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  1. I'm pretty sure this is my faction.
  2. Man, you're crying over a fifty hour alt. Literally if you don't understand the concept of RP or disregard, why are you even playing on the server? I swear my thirty hour character had ten times the development yours had and I'm not out here trying to debate whether a CK is or isn't valid. If I were you, I'd either quit owl or I'd simply make a new alt in a different faction that isn't organised. That way you can learn the ropes of RP as well as you can have your long talks with anyone you want. So childish at this point. "What is disregarded" face ass. Take the CK and shut up. @Salsa is one o
  3. Whatever, you still got dropped.
  4. Number 1: You got dropped. Number 2: You got dropped. Number 3: You got dropped. Look, if you weren't intending to kill or even shoot my character, why did you pull out a firearm? You're the one who pushed for the CK in the first place my guy. Don't ever pull a gun out on someone without understanding the consequences. You stated via '/b' that I am not experienced in roleplaying and that I'm an idiot. You're the one to blame for the CK due to inability to roleplay normally. You're not Big Smoke, Al Capone, nor El Chapo. Roleplay realistically instead of attempting to lure a someone in
  5. No! Truth be told, this server doesn’t run on epic gamer moments. Good suggestion and with a larger player base, I think it could work. I’m sure that this could work in GTA V roleplay due to an estimated rise in new players, but for the mean time OGRP needs all the money it can get. For all I know, Chaos could have thousands upon thousands already stored away for the server, I’m not entirely sure. Although, people do spend thousands of hours in this game, maybe give the people 10% of the GC’s (rounded down) for said refund.
  6. But we've made a pedo rp rule. It happens each and everyday. IC is IC, no?
  7. Swanker informed me that the person with the shotgun didn't kill me scriptwise after I was in the 'respawn' state via PM's. I'd appreciate if you could stop assuming stuff and try to make it seem as if I'm manipulating situation with text. As for the indicidual whom was ran over, he got out of the animation and continued to fire upon me whilst I had already shot him in his torso and arm. If you know the situation so keenly, tell us who you were ICly.
  8. Broad daylight? You could say that but it was clearly in a nook within an alleyway. No one in sight as well as you can't tell me "NPC's" randomly explore alleyways, if anything they would avoid them. Cant recall all the names or access the logs due to a memeory issue with my laptop. @ProudFamily was involved, he should be able to confirm that he was ran over and on the ground during the time when he was shot at. On top of that @Swanker should be able to explain to you that he was ran over as he was there the entire time.
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