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  1. This will be a list of a must watch movies about post soviet organized crime, mostly Russian but it will also show other ethnicity groups in the movies. 1. Racketeer;Rekitir (Рэкетир - 2007) This is the movie I find the most interesting from every movie I've watched, it doesn't show how Russians operate, but it does show a criminal group after the fall of USSR. It's decent if you want to get a general idea of how things work. But the traditions and w/e they show aren't Russian at all but Kazakhstan. The movie tells the story of a man named Sayan, that had to live through harsh 1990s and make tough decisions. There are some scenes from the movie in the spoiler. There is also movie Reketir 2 but I don't find it that interesting and it won't be listed in here as it's more a love story of a low street criminal and a girl of a businessman but it has a very big connection with the first movie. 2. Zhmurki (Жмурки - 2005) A comedy, of sort, about Russian crime in the '90s. If you get why it's funny for the most part, you're more than ready for Russian crime RP. In my opinion, this is a very good movie with a good story. Will add a trailer in the spoiler. 3. Brat 1 and 2. (Брат - 1997) Shows a conflict between a criminal group and their former contract killer. The second one doesn't focus on that, but it's still a good movie, so watch Brat 2 if you want to - I found it extremely good. I will post trailers of both movies in the spoiler. 4. Bumer (Бумер - 2003) Bumer is NOT about a criminal organization. I've seen 1321 people RPing their organization based on this film. Well, don't. It's just not about an organization, it's about 4 friends doing illegal activities to survive. It'll give you a good idea about living in the '90s, not how to RP as criminals) 5. Reshala. (Решала) Move is about modern day Russian crime, it shows a story of two brothers, one who's a street criminal that can be called ''gopnik'' or a street robber who gets drunk, does shit and doesn't really have a connections to a big organized crime group and his brother lawyer who's working on a Russian mafia.
  2. providing on what ethnicity and what type of organization it is can't be used as metagaming, only in some stupid ways.
  3. I'd say you really need to work on the thread because the logo is just a bullsh*t. Good luck.
  4. https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-san-andreas/graphic/24170-gta-sa-iv-los-santos-re-textured-ciy.html
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