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  1. I'll BlueBerry your sister. Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember: The old forums, where the formatting wasnt completely fucked.
  2. What's this Belgica guy doing here, he's got beer that needs to be drank.
  3. Far too complex with far too little purpose. Scripting something like this would require a complete rebuild of the current inventory system, which is far from possible with the development speed Owl has at this moment.
  4. MASK_CHARACTERID. Report people based on their characterid that's shown while masked. Problem solved.
  5. My boy Braunson starts sweating whenever I bring out the riot memes.

  6. (( Lmfao @Lyricist they made this a ricer home, pls feed me anthrax ))
  7. Lyricist is about that Ocho Cinco. 

    1. Lyricist


      What the fuck are you on about?

  8. I think you mistook this for a need for speed most wanted server.
  9. On the next episode of " owlgaming: restrict everything "...
  10. Not like you really suffer under the ad fees, @Lewis. I agree with the suggestion, ads irl run for very little money, especially on a local level, I can place a 5"x5" ad in the local paper for 50$. Not to mention a 1 line advertisement.
  11. Honestly, this is a great idea, if it's restricted to VCT members and admins only.
  12. Does anyone here RP anything that's not ricing or police rp? 

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    2. BboyEnzo


      do you even hoover?

    3. Rebirth


      i'm roleplaying a ricer policeman

    4. Boody


      im a model police officer that drives a turbocharged volkswagen at night w/ carbon hood, when no one is online i become an rs haul driver so i can add a carbon roof to my volkswagen

  13. When the likewhores are at your gate but you cozy asf where you are. 

  14. When people who are still in supporter kindergarten start talking up to you like they're all that because they have that green name shit going on. 

    1. Manjot


      Oh, hi there.

  15. There are so many features that can be added to the phone, but it needs fixing if anything.
  16. I must be too much of an oldfag, because I can't find anything in this new theme. 

  17. OwlGaming the community where only positive comments are welcomed on faction threads and constructive criticism is considered bashing.

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