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  1. But we've made a pedo rp rule. It happens each and everyday. IC is IC, no?
  2. Jamie

    Character Kill Appeal - Marcel Woods

    Swanker informed me that the person with the shotgun didn't kill me scriptwise after I was in the 'respawn' state via PM's. I'd appreciate if you could stop assuming stuff and try to make it seem as if I'm manipulating situation with text. As for the indicidual whom was ran over, he got out of the animation and continued to fire upon me whilst I had already shot him in his torso and arm. If you know the situation so keenly, tell us who you were ICly.
  3. Jamie

    Character Kill Appeal - Marcel Woods

    Broad daylight? You could say that but it was clearly in a nook within an alleyway. No one in sight as well as you can't tell me "NPC's" randomly explore alleyways, if anything they would avoid them. Cant recall all the names or access the logs due to a memeory issue with my laptop. @ProudFamily was involved, he should be able to confirm that he was ran over and on the ground during the time when he was shot at. On top of that @Swanker should be able to explain to you that he was ran over as he was there the entire time.
  4. Jamie

    Helper - Supporter Rank

    Stop bringing up the same argument when @Script has already rebuttled.
  5. Jamie

    Helper - Supporter Rank

    There comes a time when you need them and you don't. Back in the day you could say that they were relevant because owl had such a strong player base to back it up. Nowadays owl is surrounded by mostly veterans and long-time roleplayers. Admin applications have been opened and closed time in and time out. Just because you lack the knowledge to be an admin doesn't mean that you should conjure up the idea to bring supporters back. Don't worry Fushion, I'm not trying to burst your bubble or assume anything. Admins can do what a supporter can do plus more. This allows communication, punctuation, and cooperation due to the fact that there is only one specified staff team. I hate to say it, but even if owl were to magically obtain fifty more active roleplayers, the supporter rank would be nothing but a mockery as it would be filled with immature idiots that think they know about roleplay but when it comes down to their character development (the most important part about roleplay) they have none or very little. I'm not saying this applicable to all scenarios, but for those few people who are incapable of being an administrator, they will do everything in their power to be on this one. To sum up the mess above, I don't think it should exist, atleast not in owl. Whether it be for the toxicity, player count, or another one of the various negative presences in the community. #FreePoloboy
  6. Jamie

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Bruh, this kid goes from being racist and insulting @DaLuppo to white-knighting him. Very hypocritical. I've seen like six posts of him calling @Craazy's group retarded, but as soon as someone says something back he gets offended lol.
  7. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Jamie Character Name- Marcel Woods Date of Incident- 09/01/2018 Supervising Administrator- Swanker Narrative- On the date of the CK, I was attempting to steal a vehicle hidden in an alleyway within a little nook. Refer to figure one for the picture. Eventually, as my character was hotwiring the vehicle a cop came by with full lights. Swanker decided to /911 for the reason of "You're near a dealership". On top of that, there were people actively roleplaying near me and could've easily seen my '/me's and '/does. They could've easily called 911 ICly without Swanker needing to do such. Also, I would like to add that there was no cameras nor any NPC's in the area. Just before I got killed script-wise, I called a friend of Marcel's to come to help him out of the situation. He came and ran over a cop (he didn't roleplay the hit), and the cop was on the ground. He went through the animation and still proceeded to shoot me as I was shooting him. I was CK'ed because I initiated a shootout with the cop, yet I only shot him because he got ran over by a car. As soon as the animation was done, he immediately crouched and still began shooting me, yet he was hit with a vehicle going at least 110KMH. I wasn't aware that you were able to get hit by a vehicle and go through the animation and start firing again. This individual roleplayed no injuries, but still eventually domed me. During his time in the animation I also peppered him with some shots, he was hit in his arm and his body armor was tarnished. All in all, I don't see how he was still able to shoot me after being ran over and shot. Later, Swanker said that the hit was not RP'ed so it wouldn't be valid. We started talking about some Re-RP, but he said just say that the individual missed whilst trying to run over the individual. I told Swanker countless times that if he hadn't been running over, I would've never have shot him. I have 270+ hours on Marcel, I'm not going to throw away one of my main characters with a chance to shoot at a cop. At the scene, Swanker said that regardless, there was another cop on the scene and he would've shot me and killed me. From what I understand, he had a beanbag shotgun and on top of that, I'm also sure that the vehicle running over the cop would've been shot at first due to my character being behind a wall. So, my problems with the CK is that, first of all, the cops should've never been notified of me stealing the vehicle, I was in a distanced location surrounded by nothing but concrete. Secondly, this cop individual (can't recall the name) powergamed and shot me in the head after being run over and shot numerous times. And last but not least, if the portion above was voided, I would've never initiated the shootout because he was aiming at me with a firearm before he got ran over. Evidence- Figure one - http://puu.sh/Bo2aH/41d2a8cea3.png Here are some text logs of Swanker and I debating the CK: http://puu.sh/Bo2bT/4f3e1581ac.png http://puu.sh/Bo2ch/d593b0ca50.png http://puu.sh/Bo2cF/7326d53cc3.png http://puu.sh/Bo2cY/b37e1b65b8.png http://puu.sh/Bo2di/70974c670a.png Method of Death- Bullets. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  8. Jamie

    Iron Giants MC - Publication

    Name: P00nSl4y3r47 Comment: Interested in receiving a free Runescape membership? I just signed up for this website and achieved in less than five minutes! Please follow this link if you're interested! owl.freecodes4u.net/refferal/183928/runescape-membership-free/01.html Signature: PS47
  9. Base heads, take this L. +1 from me.
  10. 27-4, can we get a verdict? It's clear what this community wants.
  11. Jamie

    How to join and survive an MC - Guide

    From what I hear it's a good read. Why look at this when you can learn by attempting to roleplay with an active MC in owl? You can read all the guides you want, but regardless of that number, your experience will take effect. If you fuck up ICly, you fuck up, it's not a big deal. Continue to roleplay as your character and use your characters past situations/experiences to prolong the specified RP you wanna get into. Iss' easy shit fam.

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