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  1. Brodyaga777

    Bratva Vostoka

    Good luck with this.
  2. Brodyaga777

    Fame St. Crew

    Close this.
  3. Brodyaga777

    Fame St. Crew

  4. Brodyaga777

    Fame St. Crew

  5. Brodyaga777

    Fame St. Crew

  6. Brodyaga777

    Fame St. Crew

    ''Fame St. Crew'' or ''Riguel's Scheme'' is a small crew that is formed on Fame Street of Los Santos. The crew is consisting of afro-american teenagers in age from 12 to 18. The main source of money making for this crew is drug-dealing but they also do other illegal things like carjacking, robberies and some sort of illegal services. This crew is founded by Riguel Brooks,. Crew's main plan is to make a big, profitable drug circle around the Fame Street's area and a network that goes all around the Los Santos. ''Cause man get money with the gang, man get girls with the gang, Man eat food with the gang, man talk slang so the feds can't work out what I just said to a man.'' OOC The best way to join this crew is to portray a poor kid, resident of a Fame Street or somewhere near it. and in the interest of making money.
  7. Hit me up if anyone's interested in throwing up an afro-american gang.

  8. Brodyaga777

    Can't remember my UCP name.

  9. Brodyaga777

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

  10. Brodyaga777

    Can't remember my UCP name.

    I'm using a new PC
  11. Brodyaga777

    Can't remember my UCP name.

    No, I don't. I know all my passwords but every nickname and e mail I use anywhere is different. Didn't use it for a while and can't remember it now.
  12. Brodyaga777

    Can't remember my UCP name.

    Hey everyone, so, I'm about to start playing oG again but I can't remember my old UCP name and e-mail. Can you please help me? I had a character Darnell Crawford. pls send it at PM. Proof that it's my character -

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