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  1. Serbian Legend - Dragan Milosevic got CK'ed .. yayy

    1. Christianity


      That's what you get for having surname Milosevic.

  2. No point. So you will have to describe Police handcuffs as a blue , gold cuffs with a few scratches on it?
  3. Santos

    Vehicles IRL?

    V0.5 Engine. Absolute beast.
  4. So you saying if I put my motorbike on auction which costs 500 bucks , need to put a -500 starting bid? Or maybe 1 dollar starting bid? Sellers do what they want , it’s their property and their thinking .
  5. Santos

    Little Moscow Gang

    The week started the same as other Dragan finds job at SAN Victim of shootout in El Corona Meets new mates -
  6. Santos

    Little Moscow Gang

    "Get rid of what you don't need"
  7. Santos

    Little Moscow Gang

    Stop stalking me
  8. Santos

    Little Moscow Gang

    "Big day - Big Adventures - Next time choose better victim if you can't handle it"
  9. Yes, that's what I was saying before, but I think you can't understand me about that "provoking" , just scroll a bit up and read the situation.
  10. Listen , you can't understand me I guess, but if you think that I'm lying, could you please show it ? Yes I'm trying to find a way out in truthly way , because this is a fault , and it's not correct CK. I don't care what are your problems right now, if it's IC or OOC . I created this appeal , to show that CK was not right .
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