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  1. Already had a hunch I wouldn't get it. Bought it myself. €15 on Steam
  2. "The Return of Aiden2000. Part VII." Yes, I like it. @croozerdog oh, and you owe me a Frikandelbroodje. @Chaos hi cutie. Do you still despise my existance?
  3. Name: ItsGibson. Comment: If you're going for a Hitler styled look, then yes.
  4. TL;DRA OwlGaming just needs a reset and a few stricter rules. You could get shot for accidentally stubbing your toe against the porch of a criminal - it's absolutely ridiculous. And you could even call in a terrorist threat to the Police and get away with it. But ooh, someone just sped through a populated area - let that bomber bomb the shit out of the bank!
  5. Name: ItsGibson Comment: Yeah - no. You'll definitely be banned from the elections.
  6. Name: ItsGibson Comment: Looking good! You have my vote, promise.
  7. *Gibson O'Neil would stumble upon the advertisement, chucking to himself as he says the following.* [English] Gibson O'Neil says: "Fast, affordable and Reliable." Slow, Expensive, and definitely not reliable. Just close the damn company, for Christ sakes.
  8. Coming back to this after a while, I do finally have to agree that it won't ever work. The majority of teenage characters consist of gangsters and gangsters wannabe's that show absolutely no fear of death or whatsoever. And like an admin said long ago, people come home from school to do something fun, not learn even more. Perhaps the property could be changed into a Country Club for Los Santos? Add an indoor gym, pool, etc, make it into a nice location. And if you really, really want a school, repurpose the County General Hospital, or the Mall close by it. To be fair, using the County General Hospital building as a school would be even neater if the Skate Park was returned, where teenagers could ride their BMX's around during breaks or after school.
  9. Err... remove the [GUIDE] tag. I thought this was a Legit Owl gaming Player guide.
  10. Name: Gibber. Comment: Well, in Los Santos, you have to prepare for the worst. These robbers seemed more like doomsday preppers with their gas masks.
  11. Welkom, broeder. De Dutch Mafia groet U. Gij zult geheel Zelfstandig ( ) te werk gaan.
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