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  1. My boy Braunson starts sweating whenever I bring out the riot memes.

  2. Lyricist is about that Ocho Cinco. 

    1. Lyricist


      What the fuck are you on about?

  3. Does anyone here RP anything that's not ricing or police rp? 

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    2. BboyEnzo


      do you even hoover?

    3. Rebirth


      i'm roleplaying a ricer policeman

    4. Boody


      im a model police officer that drives a turbocharged volkswagen at night w/ carbon hood, when no one is online i become an rs haul driver so i can add a carbon roof to my volkswagen

  4. When the likewhores are at your gate but you cozy asf where you are. 

  5. When people who are still in supporter kindergarten start talking up to you like they're all that because they have that green name shit going on. 

    1. Manjot


      Oh, hi there.

  6. I must be too much of an oldfag, because I can't find anything in this new theme. 

  7. OwlGaming the community where only positive comments are welcomed on faction threads and constructive criticism is considered bashing.

  8. tfw the forum nazis close a 'nazi worshipping thread'.

  9. Owl Gaming is finally starting to turn from a race server to a roleplay server, nice!

  10. About time that the ricers are purged.

  11. About to slide into the DMs of the #1 forum rep position

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    2. BlueBerry


      Atleast I don't rep a dead caliphate :~)

    3. Poffy


      the ideals of the khilafah will always live on

  12. OwlGaming the place where DTOs are non-profit organizations.

  13. Sinaloa Cartel; Mata arroceras

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    2. Dynath


      Is that a hermes belt son? ( Btw who made this for you I need something of this quality )

    3. BlueBerry


      I made it myself, it's a head swap with some texturing and custom parts (the belt for example). It's actually the first skin I made.

    4. Error404
  14. I hear that Braun is the captain now.

    1. MindScape


      Look at me.

      I'm da captain now.

    2. Strickland


      once a captain, always a captain

  15. I heard the forum censorship is on that Northern Korea shit?

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    2. Craazy


      i heard that urine cures athlete's foot

    3. Poffy


      i heard craazy is fake persian

    4. Bum


      i luv u bluebery

  16. >tfw Moe's toenail has more illegal rp knowledge than the new illegal FMT members.

  17. Where u at though, Chaos? You're on the bottom of the top 3 now.

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    2. Craazy


      I can't hear you guysl from my top spot.

    3. iii


      What's the Reputation's based on? likes?

    4. maramizo
  18. Santa de la Automatico

  19. Chapo is the superior kingpin.

    1. Batman


      Corrado is to be soon

    2. Danik


      LS local chapo el jefe guzman washes cars, wash good-good! clean-clean!

  20. Lesbihonest league is now sponsored by F. Rousseau Incorperated.

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