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  1. We need Professor Christine Weston Chandler to show us the way.
  2. Communist Threat - The Vorostavskaya Organization. Easter Night April 21st 2019. An attempted assassination was made against Party Chancellor Klaus Wunnenberg while spreading news of the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party. A soldier of a Communist organization, identified as the Vorostavskaya attempted to box in Klaus Wunnenberg in the party advertising truck and rob him of what they assumed to be a truck containing valuables, little did they know it was empty. Klaus Wunnenberg, the brave leader he is refuted the thugs demands for access to the truck and monetary payment at threats of violence. The thug drew a gun on the Chancellor and he returned immediate fire, returning back to Chancellery after the Communist fighter retreated. Chancellor Wunnenberg has contacted the authorities and is waiting for a response in regards to this. Changes will be made and police crack downs will commence against the Vorostavskaya. No criminal communists shall roam free while they impose such dangers. Remember, together we shall unify! "Communists are criminals, and people who work with them are too! With the resurgence of the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, once elected swift changes will be implemented." ~Klaus Wunnenberg, RHWP April 14th Rally.
  3. There shouldn't be any reason they'd have a problem with said gang unless something happens icly.
  4. Questions & Answers Session - Proposal The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party is willing to do a public Q&A session, all would be welcome to attend. People attending will get the chance to ask three questions each of Party Chancellor Klaus Wunnenberg. We urge you to place a vote on our online poll, a yes vote would be towards a Q&A, no would be against it. The Q&A will be held Friday, April 26th (the night before the elections). If you have any interest in local politics, or have concerns for the future of the County after the upcoming elections, we encourage you to vote yes and attend! The poll will end on Tuesday, April 23rd. https://www.strawpoll.me/17845568
  5. new pfp boys

  6. What QueenC said is true. Contacts aren't handled alone. They're handled by a group of people who vote on them and make a collaborative decision.
  7. *posted by JHTimeTraveler* ”Gaze into the eye of Harlend”
  8. April Elections We stand now, at the precipice. Our great County once more threatens to crumble, to topple into the sea of lawlessness and despair that has ruled us all for years. In short, my dearest Los Santos - we are at war. It is only a matter of time before the election, where the great people of Los Santos will come to vote. Let them come, I say! Vote for Klaus Wunnenberg, the man will lead this County to salvation! Our opposition will follow us, traitorous wave, after wave will crash against our walls. The Opposition will fail! All those who fight against a free and prosperous county will fail! I am Party Chancellor, Klaus Wunnenberg, and this is my pledge -- no one, NO ONE will take this great county away from us! God bless Los Santos and God bless America! Be sure to cast your vote on April 27-28th. Vote for Klaus Wunnenberg! April 14th Rally Below is a written transcript of Party Chancellor, Klaus Wunnenberg's speech.
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