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  1. Serbian Legend - Dragan Milosevic got CK'ed .. yayy

    1. Squirdo


      That's what you get for having surname Milosevic.

  2. No point. So you will have to describe Police handcuffs as a blue , gold cuffs with a few scratches on it?
  3. Santos

    Vehicles IRL?

    V0.5 Engine. Absolute beast.
  4. So you saying if I put my motorbike on auction which costs 500 bucks , need to put a -500 starting bid? Or maybe 1 dollar starting bid? Sellers do what they want , it’s their property and their thinking .
  5. Yes, that's what I was saying before, but I think you can't understand me about that "provoking" , just scroll a bit up and read the situation.
  6. Listen , you can't understand me I guess, but if you think that I'm lying, could you please show it ? Yes I'm trying to find a way out in truthly way , because this is a fault , and it's not correct CK. I don't care what are your problems right now, if it's IC or OOC . I created this appeal , to show that CK was not right .
  7. I'm right now from phone , but I think that I didn't say " I did " to thing where he said I provoked him , there supposed to be thing before that which I answered with " I did". Yes , but tell me what should I do , when you said it will be CK , should I accept it as " yes , sure" , I rather be sarcastic and say " rip, okey?" also when @smirklis threat me that I need to do /selfck , before admin and that . Listen , I know yes maybe it my problem , but I can't explain over over it again that I did the honking tune . I was under pressure when we had situation and I couldn't think openly , so I couldn't tell all things , but I think that I said I played the " honking tune in scene"
  8. Nah mate, stop abusing me for lying. I will fight till I will prove the CK wasn't proper. I'm not changing the statements mate, that's the same what I told @bartman . Of course I want to save my character, because the CK is not correct at all. That's what you did sounds pathetic in real life and unlogical. Right I'm out now, will wait for answer from staff, and then we will see.
  9. You went my way, but then when I saw you near gas station , I tried to overtake you and beeped at the same time, jheez, look in your video what you made.
  10. Disregard my life? Are you mad? I was driving around and beeping, not stopping at constant person and beeping at him, hear the thing first. Wait, did you say disregard my life? I bet you seen people driving around in real life and beeping, so they should be scared that someone will take their life away, because they were driving around and beeping a chant or whatever? EDIT : You see in video where you shot me? While I was RPing and saying something (typing) , you just came , didn't say a word and shot me in head. You have to be some kind animal or disabled person, with unstable nerves to do that IRL.
  11. How's my information is false? Prove it when I'm lying. I'm telling all this what happened.. Yes there were loads of people in Pizza Stack, but I didn't just stop at front of him and beeping, I was just driving past Pizza stack and start beeping the chant jheez mate. Don't judge the book by it's cover, understand the thing what's happened, and then say. "you were honking at him ALSO " - I didn't honk at anyone, I was driving past and honking, only who threated me was you and him I guess.
  12. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- CorTE Character Name- Theodor Montagne Date of Incident- 08/11/2017 Supervising Administrator- @Bartman Narrative- So basically, I was driving with my car around and then I start beeping at one car, which was at the front of me , then it drove off, but I kept driving around and beeping . Then after few minutes @smirklis - Brian Iverson , stopped near me and started threating me ICly , that I will get in problems , about to stop horning - beeping. I didn't listen, and drove off, then after few minutes I started beeping around, by doing hockey chant. Then I saw @smirklis driving at the front of me. I tried to overtake him and beeped the same chant, but suddenly he turned to short road and I overtook him , then he suddenly started chasing me for around 5-10 minutes. Then suddenly someone someone joined with him and followed me. I took a corner of the road with like 35-55km/h and hit the lamp post. Then he stopped and I RP'ed, I didn't finish my RP, I tried to say something IC and RP but then suddenly he came up to me, while I was starting typing and he shot me in head. So I died. Then he PM'ed me and said to do /selfck, that apparently I provoked him. Then after 10 minutes @bartman teleported me to him, and he was with @smirklis Brian Iverson and some other people, who weren't involved. Then apparently @smirklis sent him a video of my death and like that , explained all. Sounded like that Brian got really roasted, he was also telling me in PM , that like around 4 guys got CK since summer, because of that. Then @bartman said that I get CK, and he CK'ed me. So basically this all thing and situation don't sound logical. I can't imagine, you driving around some place in real life and beeping some chant, and then someone starts chasing and then at the end don't say any words and just shoot in head. I would understand if someone like punches window and starts argument with me why I'm beeping. Anyways, that's all what I had to say. I could see my problem, but because of beeping, you don't have to shoot someone in head, this just sound unreal. Evidence- @smirklis got evidence of me getting killed. Only the evidence what I can show, is when @smirklis said one sentence ICly and it was threat. Killing - [2017-08-11 22:11:53] [Output] : * Brian Iverson lifts up his shirt, as he grips the handle of the Viper JAWS with his right palm flicking the safety off * [2017-08-11 22:11:57] [Output] : * Sam Martinez presses on the key to unlock the vehicle. ((1995 Kawasaki GPZ900R)) * [2017-08-11 22:11:58] [Output] : District IC: You'd hear a series of loud pistol gunshots echoing throughout the vicinity [2017-08-11 22:11:58] [Output] : * Theodor Montagne's head was blown off. * Threat - [2017-08-11 22:08:01] [Output] : [English] Brian Iverson says: Keep horning, ill crack your fucking head wide open. (After that he started chasing me) CK - [2017-08-11 22:38:03] [Output] : Your character was CK'ed by Thomas Scott. Method of Death- Shot in head with pistol. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
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