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  1. been doing that for too long actually ayayaay waddup damnnn boasssss
  2. i'm bored so i'm back hi
  3. In my opinion, I do see the roleplay as being quite dead comparing to its past, I'm wondering if you guys got anything planned or will take action to bring the server back to its best?
  4. Thank you, I've been waiting to get CoH2 for a long time.
  5. I believe not, I haven't been around much lately, but IF it is allowed, I'm sure its only official factions, but I really think its not, due to the abuse. Once again, i'm not sure..
  6. First was the thing in little moscow, now italians, good luck!
  7. hugopereira100


    For you Eden fans out there, new song released 2 days ago. Just a reminder album is comming out in January!
  8. First of all, I would like to thank all the members of the community who have made this character into what it has become today without many of you this would not be possible. I know it's a bit late to create this topic, since the character is already a few years... But here it goes. Only god can tell how rusty my english is after a few months of not playing or practicing it at all. Sorry. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Peter Lewis Ah ... I could write a lot in this chapter, but I'll just write some memories of the past. Peter, was a soldier in the British Army. His recruit was over and it was when he left for the United States, more precisely, Los Santos. Then, already established in the city, he met a business partner, Aiden Castro. Peter did not think big about Aiden's personality, little did he know ... that he would become one of his best companions on his journey. Together, they owned a casino. Palm Tree. It was giant. It had machines for all games, and tables. Money began to accumulate over time. Peter then bought a good house, several cars, but he was not satisfied. He turned to the world of crime. And that was his big area of operation. He disguised his business with a facade of a private security company.The competition was great, and he could not do it all alone. The threats to his integrity were common, which made him leave for Great Britain. In his absence, his business partner died and Peter was left alone to re-establish the name of his company in Los Santos
  9. Happy 3 Year Owl Anniversary and Happy birthday if it's your Birthday.

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