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  1. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    *Earl Irwin nods to Erik and lean down forward placing husband palms together and Interlocking his fingers on the desk infront of him.
  2. [DEEPWEB] gunsarmoury.onion

    (( Did you receive UAT approval for your roleplay of setting up a deep web site?))
  3. [Miscellaneous] - Dark Web

    You’re allowed to do so, but it most likely will have to be under owls domain so it can be properly monitored and regulated by administration to monitor and deter metagame, which is why a forum thread is a much easier and viable solution.
  4. [Miscellaneous] - Dark Web

    You are allowed to create deep web sites and access the deep web. You only require UAT approval so they can review your roleplay of setting up a site if you wish to make a deep web thread. No scripting is required, just a simple UAT contact and a forum thread in the IC web section.
  5. Nick Cavolo v. Los Santos Police Department [2/19]

    *John Harlend enters the court room carrying two fully packed McDonalds take out bags and drops himself onto the public seating next to Nicholas
  6. I present to you, the carrying script...

    Blindfolds can be properly utilized now. No more having to remove them script wise so your victim can see where they’re going.
  7. What happens if you’re drivebying? I personally would never lean out a vehicles window, I’d fire from within the cabin. Do the casings still drop or go into the vehicles inventory.
  8. [MAPPING] Los Santos Public School

    I like it and have no issues with it, I can only foresee it becoming a loss of interest. It is better than having it as useless mansion.
  9. Closing the Dev Blog

    omg why!!11
  10. Majestic X8

    *loads the country rifle *
  11. Vostok Bratva

  12. The Red County Mob

    Main post updated, 2 new characters added under the Lore section.
  13. [Weapon Licenses] - Revise

    I agree with was ResidentPeach has to say. In a way, misusing your firearm such as shooting while intoxicated is essentially a violation of the rules, obviously no admin would punish you for that but it’s a very generic example. I believe with amending the rule to remove OOC repercussions for IC misuse but still forbid the illegal transfer/sales of licensed firearms/ammo to others, since a Ammunation NPC is pretty much a infinite gun spawner. The PD is able to maintain a standard of who they issue permits to, and maybe handle special assignments for possible misuse of firearms.

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