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  1. This is a pretty good backstory, damn.
  2. in shelves which were too big to properly fit in the int*
  3. I'll BlueBerry your sister. Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember: The old forums, where the formatting wasnt completely fucked.
  4. I made this meme for you 


  5. I dont see you around, hmm.

  6. Far too complex with far too little purpose. Scripting something like this would require a complete rebuild of the current inventory system, which is far from possible with the development speed Owl has at this moment.
  7. MASK_CHARACTERID. Report people based on their characterid that's shown while masked. Problem solved.
  8. Have you been innactive or something? I haven't seen you around latelly. :C

  9. Hello legendary member.

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