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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------- New day - New work.
  2. from igs to pizza stack if this goes where we go now, since you know where's a better place to /me chuckles at? lol
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  4. Username: ⋆ Dr. Ptr. Martin Ssempa [Official] ⋆ Comment: You are not the real Martin Ssempa, it is me. You are right about the phrase "Fisting" & "Licking" however. To make matters worse however, sometimes when they are doing the homosexual sex practice called "Anal Fisting" the poo-poo comes out and they smear it all over their face... Disgusting... Obama is this really what you want for Africa? Anywho, I am from the Ugandan Task-Force Against Homosexuality - together we can stop this un-natural behavior! Stand with us brothers and sisters!
  5. Bartiex

    Rollin' Stones

    I do indeed, don't wear all one colour. Good luck.
  6. Name: RanB Bid: Starting
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Apologies from me for the lack of screenshots from myself. I've just gotten back to school the other week, and I've been dealing with a load of stuff to do with school. We're still here.
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  11. Bartiex


    Good to see my old bike in use, lmfao.
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rest in Peace
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