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  1. This is very halal. Interested in seeing where this goes.
  2. Sled build or flood on gmod
  3. Yes to all of this, apart from money. If you’re deep into fallout lore like I am, you’ll know there’s several currencies throughout each instalment of the series. Rather than following the gold or oil standard, the value of currency is normally backed by a settlement’s purified water reserves. There’s Hubscript, Bottle caps, NCR dollars, Legion denarious and Pre-war currency. Each of the currencies are valued differently in each game, with bottle caps being the main currency as there is limited supply of Nuka-Cola bottles. We could even follow the standard of the Metro series and use ammunition as currency for direct trade. Currency is one of those things entirely affected by the populace, and shouldn’t be affected via script, just like how inflation works. What should be done is to disable hourly paydays so we don’t generate new money, and all faction banks be wiped. Some people may accept paper cash, some may only do direct trade or some might only accept a certain item as currency.
  4. Indeed, that's why crafting would be a brilliant idea.
  5. I believe all of these ideas would be beneficial for MTA in it's current setting. Especially the crafting component, imagine building makeshift shelters during harsh weather, or crafting small melee weapons.
  6. DrJoseEviI

    Lynch Mob

    Take this far, looking forward to see you all in-game.
  7.  Property Insurance Program Office of The County Commissioner November 12th, 2019 Greetings, fellow citizens! During my campaign, I promised to institute a property insurance program that would protect citizens from criminal damages. This program is simple, and easy to enroll in. Below will contain a step by step set of instructions of how this program will work, and how you can become apart of it. File a public contact to the County Government, HERE, be sure to include that your contact is an insurance request. Include a picture of your property with the market price ((the interior price, an admin can check this for you in-game). Include as much details about your property, such as security devices, fire equipment, the general location of your property, as well as the address and ZIP code ((interior ID)). Once you have submitted your form, a representative from our finance division will eventually send you a response, giving you further instructions for payment, or a potential rejection of your insurance request. Below is a list of policies for the Property Insurance Program. By opting-in to the Property Insurance Program, these are the following policies you agree to: The Property Insurance Program has only one mandatory payment when enrolling, if an insurance request is accepted, the applicant will pay 1/3rd of the market value for the property they wish to insure. This payment is known as the 'entry payment' or 'enrollment payment'. Any insurance request for a property worth over 400,000 will be rejected. Applicant must not have any criminal charges related to arson or explosives possession. Any form of vandalism, damage, partial or total destruction caused to the property itself as an illegal act, committed by a criminal malcontent will be repaired by and at the expense of the County Government. The Property Insurance Program only covers the property itself, and not the possessions on or within the property, i.e vehicles, personal belongings, furniture or similar. The property owner is able to opt-out at any time, for whatever reason. Opting out of the insurance program renders the property owner entitled to a full refund of the enrollment money they paid to the County Government. Upon selling or transferring the title of ownership to another individual, the insurance agreement for that property becomes null and void. Transferring or selling the ownership title to another individual cancels out the property's insurance coverage. The transferring owner is entitled to collect their enrollment payment after or before they transfer ownership of their property. Richard Turner, County Commissioner.
  8. The Vanilla Unicorn added to list of positions.
  9. IRVINE INDUSTRIES - THE VANILLA UNICORN Howdy! Irvine Industries has recently expanded to the inner city of the Los Santos County, and have purchased the Vanilla Unicorn! Head on down to the finest Gentlemen's club in the County, grab a drink and enjoy the show! Food and drinks will be served normally when open. If you are interested in renting out our venue for a private gathering, please send us an email!
  10.  Business Licensing & The CAA Office of The County Commissioner November 7th, 2019 Greetings, fellow citizens! As part of my campaign, I promised to make changes to our business licensing system. I've noticed that there is one piece of red tape that is both demotivating and non-incentive for our average citizen who seeks to start a business. That red tape, is the waiting period for approval for a business license. From now on, all business licenses are automatically approved, as long as the appropriate fees are paid for the according licenses. If there is an error in your permit, you will be notified by a member of the licensing department. Safety inspections are not required either in order to open a business, however installing and equipping your business with safety measures and fire equipment is to be done at your own discretion and is also highly recommended. In other news, a new Administrator for the County Air Administration has been appointed, due to our previous Administrator failing to show up for work in over a month. Pilots license applications and other airport services are now available from the County Air Administration. Congratulations to our new Administrator, Alexander Shads. I have full faith in Mr.Shads to execute his duties well, and provide the proper leadership needed for the County Air Administration. Mr.Shads is well experienced with airport operations, and is a wonderful addition to our government. Richard Turner, County Commissioner. ((In regards to paying fees for business licensing, just /charity the appropriate amount of money and attach a screenshot to the form when submitting your license.))
  11. Well, If were going by zoning logic we saw on MTA, most players prefer the city. My faction was the only group the really populated the county during our venture on there, but even then we spent most of our time in the city because that’s where everyone was RPing. Perhaps being solely in the county was a turn off for a lot of people, this is the largest poll we’ve seen in a while, no other poll I’ve seen in the last year or so gained as many votes like this, besides my suggestion on banning underaged esex.
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