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  4. Looks really nice! So much effort put into this character, this forum post is a testament to that!
  5. Love the story so far. Great character!
  6. Just a little over a week ago, Klaus Wunnenberg has won a closely fought election that saw him become the County Commissioner by just two votes. So, now the question arises; Where does Los Santos go from here? A fiery campaign between both candidates wherein several promises of change and determination has frequently been thrown around during interviews, statements and public appearances. There is a portion of the city who have lost trust in the County Commissioner in general. A belief that in recent times the people who have sat on the chair which oversees the biggest responsibility of the city has not been upheld as it should have been. A clear lack of interaction with the citizens of Los Santos as well as little to no actions seen from County Commissioners has been named as reason therefor. I have had the opportunity to ask the County Commissioner one question regarding this matter; What is your concrete promise to the people of Los Santos, which you aim to achieve in the first 100 days of your term as County Commissioner? I have attached his response to my question below; ‘’My concrete promise to the People of Los Santos is the following (not in any particular order): 1) Put an end to all forms of corruption in our Government and agencies. 2) Increase local business affairs and support. 3) Incentivize local technological, medical, mechanical, and other science research/innovation through a County Government Agency or through contracted research companies. 4) Increase active transparency from our Government, agencies and institute transparency with the companies we are contracted with. 5) Cut back on additional bureaucracy and review our online forms + internal divisions, such as permits and licensing to make things less complicated and more direct. 6) Incorporate youth awareness and safety programs for youth offenders and youth at risk. 7) Meet with our contracted counter parts and agency leaders to determine suitability and establish more direct communication. As I have said before, I will not back down from my pledges to the people of Los Santos. These are some of my immediate action plans that I will achieve during my term. There is nothing I will do if I fail to accomplish these promises, because I will not fail to do so, I am a man of my word. These things I am promising are long needed changes and additions that this County needs in order to be more productive, safe and economically strong. If I am to meet opposition for these promises, then it is clear that said opposition are against progress and improvement for the entire County. I will make it my duty to keep the public informed about those who wish to oppress them and continue to them in the shadows. Throughout my campaign, I was always confident in my promises and goals for this County. With my confidence, the virtue and support of the people, I was elected, and I have no intentions of letting the people down. I have won power in the County, now it is my time to prove to the rest of the County that I am a man of my word, and that their opinions matter. Our government will not be laissez faire like the ones we have seen in the past, we will act pre-emptively to tackle issues instead of waiting for someone to complain. I currently am in progress with getting the mandatory chores and tasks dealt with, such as the district elections, and speaking with the council in regard to budgets and service contracts. Once I have completed all of what is required, I will begin working on my promises to the people.’’ Time will be the judge. Time will tell what the people of Los Santos will see from yet another County Commissioner.
  7. The County Commissioner’s election is drawing closer. We at Sparta News had the opportunity to interview Mr. Klaus Wunnenberg of the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party. This was done through an audio-recorded interview where relevant questions were asked regarding his campaign, ideas and plans if he would be elected as the next County Commissioner. Mr Wunnenberg also had interesting comments about the other candidate, Mr Howard Sweeney. This interview was done in a Q&A format, you can see the answers of Mr Wunnenberg to the questions that were asked below. Mr Wunnenberg, before we go into your campaign and all the details. I think it's good if we start by talking about you and your personal life, is there something you'd like to tell the public about yourself? It could be anything. I'm a patriotic American, doing my best to eliminate corruption and unite Los Santos. Together, we shall unify. What about the party? Could you tell us something about its origins, the history behind it? Ah, yes, I can. We are a party based on conservative values which focuses on restoration and incentive. We wish to eliminate all forms of corruption in our government, crack down on crime Help the local economy, incentivize new innovations and cut down on the over bureaucracy in some sectors of the government. Our party was formed two years ago, we had been on a hiatus since then but are back now. It started with a few friends, whom I knew from school for a few years. We gathered frequently at a pub after work, where we'd socialize with other tradesmen. At that time, my primary occupation was a carpenter, and an online artist. Over time, our concerns about local politics grew stronger and that is when we decided to group together, and dive into the political scene. On your campaign website you talked about previously failed drug policies to encounter the drug problem that we have in our district. What will you, if you become County Commissioner, do different than your predecessors I will introduce a county funded rehabilitation program, in joint operation with our LSFD along with police crack downs, focusing on the dealers and suppliers rather than the victims and addicts. Drugs are being pushed in various districts, and it is hurting our people. Criminals want to make a quick buck pushing dope, well that quick buck causes harm to whole families. Entire families and loved ones are affected by this issue. Such as the Heroin Epidemic in 2017 that invaded West LS. You have also mentioned improving the Emergency Services. There were lots of parties that have talked about this over the years. What's your plan on achieving that goal? I'll tell you, the first steps I'll be doing in regard to this. My first course of action is to improve relations., One thing I have noticed, during my time as Councilman. We do not have much fluent dialogue between all the agencies. The only time we ever speak is during a council meeting, or a budget request. If there is other conversations, the council has been left out of them for some reason. I'll be improving transparency for all agencies under the County Government as well as establishing direct contact between our council and said agencies. We want to know what goes on, and what issues occur so we can do our best, and work together collaboratively, to improve them. An escalations of team work, you might say. Apart from that we seek to introduce scheduled transparency posts for each division. Similar to the LSPD’s public IA reports, and LSFD's recent publications but on a more frequent basis. You talked about a tax return program for citizens and businesses. What's your vision behind it and how will the citizens of this country see it in practice? We plan on collaborating with the County Government's Finance Commissioner to get this one up and running. We plan on doing tax returns on a half-year schedule people, depending on their seniority, age and their occupation will receive a certain percentage of local tax returns. These will increase for couples with children., A long with the elderly, and people in public service positions. The first tax return will roll out once we have finalized it with the Commissioner of Finance and the Council. The second one will roll out at the end of my term, which is essentially six months. After that, it will continue to roll out regularly on a six month basis. You interestingly talked about the farming community. how will you ensure that they stay protected? I will be working with the council, as well as the farming community directly to implement a plethora of trade and environment protections as local ordinances to help protect their business and health of the land they use. Free of harmful chemicals, and pollution is the way we want things to be. We will also be offering business incentives for farming establishments in the County to help provide for the local homeless shelter. You just mentioned the local homeless shelter, I've seen on your campaign website that you want to create a welfare system for individuals stricken in poverty, how will you fund this initiative? And will this mean that citizens of this county will have to pay more taxes, and most importantly, how will you ensure that the money actually reaches those individuals? The welfare system I have planned, will be for those seeking employment, or those who are physically unable to work. We will not be giving out compensation to capable individuals, who have no intention of seeking employment. Leeches are not permitted in this County. AMOUNT of welfare people will receive, will be completely different, all based on personal expenses. One person with a disability, may need a particular medication, in which they cannot afford because the money from their welfare must be spent on food. We will have a minimum and max set upon an agreement between the council and the Finance Commissioner. We don't want let people get use to welfare as a long term solution, if they are capable of working. So, we will have job opportunities given to these people in cooperation with local businesses. We will allow businesses to come in and offer jobs to these individuals so they can get the footing they need in life. Once they're hired, after their first month of employment, their welfare payments will end. These payments will be on a monthly basis as well. And how will this initiative be funded? Because I can imagine that a welfare system will cost the county a lot of money. We don't have a huge unemployment issue in the county, as far as I am aware. I've yet to any real statistics, let alone any at all for the county. The program will of course be funded through the government, with tax payers money. Have you ever seen one of those err... Take a penny, leave a penny cups in stores? Think of it like that. The money will be going to your fellow citizen from you. And that money eventually comes back to you in the form of tax returns. I read about your Wunnenberg Youth Program. What inspired you to create this idea and what will it eventually achieve, according to you? A cousin of mine, Thomas was a member of Boy Scouts when we were quite young. They went on all kinds of camping excursions, sports activities, and charitable events. It's the kind of thing youth need to be around, to build up discipline and learn to be a good person. It will help instil good morals and patriotic values in our youth. Which is something we need these days. I believe you also mentioned it is there to decrease the crime rates. How do you think that this program will help achieve that? And how will it create an incentive for the youth to actually join the program? Well, I'm sure you and I, as well as many others are aware that there is a problem with Youth offenders. Young individuals selling drugs or representing gangs. It's not right, and I won't stand for it. Neither should any other concerned citizen. We want to appeal to these kids and offer them a better way to spend their time. Instead of hanging around a street corner or getting into mischief they’ll have a more meaningful way to spend their evenings and weekends, socializing with people their own age, doing good things and learning. We will hope to get in contact with school trulency officers in regard to this. Kids who are at risk of succumbing to the gang life. They'll be our groups of interest, as well as kids who are known offenders. We will work with the LSPD on this as well. The program will be 100% free. You've mentioned your science initiative several times during your campaign. Why is it so important to you? And what are your concrete plans regarding it? I fail to see many modern innovations these days. NEW ideas, and NEW inventions. Of course, you'll be scrolling through something like Facebook and see some sort of interesting device, or product. The chances are, that product has been in development for the last few decades. We want to help improve the working, medical and quality-of-life conditions for all our citizens Focusing on medical research, new product innovations that can be marketed at low cost again for all we want this the new County Government to be 100% productive. I want to set a new standard of achievement for this Government, something that future Commissioners can look up to, and strive to do even better. This County will be the hub of the future of San Andreas in my opinion. Technological, work and medical advancements. It'll be glorious. As a part of the science initiative. I want to introduce clean fuel alternatives. As well as long term, alternatives. My first idea for clean alternatives, will be a County solar field, or wind farm. Perhaps even a hydro dam. For our long term alternative, atomic is the way to go. It is safe, and very effective. One of our focuses on it, before we even commit to it. Will be safe disposal. Such as an indoor waste storage facility. We want no one affected negatively by these power sources. Not even wild life. You just mentioned setting new standards of achievement for County Commissioners, what will you specifically do different than your predecessors, if you'd get elected? Well, my first example for that would be my science program, and our youth program. No other commissioner has focused on these topics. Apart from that, there is my campaign against corruption and improving transparency. There have been improvements in the past. But it is up to the American people, of Los Santos to invest their trust in me. I will not back down from my pledges to this county. I am a worker, not a politician. I set, and I achieve it. I wish to make this county productive in every possible sector. And if a sector doesn't exist, we will create it. Do you have any message that you would like to give to the voters? We live in an age of poverty, greed, violence, destruction. The people who are doing the right thing and doing the best to be a productive person. You know who you are. You are the kind of people, who know, that a man like me represents the real change that this County needs. No more incompetents or lying politicians. A man like myself, who has always been truthful. I call upon all citizens, to join our cause by enlisting as a party member of the RHWP. And support me in the elections this weekend. You've seen the opposition. Howard Sweeney, he's a child. He's yet to make a serious appearance to the citizens and garner support. I'm 100% confident he's treating this all as a joke. I'm quite sure he might be senile as well. No one deserves to take the highest echelons of power, when they cannot even make an effort to represent the people. It is with that, my fellow citizens, I wish you luck as we stand at the praecipe, do the right thing, and vote for the man whose life has been committed to this County. We at Sparta would like to extend our good luck and wishes to both candidates on the 27th and 28th of April 2019.
  8. Lol Indians don't kiss cheeks whilst greeting. And those names are pretty much non-existent Indian names.
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