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  1. [MENTION=703]DutchLars[/MENTION] learnt a lot from him by just watching how he perfectly handled a player report
  2. Thanks! Much appreciated. P.S: I'm not really an 'admin', I'm just a member of the VCT
  3. [MENTION=1230]Weedex[/MENTION] pretty fast at helping whenever someone is in need [MENTION=8351]BlueBerry[/MENTION] #SuperSexyScripter
  4. [MENTION=3496]tomtiger11[/MENTION] always helpful with anything at all, and dedicates a lot of his time towards the staff team
  5. Thanks! I really appreciate the acknowledgement(P.S: Inspired by [MENTION=43]Sack[/MENTION])
  6. Thanks!Well, I'm not really an 'administrator', I'm just a trial in the Vehicle Consultation Team. But I appreciate the acknowledgement
  7. Thanks! [MENTION=1775]Kazama[/MENTION], [MENTION=1622]Koguchi[/MENTION], [MENTION=1260]Jelle[/MENTION], and [MENTION=10139]Lemonth[/MENTION] are some names that have rarely been mentioned here but need to be acknowledged for their dedicated work towards the VCT.
  8. ((Seems legit, seen stuff like this on the news IRL. At least some new illegal RP is being introduced/revived that was sort-of dead for a while now, with all those gangs dying. Also, it's been a long time since any sort of badass terrorism has been roleplayed, looking forward to that too, hopefully.))
  9. [MENTION=43]Sack[/MENTION] was the best in my opinion, represented the community in the nicest way possible, it's sad that he left.. [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] for his friendliness and time despite having a tight schedule [MENTION=1875]TPGRed112[/MENTION] [MENTION=1107]Humour[/MENTION] [MENTION=1759]Err0r[/MENTION] [MENTION=9736]AndreC[/MENTION] [MENTION=3496]tomtiger11[/MENTION] [MENTION=1762]Tseard[/MENTION]
  10. [MENTION=43]Sack[/MENTION], [MENTION=1762]Tseard[/MENTION] , and [MENTION=1840]Ron[/MENTION] are the most helpful staff members I've come across.Shoutout goes to [MENTION=43]Sack[/MENTION] for all the love -
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