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  1. Damn @DoPrius21 @JuKoB @thrall4477
  2. Lets not speak about the bad moments and admins bullying and abusing powers upon me and my friends but me and my friends will miss the game so much with our deep memories on it specially my self this game taught me a lot it taught how to act in certain situations and how to respect the rules and it taught me how to speak english it was more fun and addicting and enjoyable than any other game it wasn't just a game it was life i wont forget every moment of this great server Owlgaming never leaves our conversation we played it for years and i think we didn't have enough of it there was always something new to do in the game that made it more enjoyable. sadly i say it goodbye Owlgaming with our great memories and years spent on you. Much love and respect from Reapers MC. https://imgur.com/a/IZS86Gd
  3. GL TPG sorry I couldn't be there
  4. BeDo99

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    Regarding the children roleplay, I think it should be allowed but with a UAT request or make an application thread that they can apply on for children RP alt, and you should add some Children RP rules regarding on his age. that's just my opinion thanks.
  5. BeDo99

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    shit, you got some quick skills with taking screenshots. lel doprius gj he deserved it.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle THE AUCTION ENDED THANKS.
  7. haha funny from a new admin actually but what i don't want to do a history appeal here but what i wanna say that it's prohibited in Owl Gaming thanks. and there should be an Un-ck in progress.
  8. Actually, its still prohibited in Owl gaming to shot as the driver. its a void 100% and a punish but idk its their choice .
  9. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- m7maadgamal Character Name- Jackson Jamal Date of Incident- 06/04/2017 Supervising Administrator- I Dont know. Narrative- Actually, we have attempted to resolve this before but we got a new proof and we can't post it that must change the whole situation as there was a rule break going on while we didnt notice it yesterday. So the Rule break was the Driver was shooting while driving and Owl Gaming Prohibited that and i got jailed multiple times for that reasons and many situations got voided for that. So i think that can make the whole situation change to an Un-Ck. See the video and judge its a Void 100%. Thanks for reading. Evidence- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrpkzpG9d2U Method of Death- Drive by. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  10. Actually, Kim Sutter wasn't on the roof, and however, you still Didn't see him as he was masked and no one was near him. And i was involved @Law And nice MDC there in ur car.
  11. actually, any kid won't accept this Logs you know why? cuz it shows nothing even it doesn't show Leonard Stewart or Jabriel in it or a screen shot of the incidence and it may have been just a miss click on the bind. idk how u accepted it my small brother wich is 6 years old will laugh if he saw this xD.
  12. Wasnt i trying to escape from the other street? And you can see the logs of me and my friend we were escaping..
  13. Wasnt i running away? Then i am blind then...
  14. Actually i wanned to jump of the bike or do anything to avoid ck, but i was scared if he comes after me to kill me and it also will be ck .. i see no point of cking me for driving escaping and by the way i wasnt preforming any drive bys and i know ohhpixleZ point of view he is just a unreachable guy, denids everything dunno if he'd accept that. With my full respect to him anyway..
  15. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Style Character Name- Bob Davidson Date of Incident- 04/08/2017 Supervising Administrator- Kaiko yakousha Narrative- Alright so first of all i 've been escaping from them taking my bike i found a random guy hiting me wich he couldnt know its me that i shot on his friends cuz i took of my cloth and changed the bandana.. so he hit me with his car my passenger started shotting and i dont care about his actions and not responsible for it and didnt say to do that... i just rped and started running away from another street suddenly he showed again shotting at me when i fell of trying to rp and didnt give me time to.. its okay till then, but cking me wasnt that thing i liked cuz you didnt even recongize me and i wasnt the guy who shot at you so i must 've been pked.. thanks for reading And if you wanna ck someone its my passenger cuz he shot at you..but for me it should be a Evidence- Dont need anything rather than the admin logs you can see but if you need an ss i can get you one. Method of Death- Rammed and got killed while rping. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
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