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  1. This little man here is my son who was born today at 3:03am UK time. He weighs 8lbs 6oz
  2. Little update in my life. Girlfriend is on the Maternity ward as today she was booked in to be induced. No signs of baby Snipes yet. Blured her photo as I didn't know if she would let me post this here or not but if you follow me on facebook you will see it on my instagram post.
  3. Nice picture of Swanker, did you take that off his facebook?
  4. Lol, me and swanker have some good stories. He's a cool guy but get a bad name enjoying what he does. Ha ha dude, God I missed doing Dupont stuff. Shame the FT shut us down
  5. I was friends with you both as the person not you the admin :) there is a difference.
  6. Hopefully but this is more of a goodbye tour. Once my son is born my main focus is him
  7. Yeah, I read it. I got blacklisted. so Ban Leniency doesn't count for me. I won't say if it was a fair Blacklist or a Unfair one but a Blacklist is a Blacklist
  8. I wish dude but I doubt I will be unbanned, this was just a post to say where I've been and that I'm going to be a father in less than a month
  9. I was never banned from the forums, just in-game (Still banned) I choose to not say anymore than what was needed at the time. Friends circles can be what ever you want it to be. I say it in the views of stop trying to find them and out them. I can tell you a fact, My friends circle haven't spoke to me in over a year. Things do change over the years and I've changed. I've learnt to not hold on to assumption of who is buddy buddy with which admin. if this server was on a buddy buddy admin system with everyone. New comers won't join and people not in groups will leave. I guess another way to see it is, if you don't see it don't look for it. Enjoy the server and enjoy why you came to this server, don't get angry or bitter. I did and I regretted it.
  10. Hi All, It's been a long time. You could say 1 year, 8 months ago. I got banned from the in-game server over a subject that happened (you guessed it) 1 year, 8 months ago. I never really said good bye to this place, a lot has change in my life to be honest with you guys. I'm now a step dad of 2 kids a Boy aged 5 (6 in November) and a girl aged 4 (5 in January) but Most importantly I'm going to be a proper Dad in less than a Month as my partner is having a baby boy due on the on the 10th of August. So It bought me back to thinking of you guys, The good times we had, the bad times we had. The friends I made, The friends I lost. You all mean a lot to me and I still can't believe I got myself banned, acted a fool, acted like I was bulletproof and everyone could hide behind me. End of the Day I got shot and I took the fall and most of you have forgotten the Name Snipes. ( well apart from the Noobs who taken my name and added some number combinations on the end) I wanted to leave on my own terms and be reminded of something good I did. I miss you, I love you and I will never forget you and if, just if the kinda team here un banned me. I would love just one last time to play with you guys and say goodbye. Oh and one final note: Admins ain't your friend. You can be friends with an staff member and an staff member can be friends with you but you can't be friend with an admin. An Admin is there to help you and support you with you in-game troubles, problems, queries, questions but they ain't there to be your friend. Don't take it out on the admin because you was dudes last night but he just put you on a admin jail for 20 mins for DMing someone. Oh and don't think cause he your friend you get extra perks and get to PM him asking for a repair fix on your car or more ammo because shooting the air for 2 mins was fun. Yeah there is admins out there who do that, Yeah I've had some fun with some admin in the admin lounge having a little DMing session or taking some spawned car and drive round LV because we wanted to know how fast someone else car really went. But don't beg the admin to do that, they risk fooling around to please you. And there is times when a true admin has faith in you and he gives you some tough love, like real tough love and you think, " Why the fuck is he being a dick?" He ain't being a dick he telling you that your acting like a child. I know because I thought a admin was being a dick to me and well he wasn't. It was myself who was being the dick and the friend I let be in my circle, the one who stood by me didn't tell me I was being a dick they supported me being a dick. Admins are not your friend and they are not dicks! They are just doing the role and if they come across like a fucking dick towards you and you put in one of them complaint tickets. Thinking "oh look Admin Circle always supporting their friends". Think again. They are Senior Admin or Head Admins or maybe just a Normal admin for a reason and if you thought they was a dick when they was just a Admin and they are Head Admin now, re think about yourself. I'll name drop 1 person and people are going to give me shit for this. @Swanker This guy was the guy, The OG Gangster, Mr Dolla Dolla, Nice cars and pretty much a Dick to people... STOP! Swanker isn't a Dick you just think he is because Nice Cars, Admin role and he gives you tough love. I don't care what shit storm I get right now but Swanker is admin for a reason and that is cause his admin work means something to this community else he would be noticed and straight away removed. There isn't some admin love circle and 5 selected people are protected at all costs. You guys would see though that and call bullshit, leave the server and never come back. Ok, So that went on a little longer than I thought, When emotions run wild and I really just miss talking to you guys I go on a rant and I never want to stop talking. I get so much into a rant I bet half of this won't be read , Grammar Police will be telling me where my commas should be, ironically I put one just there. but I've miss you guys. Much Love and respect for this place Scott (aka Snipes)
  11. You buy a car in real life for £500 and you put mods and stuff on your car which costs like £2,000. So should they sell it for more or less? the answer is it’s up to the seller
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