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  1. From what I hear it's a good read. Why look at this when you can learn by attempting to roleplay with an active MC in owl? You can read all the guides you want, but regardless of that number, your experience will take effect. If you fuck up ICly, you fuck up, it's not a big deal. Continue to roleplay as your character and use your characters past situations/experiences to prolong the specified RP you wanna get into. Iss' easy shit fam.
  2. Isn't this just a rant topic? I mean this guy CLEARLY knows his stuff because he "Lives in America". Every place is different. Yours paraphrased through most of the important stuff such as drug abuse, possessions, backstory, and addiction. These are key components that need to be added into the guide. I'm not saying that you aren't credible, but just because you are from America, doesn't mean you know the ups and downs of the gang-life/experience. And throughout your references, you're referencing Chicago of all places. If you're going to reference something that would be not irrelevant, you'd have to point out something such as Los Angeles due to the fact that it can be compared to Los Santos. I understand that not every gang derives from Los Angeles, but Chicago's rules and regulations are a lot more stern than that of Los Santos. Matter fact, I'll rant too! Let's talk about that dialect bit. Individuals speak differently all throughout the world. Apostrophe splicing is acceptable if it's used under certain circumstances. I do agree that it may be abused, but I would also appreciate to point out the fact that there are a lot of people who disregard this portion. Many community members use very little grammar whilst speaking. Some of which forget to place a capital on a noun as well as they mess up when they're using commas. But trust me, you're going to find me saying; Marcel Woods says: "Was'good 'b?" Because that's how it should be done. Although this guide might reveal the in and outs of black related RP, it's not very accurate. At this point, the illegal RP scene is worse than Toronto for its multi-cultural background. As stated above this could be used as a template of some sorts, but I pride on doing my own research and you should do your own too! Many individuals to this day, are still looking for a handout of roleplay. CREATE YOUR OWN. I don't know how many times I, myself had to spoon feed roleplay to another illegal RPer. Remember that you're developing your OWN character, not developing the faction or illegal organization you're in. Be unique. I've been playing OwlGaming since 2014. @Kevin is insanely right about the women particularly always been white and being in PD. It's gotten to the point where they've all become stellar mechanics, six feet tall, lesbians, man features but still feminine. As I said above, this guide is a helpful template, but I do suggest that you do your own research before proceeding. For the past four years, I've had my share of legal and illegal roleplay and I'm telling you it's getting bland seeing the same characters day in and day out. I wanna see some anorexic gang-banger that barely knows English. I wanna see that 6'9", 500Lbs black dude who happens to be mute and is evidently scared of his own shadow. I wanna see people developing their characters by being peer-pressured into taking pills or smoking crack. But we all don't wanna do that, most of the black community comes in a package of ten. You're 6'2", 12" dick, can't stand drugs but you'll sell them off. You hate the cops regardless of the reason, and you'd rather shoot someone than creating an alternate path and roleplay that develops both of your characters. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if you're a stereotypical black individual, but put effort into your roleplay and think of the situation from your characters eyes and not your third person camera view.
  3. If you take one of mine, I'm take ten of yours?

    1. WickJeffe


      Dude chill, I only took a dildo

    2. Nuk3Duk3


      What if you gave me one of yours? you'd take ten of mine?

    3. Jamie


      Goes without saying, if you gave me ten of yours, I might spare you one of mine.

  4. You already said that in discord.
  5. @JuanTwoThree Racist name, but this guy does my reports without even accepting them. He's magical.
  6. Anyone else notice how there is no difference between the KKK and the police nowadays?

    1. JayZawack


      idk, im in the triple K but not in the police

  7. Jamie

    Happy birthday, buddy.

  8. Jamie

    Missing the streams.

  9. @Weelawn For our little PM conversation.
  10. @Destroyed - For fixing my car that one time I lagged into you.
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