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  1. WonderPlukkie

    [Vehicles] - Seatbelt sound effects

    This feature has existed before, but it's quite the annoying sound to hear when your friends AFK in your car and they forget to put their seatbelts on. It was voted upon to have it removed, although it would be neat to return the feature with the ability to toggle it in F10.
  2. WonderPlukkie

    [STATE] The People v. Huw Edwards

    *Sean Valiant would enter the courtroom, wearing his formal black suit. He would make his way to the gallery, seating himself down on a vacant seat. [English] Sean Valiant whispers to himself: Ouchie. RRFH will feel this one I bet...
  3. WonderPlukkie

    Damn, It's been awhile....

    Welcome back I guess Enjoy the Idlewood gangs, the riced cars, and the minimal RP!
  4. WonderPlukkie

    Properly RPing car crashes

    Welcome to OwlGaming, one of MTA's most popular roleplaying servers where realism and immersion are kept to a mere minimum, and Los Santos is infested with car fanatics and automotive or car parts store on every fucking corner. Where accidents are often voided, or improperly roleplayed. Where people cry about Character Kills and appeal them when they want to be salty and cry. Where the Los Santos Police Department has decided to stop pulling people over for speeding and blowing intersections. Where gangsters have taken over an Idlewood neighborhood, and Dinoco is one of the biggest companies in the state. Where roleplay is kept to a minimum because people rather drive around town with their cars instead of engaging in a friendly conversation with a stranger at the Pizza Stack. Where the Pizza Stack is now your No.1 hotspot for idiots, ricers and your typical neighborhood shootouts. Where admins take 2 entire days to respond to a report, and they are involved in any and all of your fucking roleplays just to piss you right the fuck off. This is OwlGaming. Their world, Their limitations. People still play it because stats, cars and E-Sex.
  5. WonderPlukkie

    Correct technique?

    Hand him the money, and then shoot him once he's outside of the building. If he did also request a getaway car, I would have given him a bait car - then shoot him once he's stopped.
  6. WonderPlukkie

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Now custom skins!
  7. +1. I'd love to see a new map besides just San Tortuguilla because it is a little bit... meh, could use a remap/revisit. Also... I've never heard of Oceana... got screenshots :D?
  8. WonderPlukkie

    [Vehicles] - Look outside vehicle interiors

    I recall a command being disabled publicly (in chatbox) not that long ago called "/windows", which to this day when used, states that it has been "temporarily disabled.". It's been like... 2 years?
  9. WonderPlukkie

    [PSA] San Andreas State Vehicle Code

    Name:TotallyValiant. Comment: Okay, good.
  10. WonderPlukkie

    [PSA] San Andreas State Vehicle Code

    What about older models with "vintage" or deteriorated headlights? They appear yellow and add a sense of worth and beauty to an oldtimer. Will people be pulled-over for not having white headlights if they are driving oldtimers?
  11. WonderPlukkie

    Iron Giants MC - Publication

    Name: Sean Valiant. Comment: DPS needs to perfect their planning. Signature:
  12. WonderPlukkie

    Red Rose employee access

    Need access to Red Rose employee boards. @IloveDamage can confirm.
  13. WonderPlukkie

    Three Word Story

    anal prolapse creation.
  14. WonderPlukkie

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: EllieChan. Comment: No! Why! I hope we can still have contact! Where did they magically appear from? It's like "The day the earth stood still." Aliens appearing out of nowhere... PERHAPS THEY ARE LIKE THEM? Quickly, banish them from earth!

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