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  1. Markus Downer v. Malcolm Tucker [3/16]

    *Gibson O'Neil would look at Markus, shrugging as he stares at him with a "What are you looking at" expression.
  2. Markus Downer v. Malcolm Tucker [3/16]

    *Gibson O'Neil would create a big, evilish smile on his face as he overhears Malcolm's remark.
  3. [Misc] CJ Running

    This is what I meant. Occurrences like these will appear, and it'll be pretty unrealistic.
  4. Markus Downer v. Malcolm Tucker [3/16]

    *Gibson O'Neil would wander into the courtroom, taking a seat in the second row of the gallery, shaking his head as he crosses his arms, mumbling. [English] Gibson O'Neil mumbles: Jesus Christ, this Downer really likes to sue people... Sue Syndrome... *Snicker.*
  5. [Misc] CJ Running

    Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was OwlGaming, not MTA:RP. -1 from me.
  6. [General] - Rentable Pedal Bikes (Bike Share)

    Los Amsterdam, Commonwealth of Bike Town.
  7. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    *Gibson O'Neil snickers. [English] Gibson O'Neil whispers: Like a deer! The instant it runs up to you, you shoot it.
  8. (( Perhaps you're interested in having this custom-inted? I made one based on the exterior, and it looks pretty neat (and realistic, it's exterior-size.) https://imgur.com/a/c1SZC )) (( Also, sorry for the OOC comment. You can slap me later. )) @OneEightSeven
  9. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    *Gibson O'Neil leans over to Markus, grinning before whispering to him. [English] Gibson O'Neil whispers: I know right? I wonder how people like him are free to roam the streets. Looks like a serial killer, don't it?
  10. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    *Gibson O'Neil would enter the courtroom, seating himself in the gallery. He would glance at Charlie, frowning before a shiver runs down his back. He'd mumble to himself before shaking his head and spectating the ongoing case.
  11. Le Meridien Los Santos

    If I'd had bought it, I'd think of something more original instead of copying a name and such.
  12. [PRESS RELEASE] Red Rose Funeral Home

    (( Nice. An actual company to do the coronary work. Why didn't anyone else come up with this after the change from FS to DPS? ))
  13. [General] - Hunger & Thirst

    OwlGaming RPG.
  14. This is not what the tokens were designed for. The tokens were created so players with new characters could get their basic needs to start up. A vehicle and a house they would already have ICly. It is not a premium feature, no, because that would damage the economy. Houses that are worth something are now worth nothing if you buy them with tokens.

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