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  1. No! Truth be told, this server doesn’t run on epic gamer moments. Good suggestion and with a larger player base, I think it could work. I’m sure that this could work in GTA V roleplay due to an estimated rise in new players, but for the mean time OGRP needs all the money it can get. For all I know, Chaos could have thousands upon thousands already stored away for the server, I’m not entirely sure. Although, people do spend thousands of hours in this game, maybe give the people 10% of the GC’s (rounded down) for said refund.
  2. Jamie

    Engine Swap.

    I clearly said reference, did I not? Just because I’m absent from IG doesn’t mean I don’t stay in touch with people who are. Also refrain from touching on subjects about myself that you aren’t familiar with. Back in the day I was quite the vehicle finatic, owning a dealership/modification shop on one of my characters.
  3. @QueenC for sharing the poon.
  4. Jamie

    Engine Swap.

    Half of VCT don’t really care about what you roleplay, but how you roleplay. Go ahead and search “OwlGaming Engine Swap” in pastebin and use someone else’s roleplay as a reference. It’s sad that these money-hungry kids in this community won’t help you out.
  5. Usage is universal or dependent on particular characters. Kidnapping is used as an alternative, rather than killing someone in rare cases. I’m not sure about you, but most sane criminals aren’t totally on board with executing another human being. With that said, some are and some aren’t. What you have to understand is that Illegal RP isn’t dead due to these current kidnapping rules. Illegal RP is cut throat when it comes to situational and developmental roleplay. Everyone is struggling to surpass the next average gang banger in Los Santos. Everyone wants to be the equivalent to Al Capone, (which isn’t necessarily a negative thing) but no one wants to be a depth character. I’m not blaming anyone due to this simple fact that is, “To each is their own.” Which means do whatever the hell you want. You skimmed throughout the entirety of my reply and made a half relevant statement about a singular point that I made. I thought I wouldn’t have to write this out, but rules impact roleplay in both positive and negative ways. If your character gets kidnapped, tough luck, the roleplay environment differs from legal to illegal. As I stated above, illegal roleplayers are “fiending” for developmental roleplay opportunities as they are limited. For example if you’re in PD and your character gets CK’ed or even if you get kidnapped, you can OOCly reinstate to combat that situation. If you’re a ragged gang member in a rather exciting street gang and you happen to get CK’ed or kidnapped, you have to start from square one. (faction wise) Finally, you made a point that individuals whom have kidnapped you only role played with you very briefly. I hate to break it to you, but passive RP can be done almost anywhere at any time. It might not be as interesting or fulfilling as role playing with intent and whatnot, but it adds to immersion. As I stated above, you’re SOL when it comes to being kidnapped. Just because it limits your roleplay doesn’t mean that it limits everyone’s roleplay. Roleplay is is a game of negatives and positives as is life, take your negatives with a pinch of salt and enjoy your positives with the lust of requiring more.
  6. Nothing is going to change unless UAT decides upon doing such. Your suggestion might influence them, yet it’s very unlikely. Limiting this or even perhaps making regulations on reasoning ruins roleplay and immersion as a whole. An abundant amount of people have made this clear above, but OP is blinded by the fact that this is a game, for all intensive purposes is made to simulate a hardcore style of life (roleplay). This community is littered with a variety of rules that limit or constrict roleplay instead of encouraging and increasing it. Community members who fall under the Illegal column are always attempting to do rash acts in order to feed their roleplay desires. It’s no secret that illegal roleplay is very hard to spot, let alone create in OwlGaming. Those large few who are under the opposite column (i.e Legal Roleplayers) are given ten times the amount of opportunities than the other side. In layman terms, Legal roleplayers want everything to go according to plan, whilst Illegal roleplayers strive to develop their characters for better or worse. Los Santos’ slums have always been active, yet in recent times they have been dangling by a thread. Stop trying to ruin illegal roleplay because it isn’t the way you want to take part in this community.
  7. But we've made a pedo rp rule. It happens each and everyday. IC is IC, no?
  8. Swanker informed me that the person with the shotgun didn't kill me scriptwise after I was in the 'respawn' state via PM's. I'd appreciate if you could stop assuming stuff and try to make it seem as if I'm manipulating situation with text. As for the indicidual whom was ran over, he got out of the animation and continued to fire upon me whilst I had already shot him in his torso and arm. If you know the situation so keenly, tell us who you were ICly.
  9. Broad daylight? You could say that but it was clearly in a nook within an alleyway. No one in sight as well as you can't tell me "NPC's" randomly explore alleyways, if anything they would avoid them. Cant recall all the names or access the logs due to a memeory issue with my laptop. @ProudFamily was involved, he should be able to confirm that he was ran over and on the ground during the time when he was shot at. On top of that @Swanker should be able to explain to you that he was ran over as he was there the entire time.
  10. Stop bringing up the same argument when @Script has already rebuttled.
  11. There comes a time when you need them and you don't. Back in the day you could say that they were relevant because owl had such a strong player base to back it up. Nowadays owl is surrounded by mostly veterans and long-time roleplayers. Admin applications have been opened and closed time in and time out. Just because you lack the knowledge to be an admin doesn't mean that you should conjure up the idea to bring supporters back. Don't worry Fushion, I'm not trying to burst your bubble or assume anything. Admins can do what a supporter can do plus more. This allows communication, punctuation, and cooperation due to the fact that there is only one specified staff team. I hate to say it, but even if owl were to magically obtain fifty more active roleplayers, the supporter rank would be nothing but a mockery as it would be filled with immature idiots that think they know about roleplay but when it comes down to their character development (the most important part about roleplay) they have none or very little. I'm not saying this applicable to all scenarios, but for those few people who are incapable of being an administrator, they will do everything in their power to be on this one. To sum up the mess above, I don't think it should exist, atleast not in owl. Whether it be for the toxicity, player count, or another one of the various negative presences in the community. #FreePoloboy
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