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  1. *Manjot Singh walks into the courtroom, eyeing Sid as he gives him an assuring look. He'd sit down after adjusting his tie*
  2. Lol Indians don't kiss cheeks whilst greeting. And those names are pretty much non-existent Indian names.
  3. I used to be famous.

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    2. Norm


      you are still famous in my opinion mate still have you on snapchat manjot singh

    3. Ambidextrous


      remember to stay hydrated drink lots of water and eat your greens

    4. croozerdog


      HAHA I say that

  4. +1. Would be a great addition to the server.
  5. Name: Singh Comment: You will always have my respect, you did a very good job. Current SAN management should take example of your efforts and determination to succeed. All the best with your retirement!
  6. Already finished it. Didn't disappoint. #Justice4KikiCamarena
  7. *Your bid would be automatically rejected by the auction system, starting bid not met. *
  8. Starting bid lowered. Auction extended to Friday 9 November.
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