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  1. ((Any money? Even tho she refused to pay.))
  2. (( Will we be receiving anything from this @Brett ))
  3. That would be nice
  4. Hi, Only really started using TS again. Could I get TS Permissions over BoTS please
  5. How to do make it so you can do a live powerpoint presentation which you can update as your presenting it? Kinda like a shout out screen
  6. Winner of auction PM me your detials
  7. Noted Leading
  8. Viewings are welcome
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 33 Crest St, Palomine Creek Description: SmallLuxury house with custom interior and a garage. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 45,000$Minimum Increase: 1,000$Buyout: 75,000$ Auction ends: 25/06/2017 Contact Information: Given when Auction ends or Buyout
  10. BUYOUT
  11. Name: Bishop Comment: Is there parking for about 5 cars?
  12. ((Make it so I can eat it like normal food))
  13. At the monent we can see persons but not vehicles. we use the persons parts to see what records they have
  14. That's for PD but that doesn't tell BoTS. I know we have MDC but our is restricted to searching up names to see if they have a record or something (kinda like a CRB check) and to check our impound. It's only when a vehicle is impounded we can see the history behind that car. it would be nice if restrictions was removed to help us know if a car has a ticket on it. Or even a description on the car saying *A parking ticket is displayed on the windscreen of this vehicle* but at this time right now, BoTS have to assume their is no ticket on the vehicle and tow it.