll kick your nan down the stairs.
  9. DrJoseEviI

    [YOUTUBE] eddie vs stairs

    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: gay
  10. DrJoseEviI

    [Youtube] Antimatter

    Username:JHTimeTraveler Comment: only faggots put official in their name. Also the real John Harlend would actually do something about a copy cat, not just shit talk on the internet you faggot.
  11. Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: No

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