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  1. WonderPlukkie

    GTA SA DirectX 2.0 ENB

    Seen this mod on Youtube, made me cum in my pants. I love your guide, thanks.
  2. WonderPlukkie

    Interior mapping

    Taking a shot at this.
  3. WonderPlukkie

    ANAL v. SAAN [06/10]

    *Gibson O'Neil would enter the courtroom, wearing a formal black suit. He would enter the gallery, taking a seat in the front row, mumbling something with a slight chuckle. [English] Gibson O'Neil mutters: Instead of gang-wars, we have corp-wars, *Chuckle*, Round two: Fight!
  4. WonderPlukkie

    [GUI] - New way of showing "age" in /look

    -1 I prefer an estimate over a verbal word.
  5. WonderPlukkie

    [ACCEPTED TRIAL] SO Application - Gibson O'Neil - June 2nd, 2018

    O_O So what now? I'm considering filing a complaint to the Faction Team at this point. I'm being ignored - again. Can you contact @KellTinkerbell for me? If she is still leading LSIA, that is. Or any other Human Resources member?
  6. WonderPlukkie

    [ACCEPTED TRIAL] SO Application - Gibson O'Neil - June 2nd, 2018

    Still waiting for the accepted/denied notice @imsilver
  7. WonderPlukkie


    Name: OhMyNeil. Comment: I don't even want to read the chatter between "DP" and "ANTIFA". Honestly, fuck ANTIFA. Someone needs to gun them down, instead of the other way around. Who's in?
  8. WonderPlukkie

    [WANTED] Motorcycle dealer

    $26,400 + $5,000 = $31,400. I don't have that... atleast not right now.
  9. WonderPlukkie

    [WANTED] Motorcycle dealer

    Well, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra is a 2018 model.
  10. WonderPlukkie

    [WANTED] Motorcycle dealer

    Dinoco Ltd. has ridiculous fees. $5,000 for a vehicle ranging between $20,000 to $50,000. Yeah- no.
  11. WonderPlukkie

    [WANTED] Motorcycle dealer

    I'm in need of a dealership that, besides cars, also imports motorcycles, such as, but not limited to; Harley-Davidson's. Shoot me a message at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  12. WonderPlukkie

    [STATE] The People v. Lucianna O'Neil [6/03]

    *Gibson O'Neil wanders into the courtroom, wearing a formal suit. He would seat himself in the gallery, mumbling something under his breath. [English] Gibson O'Neil mumbles: Funny to see another person with a similar name in this city. Hope I didn't miss the good part.
  13. WonderPlukkie

    CPQL - Dropping Marijuana Enforcement

    Name: OhMyNeil. Comment: Sounds like any other drug besides Marijuana. Marijuana has no negative effects, and nobody turns into a killer all of a sudden. Have you EVER smoked a joint, ever?!
  14. WonderPlukkie

    CPQL - Dropping Marijuana Enforcement

    Name: OhMyNeil. Comment: Aww, the last, desperate attempts of Mosley to have people vote for her instead of Nicholas. Cute.
  15. Name: OhMyNeil. Comment: #Vote4Howard. Mosley doesn't seem fit for her job, and the CPQL has been in charge of Los Santos for too long. We need a new party to rule the city. SAPAP is the prefect candidate.

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